Our kids are comfortable in our kitchen. They are self-sufficient and they know how to whip up a quick snack or lunch for them and their friends. After swimming for hours, they are especially hungry.
Taking it a step further, we encourage our kids to be mindful of one another. I’m always reminding them to think of their guests first. Are they hungry? Is their bed made up? What movie do they want to watch? Are they comfortable? What activity do they want to do?

Our kids can be so self-centered, so it takes work and discipline and for Paul and me to be good role models in teaching them how to be hospitable toward their friends.

I am a very busy mother and I don’t always have time to “wait on” my kids. I want them to learn to think and act independently, even when it comes to simple things as chores, cooking, and how they treat their friends.
Last night, Abby made a couple of peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches. I chuckled as I saw her preparing these for her friend, Erin. Not only did she spread it on thick, she pulled out the Cut-N-Seal kitchen tool that makes crust-free pocket sandwiches.

It was so enjoyable to watch my 10-year old get into cooking and waiting on her friend, as I forgot I even had this tool in my drawer.

Erin’s eyes got big, like it was the coolest sandwich she had ever seen.

Our kids aren’t perfect, by any means, but as I listen to them and watch their interactions with their friends, I am concluding that they are learning how to be good hosts.


Abby and her friend Alyse were bored yesterday. I gave them a project to work on for our dinner party last night. They made dessert menus on the computer, personalizing them with their artwork.
After our dinner they took orders from our guests, then came back into the kitchen to make up each order. It worked like a charm! They had a blast; the adults had fun and guess which item on the menu was the most popular? (click on the menu to make it larger)

The kitchen tool is made by Pampered Chef!

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