About this time of year I’m thinking of fun, yet inexpensive gift-giving, especially for my teen daughter and her gazillion friends. How in the world do you buy for each and every girl? (You don’t!)

We purchased the large Jelly Belly 49-Flavors container from Costco for $14.99.

Gathered up the miscellaneous small canning jars around the house.

Cut out small circles of Christmas wrapping paper.

-Pour the beans in, leaving about 1 inch from the top.

-Seal up the jars and add the paper – a nice Christmas touch.

-Mark who it’s for with a Sharpie marker.

-Deliver to the gazillion girlfriends.

Do you have any simple, inexpensive Christmas gift ideas to share?

(We got about 15 jars from the container of Jelly Beans, about $1 each gift (if you use old canning jars). And the winner of the RE book and the Hip Holiday apron is MJ, from Teaching in High Heels. Congrats, MJ!)

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