I need to say I look forward to your blog. It brings me inspiration and hope. Your insight is priceless and the way you look at our world is unique. Some of us lead lives that are not often as they seem, and are looking for the peace and serenity that will bring clarity. I value your insight as if it could be my own, and it often feels as such. I honor the fact that family is so important to you and yours because my family has kept me alive during cancer, and continues to do just that to this day. I just wanted to let you know how insightful you’ve become to me. (written by an appreciated reader)

Since the birth of 4 Reluctant Entertainers, back in 2005, my desire was to keep this blog relatable and real – through true-life, inspiring stories and creative ideas, with real-life photography.

I wanted to reach out to the reluctant entertainer, and even the seasoned entertainer who might be in a rut, looking for new ideas. I basically wanted to debunk any perfectionist aspirations that women in America may have regarding entertaining, or practicing hospitality in general.

Because of my mission, there are never any perfect-picture photos taken from magazines or the internet, posted on my blog. *

Yes, there may be clutter in the background of my photos. Things are not perfect in my home – or kitchen – and I know it! The photos on my blog are usually taken here in my home (in my needs-to-be-remodeled kitchen), by my talented husband, or by myself, or they come from a few friends. (Thank you Jenny, Anni & Minor or any other friends who have sent me “real-life-entertaining” pictures.)

A friend of ours used to work for Harry & David, doing photo shoots for their catalog. He told us it would take 15 assistants to help him get the perfect image for their entertaining catalogs. Fifteen people helping out!!

When it comes to entertaining, “perfect” photos always make me wonder – could it really look that good? Or be that good?

“Perfect” is against what I know to be true about entertaining. True-to-life is what I believe is going to help us get to the next level in our entertaining, as we achieve our goals of expanding our hospitality.

Thank you, valued readers – and know that I am on a mission to stay within my distinctive theme of KEEPING IT REAL!

(With an exception, here is one photo I took from the internet – which you might enjoy reading this previous post – here!)

(Does anyone want to guess what is in this bowl, and will be “ready” in another 6 days?)

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