Okay, RE Readers … here’s a cry of help from my friend Aggie! We all know that our homes don’t have to be perfect to invite others in, but what do you do when the animals have destroyed your furniture? Here’s my personal story. A few years back after buying a brand new leather sofa, we bought a kitty for our son. End of story … our leather sofa has never been the same since.

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Can you help Aggie out today?

Sandy, I need advice! I’m having a little get together with the ladies next Wednesday evening for a purse party. So I just panicked when I saw that my couches are tore up from the dog! I totally forgot. What should I do? I think we will be spending the time in the kitchen with the wine and food, so I may suggest having the purses displayed over on the couches.

Do you think I can cover them temporarily with something that looks “nice”? Maybe linens? What do you think?

It’s the loveseat and chair. And I’m really trying to K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Sister!) Your book is really making me aware of how nuts I make myself when I entertain. Any tips are appreciated!

What would be YOUR advice for Aggie?

Happy Weekend everyone! I’m pretty sure by next week I”ll have a new look here at RE (thanks to Darcy at Graphically Designing), a bookstore where you can buy a “signed” copy of RE, and a way to PRINT off my RE Ten Commandments. (Plus another RE book givewaway!) So stay tuned …