Inspiration Comes …

Inspiration comes when I just think about hospitality. The idea of giving inspires me!

So with a brand new oven, and with many friends asking me what my first meal cooked would be, I made one pan of enchiladas for our family and one for another family.

I didn’t wake up with this grandiose idea, it just came to me as I was putting together this simple meal, and I thought of my single mom friend and her family. Her reaction? She didn’t think anyone had ever done that for her before!

Hospitality gives without expecting anything in return.

As simple as one pan of food, it is a beautiful thing.

When’s the last time you thought of a single friend?

12 comments on “Inspiration Comes …”

  1. Thanks for the inspiration…your enchilada’s look yummy!

  2. This is a great reminder. I sometimes think no one will notice. Butpeople do. People notice. and it means the world.

  3. How wonderful. I can think of several people in my life who could use this blessing.

    I would love your recipe for Enchiladas – it’s one of my most favorite foods.

  4. Actually I’ve been thinking about it recently. I know someone who is in the process of getting a divorce and I want to make her and her daughter a meal. I hope to do it soon.

  5. One comment, one question. That is exactly how I do things when someone is in need of a meal. It’s practically effortless. Question, how about that yummy recipe?

  6. I love your website–it inspires me to reach out and make my co-workers etc day a little brighter. I would love your enchiladas recipe . They look yummy

  7. Fabulous Inspiration. May your oven yield blessings for you and others for many years to come! I feel like we should break a bottle of champagne against it.

  8. I just went out with a single friend last night after Bible study. Not the same as making a meal but time spent with her nonetheless. It was wonderful!

    Your enchilada’s look scrumptious!!

  9. Thanks for the inspiration, my wife and I have always provided meals for those who are recovering, sick, or for funerals, but have just cooked and sent a meal to a neighbor, what a gracious thing to do for people, your site inspires us thank you. And yes both my wife and I cook

  10. Sometimes, it’s just about being intentional. Thanks for the reminder. I used to do this much more but have gotten lax lately.
    I love your new design…so different and unique! :)

  11. They look delicous! Hospitality is a beautiful thing. I love to cook and make my guest feel welcome. As if they were in their own home. I’m inspired!


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