“Just Because” is Good: Lunch Together is even Better!

One of the things I really enjoyed, going to my friend Dottie’s house for lunch, was going from room to room and seeing the things (nick-nacks) that reminded me of my childhood. Dottie was my mother’s close friend, when I was growing up. When Dottie had reached out to me as a little girl, she’d invite me over to have sleepovers with her and it was always a blast. She’d even take me to work with her, and I’d sit and run the adding machine – for hours!

Dottie has always been a role-model of hospitality for me. Early on she’d send me cards in the mail for every occasion. Recently I’ve received a card from her when my Auntie passed away, a thank you after we had this lunch together, and a few cards in the mail “just because.”

“Just because” is good. Lunch together is even better.

So as I left her house, I asked if I could borrow a pair of scissors.

Along the driveway were these beautiful poppies. I cut a few, brought them home to a pitcher of water, and now they’re in the living room where I can remember the day.

And think of my friend, Dottie.

I’m glad we had lunch “just because.”

Do you have a friend in your life who has taught you about the gift of hospitality? When’s the last time you thanked that person?

8 comments on ““Just Because” is Good: Lunch Together is even Better!”

  1. Thank you so much, Sandy. I LOVED having you for lunch. I also LOVED having you visit me in your growing up years. YOU were a delight! AND, I received so much JOY from your visits. Your photo of the poppies was beautiful. Also, thank you so much for sharing your new book with me. GREAT!!!!

    Oh, by the way we had someone for dinner and I served corn-beef and cabbage and it was FUN with no stress. YEAH!!!

  2. I so enjoy your posts, so encouraging and heartwarming! Can’t wait to get the book! and….did you know that when you pick poppies if you sear the end with a match or lighter seconds after you pick them, they won’t droop when you put them in water? Thanks again for all of the inspiration, much appreciated!

  3. What a wonderful post and your pictures are beautiful!!! I don’t know if I have one friend in particular, but I suppose several that I’ve learned from throughout the years.

  4. My mom and her friends from the church. Saturdays always called for someone dropping by, usually with a picnic basket in tow hoping to corral my dad into launching the boat. (Which usually worked). My mom always had something to put out – all the way down to cheeze whiz and crackers for the kids. i still can’t believe that was a staple in my mother’s pantry. And there was always enough fried chicken and biscuits should someone stop by after church. She’s still that way, cooks for an army. freezes what’s left over. that’s how they roll.

  5. Thanks for the great post Sandy! I remember having “just because” times with my two sons when they were little. Sometimes we would end up at the donut shop or they would get a little gift…thanks for jogging my memory…I think I need to start that up again but this time with my Grandson! I also have a special mentor / friend that played an important part in my life as a young mom and now I have an opportunity to become a Titus 2 lady to a young mom at our church. Thanks for the encouragement today.

  6. I actually have one with a great heart for hospitality who needs some return love right now. I’m planning a meal on wheels for her today. Your post reminded me to add some flowers to brighten her day as well.

    Nothing quite speaks as well as flowers to me.

  7. Beautiful my friend. What a wonderful memory. When we went back to Maine to visit a few years ago I cried like a baby at just the sight of my Grandmother’s old house. It’s amazing how strong memories are when you see something that triggers them.
    And the flowers are beautiful and a perfect reminder of a perfect day.

  8. We saw fields and fields of poppies as we drove to Crimea- so beautiful. It’s almost like the national flower here (maybe it is and I don’t know it!).

    I have several ladies-my Titus 2 ladies- who have taught me SO much. And I love to tell them every chance I get how much they mean to me!!

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