Keep it Simple, Sister: But my Sofa is Ripped!

Okay, RE Readers … here’s a cry of help from my friend Aggie! We all know that our homes don’t have to be perfect to invite others in, but what do you do when the animals have destroyed your furniture? Here’s my personal story. A few years back after buying a brand new leather sofa, we bought a kitty for our son. End of story … our leather sofa has never been the same since.

Can you help Aggie out today?

Sandy, I need advice! I’m having a little get together with the ladies next Wednesday evening for a purse party. So I just panicked when I saw that my couches are tore up from the dog! I totally forgot. What should I do? I think we will be spending the time in the kitchen with the wine and food, so I may suggest having the purses displayed over on the couches.

Do you think I can cover them temporarily with something that looks “nice”? Maybe linens? What do you think?

It’s the loveseat and chair. And I’m really trying to K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Sister!) Your book is really making me aware of how nuts I make myself when I entertain. Any tips are appreciated!

What would be YOUR advice for Aggie?

Happy Weekend everyone! I’m pretty sure by next week I”ll have a new look here at RE (thanks to Darcy at Graphically Designing), a bookstore where you can buy a “signed” copy of RE, and a way to PRINT off my RE Ten Commandments. (Plus another RE book givewaway!) So stay tuned …

18 comments on “Keep it Simple, Sister: But my Sofa is Ripped!”

  1. ÐŽHola!
    No estб seguro de que esto es verdad:), pero gracias a un cargo.


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  3. My sister and her mother-in-law patched her leather couch using fabric and some kind of glue. It looks GREAT! She’s been on vacation but I told her about this post and she said she will leave the details in the comments here once she has time.

  4. I was going to suggest a sofa throw. I have one and it have saved me from getting a new sofa for now.

    Also, the main thing not to do, is focus on it. It may be on your mind, but it isn’t going to be on your guest minds :)

  5. flip the cushions?

  6. Aggie, a slip cover is a great idea, but even a quick trip to the fabric store for a fun current and inexpensive fabric. Get a couple yards to just drape over the worst spots, and have the purses help to cover the rest. It will add color too for a backdrop for the purses… Enjoy the party!!!

  7. OK the white sheet idea inspired me! I was just thinking the white sheets and then take little pillows and put the white pillow cases on them, wrap them with satin / velvet ribbons like little gifts, maybe dangle a little charm from the knot. I’m getting a beach vibe here that I love! Thanks everyone for your great ideas!

  8. Aggie, between the purses, the food and the wine, nobody is even gonna notice you HAVE couches!!!!

  9. Thank you for all of your comments! So, I really liked the sheet idea and browsed through the sheets today at Home Goods, thought I could pull off the beachy look, but ended up settling with some new throws and pillows from Target for the couches that nicely cover it all up. The room looks better already and the only hole still showing is the smallest one and will be considered a “conversation piece” :)

  10. I agree with the comment about not apologizing for you furniture. That makes it all about you – everyone ends up trying to tell you that it’s not so bad. Whatever you do, hold your head high, focus on your guests and have fun!

  11. I would say white sheets. We all DREAM of a white couch! Use the pillow cases to cover some pillows and maybe some twine tied on the corners for a custom/summer/beachy summer look!

  12. I can only think of two words!

    slip cover

    sandy toe

  13. When we did our youth camp at a retreat center at the beach we had the use of a larger cabin that had couches and chairs in it. Sometimes we’d house our guest speakers there. Needless to say, the couches and chairs were not exactly “new”, probably more like from the 70’s and in poor shape. One year I went to Walmart and bought some King size sheets (not expensive ones) in a denim color and deep red and used those to cover the couches. I even scrounged up some upholstery tacks to hold them in place. They worked great and were a very simple fix.

    So I would recommend that..even hit the garage sales this weekend for some sheets that can be used to cover the tears and toss some pillows on as well.

  14. Ditto the slipcovers. But, if money is an issue right now, you can use a plain sheet – or even make it look more intentional with a pretty quilt draped over them.

  15. Same advice as above: cover it with a flat sheet or some throws. Even the thinner type throws should work. But…do NOT make your guests uncomfortable by apologizing or explaining why you have the sofa set covered.

  16. Slip covers work nicely because they can be taken off and washed. If you’re in a pinch a flat sheet wrapped and tucked neatly over your bottom cushions might help.

  17. How about a slip cover? They aren’t very expensive and you can run to the store and grab one quickly. If you have a pretty quilt or blanket you could cover your couch cushions with that instead. :)

  18. Im certainly no expert, but do you have the option of moving the furniture out of the room & bringing in dining chairs or different seating? & maybe a card table covered with a tablecloth for the purses? Or, possibly having the party outside?
    Sorry for your dilemma!

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