One of the things I really enjoyed, going to my friend Dottie’s house for lunch, was going from room to room and seeing the things (nick-nacks) that reminded me of my childhood. Dottie was my mother’s close friend, when I was growing up. When Dottie had reached out to me as a little girl, she’d invite me over to have sleepovers with her and it was always a blast. She’d even take me to work with her, and I’d sit and run the adding machine – for hours!

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Dottie has always been a role-model of hospitality for me. Early on she’d send me cards in the mail for every occasion. Recently I’ve received a card from her when my Auntie passed away, a thank you after we had this lunch together, and a few cards in the mail “just because.”

“Just because” is good. Lunch together is even better.

So as I left her house, I asked if I could borrow a pair of scissors.

Along the driveway were these beautiful poppies. I cut a few, brought them home to a pitcher of water, and now they’re in the living room where I can remember the day.

And think of my friend, Dottie.

I’m glad we had lunch “just because.”

Do you have a friend in your life who has taught you about the gift of hospitality? When’s the last time you thanked that person?