Kitchen Love: Display What Makes You – You!

I love how everyone has their own touch and styles in their own kitchens, with colors, dishes, and the little things they collect that make them happy!

I have two open shelf areas in my kitchen. One is more practical – for my every day dishes. One is more for display – for the things I love!

When company comes, I use the top bowls for appetizers, and then sometimes we pull out the espresso cups for dessert time. It’s also fun to have a variety of pitchers to grab for quick use.

When I find things that I love at yard sales or Good Will, like this quaint clear pitcher, I like to display it.

I’d love to hear what you collect in your kitchen? What little things make you – you? Do you collect roosters, fruit, antique glass or canisters? Salt and pepper shakers? Or white dishes?

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  1. I love my Fitz & Floyd Vegetable collection, all kinds of stuff all in a veggie theme, I have collected for nearly 15 years!

  2. Love your display- it’s so pretty!

    I have a thing about certain Swedish stoneware dinner service and have been collectiong their sky blue and olive green dishes for years. Recently, on a trip to Sweden, I found out they have discontinued all the coloured ranges so maxed out the debit card buying the pieces I didn’t yet have and a few extras (factored in breakages). I also love a certain blue coloured glass so whenever I find that in thrift stores I make sure to buy it.

  3. White, white and all things white. It started with white pitchers, then bowls and dishes. I also have a large collection of white cake stands. I am basically out of room, but always will give in to a great white piece. I just recently took out my upper kitchen cabinets, and have open shelving where I display many of my white things. Love the look–and emptying the dishwasher and putting away my dishes has never been easier.

  4. I started collecting white dihes I generally love things with lots of color but everyday dishes I am drawn to white. Bubble glass also makes me go “oooooo”.

  5. I love your display! My kitchen has a coffee theme, but my dining room houses my favorite things–vintage kitchen tools and containers, assorted depression glass pieces, a little of this and that and all old.

  6. I have so many collections and am thankful for extra china cabinets and storage cabinets. I bring different items out during various season. The one thing that stays pretty much the same is the plate rail display above my cabinets. It is a an eclectic collection of church plates, one from Grandma, you get the idea. It is so much fun to use our things. We are so blessed!

  7. I collect pitchers as well and ironstone and depression glass, particularly dessert cups. I also have a few pieces of vaseline glass which I love. My latest obsession has been collecting pretty dessert plates. When I am thrifting and antiquing I pretty much get whatever ‘speaks’ to me which means I have quite an eclectic collection. :)

  8. I try to keep my kitchen as clutter-free as possible, but since I love vintage, I have a favorite picture hanging up and a “vintage” kitchen scale out…it is one large great room with the living room, so it is simple. To avoid counter clutter, I hung a few pictures on the backspash to make it look a bit more “homey”.

  9. White dishes, any shape or kind-they are classic and always match! As far as decorating goes I just put up an artwork wall in our kitchen, it proudly displays the kids’ masterpieces! In fact I just did a post about it!

  10. Over the years I’ve collected a few different things. When we were first married I loved Geese and Corel had this super cute set that I collected. After that phase, I loved apples and collected them for a few years. Right now I don’t collect anything in particular. I’m waiting till our next phase and the “real” kitchen is done before deciding how I’ll decorate. I see so many cute things out there. I honestly don’t care about trends, but moreso what tickles my fancy (C:

  11. I totally agree! My kitchen may not be the latest trend, but it’s totally ME! I LOVE blue and white dishes and I have collected all kinds from antique shops, yard sales, friends… They are displayed all over my kitchen/dining area: on the tops of the cabinets and on the walls. They make me smile every day!

  12. I like to collect cobalt blue glass……’s so pretty against the white!

  13. I have a few vintage cake savers that I love to collect. Recently I’ve picked up a few rolling pins at an antique store. They are hanging on a wall too.


  14. I hosted an afternoon High Tea BABY SHOWER for my daughter-in-law over the weekend and it was so fun using a lot of my collections! I placed all my clear glass cake stands down the center of the two banquet tables for easy reach. I used my white table clothes that I had collected but never used. I served the guests tea using my tea cups and tea pots.
    And the party favors were Hollyhock seed packets filled with seeds harvested from the Hollyhocks pictured on the packets. Yes, I even collect the seeds from my Hollyhocks each year! HA!
    Come see my pictures Sandy!

  15. Two dogs and two cats, so we stopped collecting things. The dogs (Great Danes) have steel-belted tails that destroy anything left at waist level or below, and the cats will pick up anything that weighs less than five pounds and run away with it. The only thing we keep out on the counter on a regular basis is our five gallon jar of wine corks. Whenever we open a bottle, we write something important about the date on the cork with a Sharpie, so we have a jar full of memories. And because of the wine, they’re all fuzzy memories, but we fill in the blanks with made-up stuff so it’s all good!

  16. Cake Stands are my collectable passion!

  17. I recently transformed my kitchen into more of a cafe’ type theme. So I love collecting coffee and cafe’ related items to go in it. It’s fun being on the hunt! I also keep my eye out for pitchers because I love to put seasonal flowers in them for decorating.

  18. I love glass… it doesn’t really matter what form it’s in. I have stained glass and pitchers and Italian pottery in my kitchen. I can hardly get out of Goodwill without a little plate or bowl. I need a kitchen twice the size of what I have!

  19. Awhile back I picked us some glasbake serving dishes at good-will. They had these cute green daisys on them. They’re kind of like those old corning dishes, where you can put them in the oven or on the stove top. Awhile after I picked up my first 3 I found another to add to my collection. Even this past weekend I found another one at our local good-will. They’re quite pretty and they make me happy.

  20. I suppose I collect dishes- but within reason- they have to be useful or I can’t justify moving them every 1-3 years! I have an everyday set, a fine china set, a tea set with luncheon plates, and a Christmas set. I do have a collection of silver ice cream shovels and I have several silver spoons from around the world.

  21. I love that your kitchen is so pretty and functional! I am a very practical person, so my only collections are things that I can use…no knick-knacks for me. I collect antique silver napkin rings, esp if they have a name or initials on them. I also collect entertaining pieces like platters and serving dishes. Usually white or another solid color.

  22. I have been on the lookout for antique colored class pitchers or vases but for now have supplemented with new ones until I happen on JUST the right ones….

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