Kitchen Journey Part II: Things I didn’t Pinch On!

New kitchen

If you didn’t read my post from yesterday, Kitchen Journey Part I: Philosophy, you might want to before you continue with this post.

For my new kitchen, on a budget, there were some features that I felt were essential. And working with Home Depot was very helpful. But when you’re trying to get the best deal for your money, you sometimes have to pinch! And pinch we did. (Thank you, Home Depot!)

But these are some things that we did NOT pinch on.

1. I love my double oven. Love, love, love it (Jenn-Air, convention/convection)

New kitchen

2. One-bowl, deep Sterling stainless sink (very top photo: black basket in the sink from IKEA)

New kitchen

3. Recycle drawer (I’m way more organized now with my recycling)

New kitchen

4. Open shelf for my everyday dishes, right above the dishwasher (easy for kids & quick put-away)

New kitchen

5. Vegetable sink (plumbing already in place from previous utility sink)

New kitchen

6. New front-door opening, easier for kid access (which will be a new courtyard)

New kitchen

7. And an open shelf area for their shoes

New kitchen

8. Instant hot water dispenser (our family decided this is our NEW favorite feature)

New kitchen

9. Walk-in pantry (special design by my Dad!) with swinging “saloon” doors (the doggie/cat door is in the pantry, so we had to give them access to the house)

New Kitchen

10. Decided on wood cabinets, to not go with painted black or white (American Woodmark)

New kitchen

11. Microwave low-profile, installed under the counter in the center island (out of the way, easy for kid-use)

New kitchen

12. Wood floors: Dasso Flooring (Manchurian Walnut)

New kitchen

13. Large space above ovens for cookware and platters

New kitchen

14. Brushed-nickel faucets (Delta)

New kitchen

15. Open shelves for practical display

New kitchen

16. A baking center (baking supplies and Kitchen Aid in one place)

New kitchen

17. Organized drawer space (so much better than what I had before)

New Kitchen

18. Knife drawer by the vegetable sink

New kitchen

Cabinet philosophy
As much as I do like the look of black and white cabinets, I decided to not go with the trend, but to stay with a classic wood. Modern and simple. I’ve had white before and I didn’t want it again (but it is beautiful!). Also, wood just goes better with the style of our home.

And speaking of cabinets that are similar to mine, I’d like for you to meet my American friend Katie, living in Berlin, Germany! Check out her kitchen remodel, here. I was so impressed — because Katie lives in 480 square feet, her kitchen being 36 of it! Also, Katie (Making this Home) will be speaking along with me and Meredith at the A Woman Inspired conference coming up next week! If you haven’t purchased a ticket, register today!

My friend, Emily from Chatting at the Sky, shares about how she painted her kitchen cabinets BLACK! So classy and beautifully done! If you haven’t heard the great news about Emily, she is on her way to becoming an author as she just signed a 2-book contract! I’m so excited for my friend!

Back to the kitchen. It’s interesting how “splurging” and “budgeting” are an oxymoron. We all have areas where we hold back, and then that gives us more room to splurge on what’s really important to us, right?

If you could splurge on one item in your kitchen, what would it be?

Come back tomorrow for Kitchen Journey Part III – Free and Discounted!

28 comments on “Kitchen Journey Part II: Things I didn’t Pinch On!”

  1. Awesome page, well crafted I have to admit.

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  4. I absolutely love the floors you chose! so rich…yet real! Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love all your choices in Part II of your remodel.
    We have stainless steel in the kitchen for the first time and it is great. We got the refrig that doesn’t “fingerprint” and that was a plus for me. Enjoy!

    Betty in Oklahoma

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  7. Love all your add-ins that make your beautiful kitchen more “user friendly”. We added a keeping room and redid our kitchen about three years ago and also have the manchurian walnut wood flooring. LOVE IT! Wish I could afford to put it all through our house.

  8. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! It’s obvious you and your *team* :) put a lot of thought into the function, organization and appearance.

    The colors are calm, the wood (great choice on cabinets and floors) stands out, the black and stainless work very well together. Great touches throughout your space!

    Congrats on all of your efforts–they have paid off ten fold.

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  10. We did several of the same things. I now swear by the automatic hot water dispenser, too, but am a little less enamored with the under-counter microwave. I’ve learned to live with it – we don’t have much other choice, but I don’t *LOVE* it.

    Your kitchen is truly beautiful. You’ve inspired me and I will be linking from my Friday links!

  11. Congrats on your new kitchen! We just had ours redone almost 2 years ago and I still walk in and say “ahh”. We love to cook, entertain, & EAT so it was a big MUST on my list! I think it made me love cooking & baking MORE! We did like you, splurged & saved. Our contractor really kept us on our budget! If I had a bigger budget, I would have extended our kitchen and “splurged” on a center island! My hubby & I would have loved that…someplace to sit & gather. Maybe with a pot rack over it, counter chair, extra sink etc… I would have also loved one of those faucets to fill pots over my stove. Wishing many yummy meals & great entaining in your new space!
    Check out my Kitchen remodel blogging journey!

  12. Oh, can I move in with you?

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE double wall ovens. And the baking center that you have reminds me of my parents’ house. I drooled over it every time I visited.

    ;) amy

  13. Sandy….I love the new kitchen. I love the baking area and have that in my kitchen. Makes it so nice when everything is within reach. AND I love the floors!!
    So happy for you and can’t wait for your book!

    Love ya, Connie

  14. How do you like your double oven with the convection? I think I would really like that feature in our home! Oh, I also want the instant hot water – we drink a lot of hot tea and it would be so worth it!

  15. Sandy, I truly love your kitchen. It is beautiful and classy, just like you! So many great touches with the open cabinets, the baskets and the fabulous OVENS! WOW.

    I love that you chose just a one bowl sink. I also made that choice in my old kitchen and I LOVED it. It could fit any size pan I wanted to put in there. Now I have two bowls and I really dislike that, it makes it impossible to wash most oversized dishes!

    You know, I too have similar wood cabinets (already in my new house) and I can attest to the fact that they are so much easier to keep looking clean than the black or white ones. And you are smart to chose something that fits the style of your house too.

    You did a great job. Love it!!

    • Thanks, Melissa! I plan to do a kitchen sink post here soon. I couldn’t agree with you more on the sink and the cabinets!

  16. Sandy your kitchen is a piece of art. I feel so at home there just looking at the photos. When I was organizing homes we always started in the kitchen. It truly is the heart of the home and everything seems to begin there. I’m so happy that you have such a warm and welcoming space to create your magic in the kitchen.

  17. Beautiful! I love the details-like the open cabinets here and there. Like Jen, an island would be a splurge-especially since our kitchen wouldn’t fit one and it would take a major redo! But it sure would be nice……

  18. YEA!! It looks so amazing, my friend, and I just know so many guests will be served in that cozy space.

    Splurge? I would love a big beautiful island, and get rid of our laminate white counters which have seen their share of spills, cuts, and burns. :) . Our island looks much like your old one, only worse. :) Thinking of painting the big white spot…

  19. Great choices Sandy! If I could splurge in my kitchen right now it would be on new counter tops and new flooring. I’m really not sure about the materials I’d choose though…

  20. Love your post Sandy. When we designed our first phase laundry/kitchen we decided not to skimp on our cabinets and I thoroughly love our sink. Since this isn’t the permanent kitchen I didn’t worry as much about the appliances, though I wanted them to be good so we went with the middle of the road.

    In the next phase with the “real” kitchen I won’t skimp on my appliances, cabinets or sink hardware!

    My sink right now is e-granite and I love it. It’s so easy to take care of and clean. I will more than likely use this again in our next phase.

  21. Sandy, your kitchen is beautiful! And I love how you’re sharing the process with us!

    I have a question, though: why did you choose a one-bowl sink over two?

  22. Sandy,
    Your kitchen looks great! Thanks for the insight! I really like all of the things that you did with family in mind.

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