We are family! And family for sure doesn’t care if we use paper or cloth napkins!

Our out-of-town cousins were here from St. Louis and we threw a family BBQ. In St. Louis style this family knows how to pull out the stops for us when we visit their town. They are the essence of hospitality. So our family rallied together to create an evening we wouldn’t forget here in Oregon.

When setting the table (12 adults and 8 kids), I decided – in the 100-degree heat – to do it quickly. Paper napkins were handy – and they’d just have to do! The kids sat at the picnic table, and the adults at another table with a more formal setting.

Once again, our dinner was not about impressing. It was about celebrating the fact that the last time we had all been together was 10 years ago!

Our dinner consisted of delicious appetizers of homemade salsa and chips, and vegetable pizza and fresh celery sticks from our garden. Then our main course was BBQ chicken breasts and thighs, yummy scalloped potatoes, strawberry salad, fruit kabobs and dip, and baguette bread with garlic butter. (Recipes to follow – next post.)

What could top it off better than Texas sheet cake, ice cream and strawberries?

Reminiscing & Laughter.


Sisterly love.

Cousins reconnecting.

Music, torches, candles.



Tickling the ivory.

Chubby babies.

Cooling off.

Little boy energy.

Yes, we are family – and even though we have miles between us, we still have a bond that cannot be separated.

Thank you Scott, Rebecca, Andrew and Audrey – for pursuing our family, keeping in touch, visiting us and for awesome memories!

Oh, and do you think when they arrive home from their vacation that they will remember I used paper napkins?

I don’t think so!

How about you – do you find it okay to use paper napkins?

(Paper napkins from Target’s clearance aisle. I usually like to use “cloth” because they are more “eco-friendly,” especially if line-dried. Upcoming post: RECIPES from this dinner party!)