I didn’t spend much, but I shopped my own sale.
My friend Jenny and I got a date on the calendar – a Friday, for a 1/2 day sale.
Our goal was to not stress over it, but to keep it simple and fun!
1. Create a space where you can store your boxes of items for sale.  In our case, it was the garage.
2. Find a friend who wants to share the sale, pick a date, and move forward.
3. Don’t worry about pricing your items, it takes WAY too much time.
4. Make sure you have enough tables, start setting up either the night before, or 2 hours earlier.
5. Have a table for $1 items, 50 cent items, or after setting up, use stickers to mark items.
6. Make sure you advertise for FREE on Craig’s List.
The important thing is to just GET THE STUFF OUT THERE.  
People can always ask, “how much?”  I’ve had so many yard sales in past years. And I stressed for weeks, worrying about the details.
1. Buyers will come in waves, so in between, take the time to mark more items.
2. Having some kind of organization is far more important than pricing every single item!
My daughter was a huge help, and so was Jenny’s dog, Buddy, who helped collect the money (not! but isn’t he darling?)
How did I shop my own sale?
I always do this!  I find items that I can’t live without, like a new lamp, outdoor candle holder, candle stand, and a few clothing items – from the person I’m having the yard sale with.
This pitcher will go well with my blue-rimmed Mexico glasses
Can’t you just picture this filled with beautiful ripe cherries?
I spent $10 and made about $100. 

The ad was free, I got rid of lots of “little” stuff (cleaning through our kitchen for our remodel), and had a blast with my friend and daughter!
Can you resist a good find, even though it might be your friend’s junk?

Or, if you come upon a sale where you know the family, do you shop?  Or does this make you uncomfortable, so you drive on by? (I’m talking a mutual friend)
I sometimes feel awkward.  So I’m really looking forward to hearing from you regarding this situation!
(Jenny and I grabbed our hubbies that night and took them out for some dinner and live music and fun! As if we hadn’t already seen enough of each other … :) 

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