For the last 9 months (yep, just like birthing a baby – ask my family & close friends!) I’ve been working on a book called, The Reluctant Entertainer!

I’m so happy to announce this exciting news today and share the beautiful cover of this hardback book! (Bethany House, August 2010)

When I started my blog (3 years ago) I wrote about my own set of Ten Commandments to Hospitable Living, and I explained them in detail. Exploring those further, my book will offer a simple yet savvy approach to entertaining where I’ll be encouraging and sharing advice for apprehensive hostesses.

The book also emphasizes the forgotten goal of entertaining – connecting deeply with others! And practical tips, techniques, advice and …. recipes!

Recipes? Yes, my book will have easy recipes – some popular oldies, some brand new ones (many that I’ve held out of my blog – like this easy chicken recipe!)

I’ll be sharing my RE book journey, in future posts, on how the Reluctant Entertainer came to be. It wasn’t a piece of cake! It’s been hard work. But very worthwhile. So stay tuned …

My hope and prayer is that lives will be richer, doors will be opened, and hearts will be changed.

In this month of Thanksgiving, in particular, I am humbly grateful for all of my supportive RE readers and for your participation and comments on my blog! Thank you! And thank you Bethany House for believing in the RE message!

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