How to Make a Pomegranate Party Drink & Win $50 AMEX Card

I always love the week after Christmas. It’s more relaxing, the kids are all home, people are stopping by, the kids’ friends are in and out of the house, there are lots of YUMMY leftovers, and this week I’m sure we’ll have a party or two.

Today on RE I have an exciting giveaway sponsored by Sierra Mist Natural that includes a $50 American Express gift card to help you with any upcoming parties.

All you have to do is tell me your most creative cocktail or mocktail recipe! And I’ll share mine.

It’s really that easy!

Here are a few things that I love to do.

1. Why not mix the glasses up and use both chunky Dollar Store goblets and martini glasses? Fun!

2. Freeze pomegranate seeds in Ziploc bags or containers and pull out of freezer to garnish your drinks.

Now it’s your chance to win …

What’s your most creative mocktail/cocktail recipe?

Sierra Mist Natural holiday gift pack (shaker, drink garnish/sugars, party glasses) PLUS a $50 AMEX gift card.

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Recipe: Pomegranate Holiday Drink {}


  • 3/8 cup pomegranate juice (freshly squeezed adds a richer flavor)
  • 3/8 cup fresh lime juice
  • 1-1/2 oz. Sierra Mist Natural


  1. Fill a tall tumbler glass a little more than halfway with ice cubes.
  2. Pour 3/8 cup with freshly squeezed lime juice into the glass, up to the halfway mark.
  3. Slowly add pomegranate juice.
  4. Add Sierra Mist Natural.
  5. Shake or stir and serve.

Preparation time: 5 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 1

(This is a sponsored post by Sierra Mist Natural. Giveaway ends December 28th at 11:59 pm.)

113 comments on “How to Make a Pomegranate Party Drink & Win $50 AMEX Card”

  1. Sandy, I’m anxious to try your mocktail….. I’ve not been good about taking advantage of the great prices and excellent looking pomegranates. Our favorite mocktail is Diet Sparkling Cranberry Juice (, fresh lime and it’s juice and Regular or Diet Sierra Mist. Looking forward to the other recipe ideas that come in….

  2. Our favorite drink to serve for our guests is “Gin Tea Punch.” Don’t let the name full you because there is absolutely no alcohol in it.

    In a large punch bowl pour in one 2 liter bottle of Ginger Ale and carelfully add in 1 cup of instant sweetened Iced Tea mix with Lemon. I say “carefully” because it will “fizz up” in the bowl. Whisk the two together until the mix is dissolved. Add cubed ice and thin slices of lemons and oranges to float on top.

    Be sure to have extra ingredients on hand because this punch is very poplular at parties. It’s so light and refreshing and not over the top sweet like a lot of other punches. When the punch bowl starts to get low, it’s easy to add a little of each ingredient without making a whole new batch. You’ll just need to do a taste test to see if the mix is right.

    I already like you on FB and now I’m heading over right now to like Sierra Mist.

  3. Our favorite drink to serve, especially in the summer, are mojitos. Cool and refreshing and so simple my way. In a large pitcher, toss in 12 mint leaves and 2 limes cut into wedges. Add 1 TBS sugar and “muddle” these ingredients to break them down and bring out the natural flavours. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy muddler, you can use the end of a wooden spoon. To this mixture add 8 oz. white rum and 2 cups of sparkling club soda. Pour into tall glasses filled with ice. You’ll get about 8 servings out of this depending on how much ice you have in each glass. Add a garnish of fresh mint leaves and you have yourself an easy taste of Cuba!!

    We’re on a pomegranate kick around here too with pomegranate mimosas.

  4. i am not very creative… orange juice with lemon-lime soda, plus a dash of lemon juice to tarten things up.

  5. Holiday Sangria

    5 tablespoons sugar
    1 bottle red wine
    5 ounces apple flavored liqueur
    7 1/2 ounces orange flavored liqueur
    1 cup orange juice
    1 cup Sierra Mist
    3 tablespoons lemon juice
    12 seedless red grapes
    4 medium red apples

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  10. Fill glass with ice.
    1 shot Bailey’s
    1 shot Kahlua
    1 shot whiskey
    Top off with milk.

  11. I tried the Sierra Mist after your previous post and liked it. I frequently mix equal parts Sierra Mist and Pom-Cranberry juice on the rocks for a sparkler, OR add 3 oz each Sierra Mist and Pom-Cranberry juice to a blender, add 1.5 oz sweetened lime juice, fill with ice cubes and a few frozen cranberries and crush!
    Garnish with a lime wedge or cranberries if desired.


  12. I tried a new one this year with cranberry juice frozen in an ice cube tray and then equal amounts of OJ and ginger ale poured over one or two cubes of cranberry juice – yummy! It was a hit! Could probably substitute Sierra Mist for the ginger ale.

  13. Holiday Frozen Cranberry Margaritos
    1 (10-oz.) can frozen mojito mix
    3/4 cup tequila
    1/4 cup whole-berry cranberry sauce
    1/4 cup Sierra Mist
    2 tablespoons orange liqueur
    2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

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  16. I like to mix Sierra Mist with vodka and orange juice.

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  19. The easiest and most favorite drink, and it gets the greatest reviews!
    (1) 2-liter bottle of Ginger Ale
    (1) container of lemonade concentrate
    SO yummy!

  20. This was our “signature” holiday drink at two Christmas parties and was a hit at both!
    “Cranberry Vodka Splashes”
    1 lb fresh cranberries
    1 cup sugar
    1 cup water
    2 tsp vanilla extract
    3 cups vodka
    Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash
    1. Combine the cranberries, water and sugar in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add the vanilla extract and cook, stirring , until the cranberries burst – 5 or 6 minutes
    2. Divide the cranberry mixture between 2 large mason jars. Divide the vodka between the jars. Cover and refrigerate for 1 week. Strain out the cranberries. Store the vodka in a clean jar in the refrigerator.
    3. For each drink, pour 2 ounces of cranberry vodka over ice in a tall glass; top with Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. Garnish with a slice of lime.

  21. Favorite Mocktail Recipe:

    A spoon of leftover Cranberry Sauce in a champagne glass
    Pour Sierra Mist into the champagne glass until full.

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  23. Our drink to serve is Vodka and Crystal Light~Strawberry – Kiwi. Very tasty.

  24. Your recipe looks awesome! Going to add it to my favorites…currently my favorite cocktail recipe is one I found a while back for a cocktail party I was attending and its called Hot Gold Apple Cider Punch and it is absolutely amazing! It’s here:

    1 quart apple cider
    1/2 750ml bottle dark rum
    1/2 750ml bottle Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps
    4 cinnamon sticks
    6 whole allspice
    10 whole cloves
    1 orange, sliced
    Combine ingredients in a large saucepan, stir and cover.
    Heat slowly to a boil, stirring occasionally.
    Lower heat and allow to simmer for 1-2 hours, stirring occasionally.
    Transfer to insulated punch bowl and serve in mugs.

    I actually made mine in the crockpot and it turned out really well! thank you!

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  27. ive never made a cocktail or mocktail…i look forward to trying.

  28. One of our favorites is cranberry juice and lemon italian soda. Just mix and enjoy. It’s good with vodka too.

  29. We developed the BEST cocktail using pomegranate juice, ginger beer, vodka, and lime. We mix equal parts of the 3 and add a squeeze of lime, and you can vary according to your preference. It’s really delicious!

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  32. I love a drink called Mango Tango. You use mango drink mix, ice, rum, and pineapple juice. It’s a froze drink and perfect for warm days.

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  35. I tried a little fruit punch mixed with Squirt (soda) , and pomegranate seeds for garnish. Delish!

  36. I’m not very creative…I just serve margaritas.

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  39. I love making Tropical Popping Candy Cocktails!

    1 can Lemon Lime Soda (Sierra Mist is perfect!)
    1 splash of Tropical Rum for each glass
    Maraschino Cherries
    Pop Rocks for garnish (Cherry, Watermelon, or Strawberry are great)

    Wet rim of glasses, dip in Pop Rocks
    Pour some Sierra Mist into each glass, with 1 splash of Tropical Rum
    Add 1-2 cherries to each glass

    These are great as Mocktails for kids too, just omit the Rum and add Maraschino Cherry Juice in place of it!

  40. I am not so creative when it comes to cocktail recipes. My girlfriends and l love our cranberry and vodka mix. Why mess with its success?

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  46. Pour about 2 Tbsp of fruity flavor (ie: cherry, raspberry, or blueberry) of Torani or other flavored syrup. Add Sierra Mist until the glass is about 3/4 of the way full. Top with 2 or 3 Tbsp of heavy whipping cream or half and half. You can adjust the amount of cream to make it creamier or less creamy. Mix with a spoon. Garnish with skewer of your favorite berry or a lemon. Enjoy!

  47. Looking forward to trying your recipe, but pomegranates are so messy! Do you have any tips or tricks to make cutting them and getting the seeds out any easier?

    We don’t make many cocktails around here, but when we do mixed drinks, I love to make Emeril Lagasse’s sangria. YUM!

  48. I’ve never invented an original cocktail or mocktail. I usually serve sodas and coffee, but your recipe looks great!

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  51. This is not my original recipe….I found it online for our Halloween party. Everyone wanted them on Christmas too!

    1 part(s) TY KU Premuim Liqueur
    1 part(s) Coconut Rum
    1-2 splashes Sierra Mist
    Shake TY KU and Coconut Rum with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and top with a splash of Sierra Mist.

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  54. Sierra Mist Kamakozie
    2 parts vodka
    1 part triple sec
    1part Sierra Mist

    fill shaker with ice .
    put all liquid in and give a shake.

  55. Our favorite is apple cider, cranberry juice and sparkling water. It looks really pretty with an orange slice twisted on a toothpick with a few cranberries.

  56. Sierra Mist, pineapple juice, lime juice, coconut milk and vodka. It’s fruity and delicious.

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  58. Though I typically save them for summer, my favorite cocktail is my margarita. Fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice, reposado tequila, real orange liqueur; it all combines together to offer one great cocktail. And one thing I do that everyone loves? I combine salt and sugar for the rim…Yum. I’ve got the recipe on my blog and I’m doing some this week using some pomegranate, I need to make them holiday friendly so I have an excuse to not have to wait til June!

  59. I don’t have a recipe for my creative drinks. I just toss in a bunch of ingredients and hope they work out. They usually do! I love add a spritz of lemon to anything ….one of my favorites is crush iced, a little baileys, some milk, chocolate sauce on top and a dash of cinnamon. so delicious!

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  62. Right now my family loves home made lemonade for fancy drinks!

  63. Yumm my kiddos would love this drink. So pretty too! Ginger Ale and White Grape juice it’s so sparkly and refreshing.

  64. I think I make a pretty mean lemon drop martini – there are only 3 ingredients, but they should be top quality.
    1. Make your own simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water boiled until sugar dissolves)
    2. Fresh squeezed lemon juice
    3. Vodka

    After years of making these, I just eyeball my measurements. I pour all ingredients over ice in a martini shaker then serve in a sugar rimmed martini glass – delish!

  65. i just add some kind of juice to sprite or ginger ale

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  68. My favorite mocktail is very simple. 3 oz. frozen lemonade, 1 cup cranberry juice, 1 cup club soda, garnish with wedge of lemon. Thanks for the chance to win :)

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  71. 2 oz apple brandy
    4 oz apple juice
    1/2 tspfresh lime juice
    1 oz soda water

    Pour the apple brandy, apple juice and lime juice into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes. Stir well. Top with soda water, garnish with a slice of lime

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  75. Ooh, YUM! I love Sierra Mist! This cocktail would actually be delicious with some of it in – but I’ll give you the original! It’s a regular drink – everyone loves it and it has a bit of a kick in the name! It’s An Alien Booger! It’s made with OJ, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Rum and Midori. YUM! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    Do you suppose if we throw some Sierra Mist in it we can call it an Alien Runny Nose? ….sounds like something everyone would clamor to drink!

  76. I just shared with Sierra Mist! What fun!

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  78. I’ve re-tweeted the giveaway! Thanks so much for doing this – it’s always great fun! The cocktail looks incredible! Happy New Year!

  79. I usually serve iced tea or soft drinks, but I have occasionally served Coffee Punch…rich, but wonderful!!

  80. My favorite cocktail is a Goombay Smash
    1/2 ounce dark rum
    1/2 ounce apricot brandy
    1/2 ounce coconut rum
    16 ounces pineapple juice
    Served over ice

  81. Yummy sounding ideas! We’re pretty simple around here…..just mix apple juice with Sierra Mist when we want a special fizzy drink. Happy New Year!!

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  84. This is what I like. Fill a tall glass with ice cubes…sqeeze half of a lime into it. Then add a strawberry sauce (crushed strawberries and sugar) and fill it with a Sierra Mist. Yummy. Especially in the summer.

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  87. I love muddling strawberries and mint together and then filling the glass with some Sierra Mist or Champagne. Either way, it’s yummy!

  88. The one I like to make for the children is frozen strawberries (slightly thawed) in a glass. Top with a touch of lime juice and Sierra Mist. If we’re being really fancy – we’ll sugar the rims of the glasses.

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  91. I like to add vodka to a pitcher, with fruit juice and lots of fruit and ice
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  94. I love virgin pina coolada! i dont drink! Thanks for a super giveaway!

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    Thanks for the chance to win!
    email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  96. hi, i like sierra mmist and cranberry juice… sometimes with vodka.
    thanks for the chance.
    ladefly@aol dot com

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