KitchenAid GIVEAWAY via USA Today Your Life Magazine

There’s a new publication that hit the stands today by USA Today, designed specifically for women.

It’s called Your Life: Guide to Women’s Health.

Christine Neff, from USA Today, wrote an excellent article in this fabulous magazine called, “Holiday Entertaining Made Easy!”

I’m honored that she included RE as part of the interview on each beautiful page of this feature.

Take a peek at these fabulous pages!

There are fantastic recipes, tips on bringing the outdoors in, simplifying during the holidays, staying sane and “putting perfections aside,” and most importantly, realizing the benefits of entertaining.

There are so many benefits to entertaining, the most obvious in my opinion being forging beautiful relationships!

Your Life is also full of good eats, tips, advice, and plenty of reminders that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Which brings us to our GIVEAWAY here today!

Do you own a stand mixer by KitchenAid? I think I’ve owned a couple in my 30 years of entertaining. I just wear them out, they’re used so much for baking, cooking, and canning. I tend to think of my KA as a friend, who I rely heavily upon. :)

Today in celebration of RE featured in USA Today, KitchenAid is giving away a 7-quart Stand Mixer. This product is brand new, so the winner will be one of the first to own it.

Here are the details (winner gets to choose between silver, black, or red):

KitchenAid’s Best Performing Stand Mixer
• Our Most Powerful, Quietest Available – 1.3HP high efficiency DC motor is designed to run longer and delivers optimum torque with less at build-up. Easily handles recipes requiring longer mixing, kneading and whipping times. The all-metal, precise gear design produces a smooth, quiet sound.
• Our Longest Lasting – Designed for long life of high performance; backed by 2 year hassle-free replacement warranty.
• Our Most Efficient – Advanced feedback control communicates in micro seconds to the motor to ensure optimal power is delivered to the bowl.

Professional-Style Attachment Power Hub
Fits all current KitchenAid® attachments and future larger capacity commercial-style attachments

Largest Capacity Residential Bowl-Lift Available 7-Quart (6.6 L)
• Handles 8 ½ lbs of mashed potatoes, 8 ½ loaves of bread, 14 dozen cookies.

Dishwasher Safe Accessories
Maximize bowl coverage with the stainless steel 11-wire Elliptical Whip, coated metal Flat Beater and Power Kneadâ„¢ Dough Hook. Handles small and large jobs equally well.

Cooking for the Cure, presented by KitchenAid, reminds us that cooking with a purpose (and supporting the Cure) helps to bring an end to breast cancer in our lifetime.

Oh, how do I believe in this. My mom had breast cancer, and then ovarian cancer took her life. So cancer is fresh in our family and a reminder that we need to do all we can to help.



When you host holiday parties, do you make everything yourself or do more of a potluck affair where everyone brings something to share?


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1,632 comments on “KitchenAid GIVEAWAY via USA Today Your Life Magazine”

  1. I always make everything at the holidays, even though I’m the youngest!

  2. I just liked you on fb the other two I already had liked.

  3. I usually make my own food. Although I won’t turn down a plate of food that a guest brings when I entertain!

    I was raised attached to my mothers hip in the kitchen. I had my own stool to help her cook 3 meals a day, entertaining guests, and those wonderful holiday cookies. I still love to cook to this day.

    I have really bad arthritis (and I’m only 34!), so it’s a little more difficult to cook everything I’d like to cook these days. I’ve never owned one of these gadgets.. I know I would cook so much more if I had one since it would be much easier on my hands.

  4. I like USA Today Your Life on FB

  5. I like Kitchenaid on FB

  6. I like Reluctant Entertainer on FB

  7. I usually do it all myself but every now and then I like to see what other people can “bring to the table” as far as sides go.

  8. i also like reluctant entertainer on facebook and i posted on facebook too

  9. i liked the USA today your life on facebook

  10. i liked kitchen aid on facebook

  11. I love to cook…but i still end up doing potluck…i would love this kitchen aid i have never used one before but have heard great things

  12. I usually make all the food, I love to cook but dont often have all the time that I want. My wife loves to cook too and has wanted a mixer since forever, we just haven’t beeen able to afford one yet.

  13. I cook the main items, but i like when everyone else brings a side dish or dessert. I like “potluck” style holidays because everyone gets to share one of their favorite things, and that’s what holidays are all about!

  14. I’m a baking mama. That’s ma thang. I love it. I especially love when someone bites into something I’ve baked & they can’t believe how delicious it is. That is THE greatest reward. To see how someone really loves my baking & how happy it makes them.

  15. I make everything. It takes me several days and I do a lot of baking.

  16. Okay, and just retweeted the Tweet you posted, so I think I’ve covered every possible base!

  17. I liked the USA Today Your Life facebook page!

  18. And I followed KA on twitter! (I really really really want this, can you tell?)

  19. I also followed you (and shared the link) on twitter! (Hey, it’s not listed as a way to enter, but it can’t hurt, right?)

  20. I shared on my facebook page!

  21. I liked Kitchenaid’s facebook page, too!

  22. I have to confess I’m a bit of a control freak (and showoff) when it comes to entertaining. I will gladly accept contributions from other people, but I like to have most aspects of the meal planned to complement each other perfectly, so I like to make them all myself. Besides, most of my friends, while great people, are lousy cooks (but don’t tell them I said that!).

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