OK, I’ve talked enough about roasting tomatoes, and since I don’t want to borrow any more ovens (Thank you, Jeannie and Kathie!), I came up with something new. (Yes, these beauties are still coming out of our garden!)
Using the exact same ingredients as my roasted tomato recipe, start by sauteing garlic in olive oil.
Add tomatoes – any kind, skins, seeds and all (no stems!)
Add fresh basil, salt, pepper, sugar, fill one big pot.
Cook ingredients on the stove, boiling, then simmering for 45 minutes.
Allow to cool.
Puree in the blender.
Pour into Ziploc bags.  And I marked, “just add cream.”
This might sound funny, but I’m always thinking ahead for my family ( just in case something happens to me), so my family will know what to do!
In this case, defrost, and just add the cream = tomato soup, right?
I think I feel a winter night’s dinner of Toasted Cheese and Tomato Soup coming on!
Have you thought about making homemade Tomato Soup?

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