I love family time and I also love Joshua Tree!

Our recent trip to the desert was a great time for our family.  Not only did we have one week of solid time together, building awesome family memories, but our kids experienced the value of togetherness.  

As my husband and I tell our children, “Someday we will be gone and you will only have each other.  So build your relationship now so the years ahead are strong and vibrant.”

We love having our kids’ friends come to our home, but on family vacations it’s different.  We find that we don’t get quite the family-dynamic effect- the quality time that we crave – if other kids tag along on vacations.

Our family may be different than yours, but this works for our family now, and for this season in life.  Because in another year or two, we’ll be facing a new season as our kids start leaving the nest. (Interesting how we’re all facing different directions …)

Joshua Tree is a national park outside of Palm Springs, California.  We hiked in the cool of the evening last week, enjoying God’s creation.

We were thankful for the warmth of the sun, while it lasted.

The laughter, joking, and bonding that took place.

And for an overall awesome family time.

I’d love to hear if you take vacations alone, or with other families?

For those of you wondering why my husband is never in our family outdoor photos, it’s because he’s the photographer!  I wish we could airbrush him in, but I did sneak up and take this photo …