I am not a Perfectionist. I just want a Clean Kitchen!


A few years ago my family and I came up with a great solution to “whose turn is it for dishes?”

We write on our calendar the kids’ names (initials), rotating them throughout the week. Simple. Effective. It has worked!


But lately, maybe it’s because I have a new kitchen and I want it to sparkle, I am not happy with the results when I go to bed! I’m finding I want …

– A kitchen clean so when I wake up for coffee, it feels good!
– Counters wiped off, thoroughly!
– Pans in the sink to be scrubbed and up on a towel to dry.
– Sink scrubbed out.

I am not a perfectionist. Rarely do things have to be perfect in my mind for me to be happy. But there is something about waking up in the morning to a kitchen that is a dirty disaster that just puts me in a bad mood.

Kitchen Sink

So we came up with a simple solution. (By the way, I found this SIMPLIFY sign in the craft store. A reminder to me, this year, to do what the sign says!)

At the end of each night now, our 3 teenage kids are going to get our “approval” (counters, pots and pans washed, etc.) and we’ll check them off. In other words, just tossing the dishes in the dishwasher ain’t enough!

I’m just a hardworking mom who wants a clean kitchen!

Who does kitchen duty in your home? And how does it affect your mood when you wake up to a dirty kitchen?

32 comments on “I am not a Perfectionist. I just want a Clean Kitchen!”

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  2. The entire family participates in kitchen clean up. It allows me to give the final “okay” before they leave. :-)

    It also often generates and allows for continued discussions that began during the meal.

    Nothing like having that morning cup of coffee in a clean kitchen!

    What will we do Sandy when they are all grown and gone and it is just us to clean it up? But then, I guess there won’t be quite the mess and truth be told we will probably miss it! *sigh*

  3. AH, if only LL could do the dishes. Maybe in a few years. I like your system. In our house, its a team effort b/w my husband and I. I am the wiper and he is the loader (for the most part).

  4. When our three lived at home they took turns, rotating nights. Their father did the final walk-through, checking to be sure everything was done correctly, and often there were some call backs to redo part of the chore. There’s nothing I hate more than getting up in the morning to a sink full of dirty dishes in cold yucky water. It’s well worth the work of that last chore being done so I can completely enjoy that first cup of coffee taken out of a clean kitchen!

  5. I do the clean up. Since I’m home now, and no longer working 10 hour days, it is my responsibility to keep the house in order, cook, and clean up the kitchen. Hunter is too young still, and lets face it… he’s a feisty boy who likes to drop the dishes into my porcelein sink, and that isn’t a great combo. He does help with other things around the house, because aside from crashing dishes, he is a great helper. But kitchen clean up is all me. I hate going down to a dirty kitchen in the morning. It is tiring to wake up, clean dishes, then get to other chores. I hate that.

  6. I can’t wake up to a dirty kitchen. Everything must be clean and put away before I tackle another day!
    sandy toe

  7. I hate coming down to a dirty kitchen in the morning, it just makes me feel defeated before the day starts. I do the kitchen clean-up myself and pray that DH doesn’t sneak a late snack and leave the mess behind.

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