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Do you know how much our family loves waffles? SO much, that we make them, freeze them, and then pop them into the toaster to enjoy ANY time of the day. This post is sponsored by KitchenAid today, and I have a
KitchenAid® Waffle Baker for this giveaway!

But first of all, head over to KitchenAid’s The Kitchenthusiast blog, where I am a guest today, so you can read more about this product and get …




WIN a KitchenAid® Waffle Baker

My husband and I love putting Greek Yogurt into the recipe (in place of buttermilk) because it gives a sourdough-ish flavor. YUM!

Go there ==> now.

Print it off, and ENJOY!

The KitchenAid® Waffle Baker has a Double-Side for Baking, which rotates, allowing the batter to coat both the upper and lower plates – creating 2 perfect Belgian waffles at the same time. Plus so many more features.

Today, I want to hear your all-time favorite way to eat a waffle. Is it traditional? You, know with jam or syrup? Or do you add foods like peanut butter, Nutella, or fruits? Do you ever make sandwiches, melts, or ice cream sandwiches with waffles?

Follow the Rafflecopter rules, and ENTER away!

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This giveaway is sponsored by KitchenAid® as they have provided me with the product and product to give away, but as always, all opinions are my own.

221 comments on “WIN a KitchenAid® Waffle Baker!”

  1. I love waffles with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  2. I am a traditional waffle eater, butter and syrup. I did eat a turkey sandwich on a leftover waffle and topped it with Jarlsberg and cranberry sauce, it was pretty good.

  3. Waffles with Nutella, Strawberries, and fresh whipped cream!

  4. I’m pretty conventional with waffles–butter (real!) and maple syrup.

  5. I love waffles with Peanut butter

  6. i make grilled cheese waffle sandwiches and i also made sloppy joe waffles for the kids. They loved them both.

  7. I love mine the old traditional way..but have made cornmeal waffles to have with chili and hubby likes an egg on top

  8. I love waffles with syrup and chicken and waffles.

  9. I am a traditional waffle eater, butter, syrup. fresh fruit and whipped cream!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!

  10. I like them every way possible but I used to really love to put ice cream in between two!

  11. We like to do a Hawaiian type waffle with fruit, nuts, whipped cream and coconut syrup. Super good!

  12. I go pretty traditional, but I do like to add eggnog, instead of milk during the holiday season…with a pinch of nutmeg… mmmmm! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  13. Syrup and butter-just the basics are best!

  14. Waffles with fresh fruits and cream.

  15. I dont like syrup, so I just put butter on mine. Sometimes strawberry or blueberry jam but usually just butter.

  16. Fruit and whipped cream.

  17. I’m all about the waffles topped with bananas, walnuts, and syrup.

  18. I like waffles with plenty of butter and syrup!

  19. Just butter and syrup!! Yummy :)

  20. I put cooked bacon and shredded cheese in my waffle batter, make the waffles, then use them like bread for a breakfast egg sandwich!

  21. I love waffles with melted Real Butter and warm syrup.

  22. I like to add a little vanilla bean paste to

    The batter, then once done use as a base
    for ice cream sundae

  23. With fresh fruit, or in place of toast with a fried egg.

  24. Just butter and syrup for me!

  25. I follow sandycoughlinre and kitchenaidusa on Instagram!

  26. i like it with syrup and/or jam.

  27. I love a waffle with nutella and strawberries!

  28. With syrup!!

  29. I love cornmeal waffles, with honey.

  30. I am a traditionalist when it comes to waffles, lots of butter and maple syrup!

  31. I’m forever a 6 year old. I want them with chocolate chips inside, whipped cream and syrup on top!

  32. Waffles are the best with fresh fruit and whipped cream!

  33. I love them traditional. Although, I’m sure I’d love them any other way if I were given a chance.

  34. I like my waffles grainy, filled with nuts and fresh fruit, and topped with nothing.

  35. For breakfast, I am traditional – maple syrup and butter. But, I also loves waffles with fresh fruit and whipped cream for brunch or dessert.

  36. Waffles with a little peanut butter and honey is delish!

  37. I like mine with syrup… but in summer, I love strawberries & and whipped cream!

  38. I love it with fruit on top!

  39. I’m definitely a traditionalist. I add a dollop of sour cream to the batter, then top with fresh butter and real maple syrup. Yum!

  40. real maple syrup!

  41. I love fluffy savory waffles that encase goat cheese, spinach and sundried tomatoes. And now I’m hungry.

  42. strawberries and whipped cream!

  43. I’m a purest – real butter and pure maple syrup!

  44. Love my waffles with maple syrup and pecans and sausage. A waffle ice cream sandwich sounds intriguing.

  45. I love making homemade whip cream to go with my waffles. I would love to win!

  46. I’m pretty old school normally when it comes to waffles; butter and syrup are awesome! If I won, I think I would have to try sourdough waffles though. <3 sourdough.

  47. I like my waffles the old-fashioned way, butter & real maple syrup. Every now & then I appreciate a nice plate of chicken & waffles.

  48. I like to eat mine with butter and syrup, sometimes I like to add a little whipped cream as well!

  49. Hawaiian waffle, finely chopped pineapple and coconut inside with more added on top with coconut syrup.

  50. I am absolutely a traditionalist. I like them with a little bit of butter, and a little bit of syrup. Oh, I don’t douse mine with the syrup. I pour a little on each bite. It takes time, but it doesn’t drown the waffle.


  51. I love waffles with strawberries in their juice and fresh whipped cream. Indulgent!

  52. plain with cold butter

  53. I would love this waffle maker it would look noce in my kitchen with everything else kitchen-aid thanks for the chance

  54. Oops got too excited i like mine with whip cream and berries and syrup

  55. I love waffles with pecans in the batter, but I recently had bacon waffles, which were pretty great too!

  56. I like brown sugar sprinkled on mine.

  57. Chicken and waffles are my favorite way to enjoy the buttery breakfast treat. Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. Love banana waffles w/ oats, pecans, and chocolate chip and just a touch of syrup.

  59. Traditional – with a smidgen of maple syrup and a li’l dab of butter – YUM!

  60. The best waffle I’ve tried was a Belgian Waffle, covered in chocolate. :P Wish to win this waffle maker so I can make my own.

  61. I like mine with peanut butter and syrup.

  62. I like Belgian waffles with a little powdered sugar and fresh fruit.

  63. I love waffles with real butter and real maple syrup

  64. Love, love, LOVE having waffles with a scoop of ice cream and some chocolate syrup on top.

  65. Banana chocolate chip.

  66. I’m traditional, butter and syrup for me!

  67. I like my waffles with sunflower seeds and cheese

  68. Butter and REAL Maple Syrup!

  69. I am a truly traditional girl. I have always just wanted maple syrup on my waffles with a side of bacon, Yum!

  70. I love waffles with fresh forest fruit and whipped cream

  71. I like the traditional butter and syrup with a side of bacon!

  72. I love eating waffles the traditional way…. Just plain ‘ol syrup and butter!!

  73. Love waffles with strawberries & whipped cream. Like going out for a fancy brunch, but right in your house – heavenly!

  74. Chicken & Waffles! Or waffles & real maple syrup…or with peanut butter…mmm…

  75. With good old fashioned real maple syrup and Kerry Gold butter!

  76. I love blueberry compote on my waffles

  77. OHHHHHHHHHHHH I make a sandwich out of waffles with fruit, whipped cream and bacon (yes bacon) then smother the entire thing with syrup and call it “Charlene’s special breakfast sandwich” :-).

  78. I like them with real maple syrup.

  79. I need this! My favorite waffles are my pumpkin hazelnut waffles with maple butter on top. So warm & spicy, they’re like fall on a plate.

  80. I like to put blueberries in my waffles and eat them with pure maple syrup.

  81. Sandy, my family Loves waffles too. In fact my waffle maker is going to be 25 years old this summer! That little machine has made many happy smiles…

  82. I love to have leftover waffles so I can make bacon and egg waffle sandwiches the next morning.

  83. Love butter and syrup or Strawberries!

  84. I eat my waffles with peanut butter and honey.

  85. tradition for me – syrup, maybe some fresh berries if we have them.

  86. Strawberries and whip cream!!

  87. I like traditional waffles, or waffles with my mom’s homemade raspberry jam. Eating waffles always reminds me of being at my parents house. Waffles are a special weekend treat. My mom insists you easy them while they are hot. If you haven’t finished yours before a fresh waffle is out of the waffle maker she’ll swipe yours and replace it. I’d give her the new waffle maker if I win.

  88. Butter & syrup type of gal

  89. I like them with just butter. I eat them like bread.

  90. I love my waffle with blueberry syrup! Yummy!

  91. I like traditional waffles with butter and syrup

  92. Recently, I tried a recipe calling for dried shrimp and coconut milk. A hot pepper and fish sauce dipping sauce makes a great accompaniment. Yummy!

  93. I like bananas in the waffle.

  94. I like to eat my waffles with syrup and butter.

  95. We only ever top them with real maple syrup but I do play around with different batter flavors. Our favorite is pumpkin, year round!

  96. Love them the old fashioned way with butter and syrup or once in awhile with coconut syrup coconut and macadamia nuts YUM!!

    • I love to have mine with whole wheat flour and honey on top. But on my wild days I like it with melted chocolate

  97. I am sort of traditional. I love them with lots of melted butter and syrup.

  98. I love to spread peanut butter on my waffles instead of regular waffles…and then pour syrup over top! SO GOOD

  99. waffle topped with maple syrup-sweetened-and nuts–cream cheese.
    add another waffle then top it with melted butter then sweetened sliced strawberries.

  100. Love waffles the traditional way with butter and warm syrup!

  101. I love to eat them with frozen chocolate yogurt and sliced bananas!

  102. I love strawberries on mine!

  103. I love waffles with sliced bananas and peanut butter sauce.

  104. With strawberry syrup and whip cream! If you could slide in a side of bacon that would be fabulous…

  105. i’m simple – butter and mrs. butterworth! (not refrigerated!)

  106. Butter and Syrup!

  107. I like to pour real maple syrup over my waffles!

  108. I am totally a classic gal. I like my waffles with syrup or some fruit jam. All the boys in my house (dad included) are peanut butter and syrup junkies. :)

  109. Traditional. But with REAL syrup.

  110. I like mine with real maple syrup.

  111. I love mine with white vanilla custard and strawberries!

  112. I like them with just butter & syrup.

  113. I am usually traditional – butter and syrup, but I do also love slatering on peanut butter and jam!

  114. I am a traditional gal. Hot with melted butter and maple syrup.

  115. I enjoy whole wheat waffles with a cookie butter topping.

  116. With blueberries and whipped cream, yum!

  117. I like eating waffles with butter, peanut butter and tons of yummy warm syrup!

  118. I like my waffles fluffy with lots of butter and syrup!

  119. I’m an old fashioned girl… real maple syrup (what a splurge but worth it!) and butter!

  120. I love mine with lots of syrup only!!

  121. I love them with creamed butter.

  122. My favorite waffle topping is slightly sweetened strawberries with vanilla bean whipped cream. :)

  123. Couldn’t find the pin page to pin so I’m just pinning the give a way. :)

  124. Love to eat waffles with lots of berries and real maple syrup!

  125. I am traditional and I eat my waffles with butter and maple syrup.

  126. My sweetie makes a marvelous oatmeal waffle from a recipe with sunflower seeds and oats ground in a blender. Nutty and sweet. Pure maple syrup and good butter and I’m in heaven!

  127. I love waffles with fresh fruit, and a drizzle of pure maple syrup! Yum!

  128. Peanut butter and syrup, yum!

  129. Strawberries and whipped cream! Yum!

  130. I love them with just butter and syrup!

  131. butter and real maple syrup is my favorite, but I love ice cream on top of a hot waffle, too!

  132. I love waffles with just butter. Real butter.

  133. I love pecan waffles! Smothered in real butter and hot maple syrup.

  134. For breakfast I like syrup for dessert I like vanilla icecream with chocolate fudge!

  135. We like to add chocolate chips and pecans
    to our waffles!
    Thanks, Cindi

  136. I love them with fresh blueberreis and pure cane sugar.

  137. Fancy is nice, but my choice will usually be waffles topped with fresh strawberries and maple syrup.

  138. I like waffles with maple syrup and strawberries

  139. While not very glamorous, I love them crisp, warm so the butter (real) melts and lovingly drizzled with maple (real, from Vermont preferably). mmmm

  140. Traditional with whipped butter and real maple syrup :)

  141. Definitely a traditional waffle eater. Butter melted into each little square and swimming in syrupy goodness!

  142. I like waffles with peanut butter and fruit

  143. my family loves nutella and honey. oh…it is so yummy

  144. Christmas morning Friesen tradition strawberries and whipped cream in top!

  145. With strawberries and whipped cream.

  146. I love waffles with powdered sugar but chicken and waffles are good too!

  147. My favorite way to eat waffles are with almond butter and blueberries. Yum! Thanks for the giveaway!

  148. I am a huge Nutella fan, so I love Waffles with a little Nutella right on top!

  149. I love to eat them the traditional way with maple syrup and some powdered sugar!

  150. Regular waffles? With butter and syrup.

    But we make all variety of waffles! Here are some of the things we have made in a waffle iron:

    orange rolls, cinnamon rolls
    mashed potatoes
    corn bread
    shredded potatoes

  151. I love to top them with strawberries and banana, a sprinkling of powdered sugar, and some real maple syrup.

  152. My favorite way to eat waffles are pumpkin waffles with nutella spread on and banana slices – yummy!

  153. Traditionally with butter and syrup.

  154. Regular, not Belgian, waffles with butter and maple syrup or any type of jam. The Best!

  155. I love Belgian or traditional buttermilk waffles with lots and lots of butter and plenty of syrup. Waffles are my favorite breakfast food!

  156. I am a major traditional simple waffle eater. Butter and syrup and i am happy.

  157. We top them with my homemade jams.

  158. I love them New Orleans Camelia Grill style with pecans in the batter and butter and maple syrup on top.

  159. I love waffles and I eat mine with (warmed) real maple syrup on the side (so not to make the waffle soggy) and fresh berries. Also a sprinkle of powder sugar is always a good thing :)

  160. We are traditional waffle people at my house! Although that may be because our waffle iron is such a pain to use and clean that I don’t pull it out often enough, so people are excited to have waffles with syrup :)

  161. With butter and homemade jam.

  162. I love waffles with a little peanut butter, nutella, and fresh strawberries…so yum!

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  164. I like them warm with peanut butter, apple butter, and banana slices.

  165. I love peanut butter and strawberry jam and whipped cream or syrup

  166. I like fresh fruit and whipped cream

  167. Peanut butter, bananas, and syrup!

  168. When we are on vacation, my family goes all out with our waffles. Ice cream, chocolate syrup, fresh strawberries macerated in sugar to make a sauce, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, nuts, sprinkles. And that’s breakfast. It is a vacation-anything goes!

  169. I’m usually the maker of waffles for my kids – I’ve used cake batter, brownie batter, pancake batter but I think the kids favorite was when we made regular waffles and ate fries chicken on the side.

  170. I like eating mine with strawberries and whipped topping on them, they are so good that way. :)

  171. I like mine with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

  172. With blueberry sauce.

  173. We eat ours with syrup and butter.


  175. Traditional – butter and syrup

  176. Butter, maple syrup, and light layer of peanut butter!

  177. lots of real butter and local honey is the very best of all!

  178. Butter, syrup and pecans! Yum! Thank you for this chance to win!

  179. I am really intrigued to try a more savory waffle. I have wanted a waffle maker for a while now but just can’t seem to pull the trigger!

  180. Warmed Syrup, no butter!

  181. My family likes them “traditional”, but I love to sprinkle some craisens and pecans in. Yummy!

  182. With Strawberries and whipped cream

  183. We like it with syrup and fresh fruit

  184. I mix some jam (mostly raspberry) into sour cream and dip my waffles in it :)

  185. Love my waffles with whipped cream and strawberries!

  186. I am a traditional waffle eater, butter, syrup. fresh fruit and whipped cream!

  187. I like too add a little cinnamon to the batter!!!

  188. Butter and syrup!!

  189. butter maple syrup and honey

  190. With peanut butter and syrup!

  191. I love making pumpkin waffles with nuts, whipped cream, and cinnamon! They are so delicious.

  192. I love traditional waffles – lots of melted butter and some warm syrup.

  193. I like waffles with maple syrup.

  194. I love them with some good, real maple syrup.

  195. I like traditional with butter and syrup.

  196. Peanut Butter and Maple syrup

  197. Plain waffles with scrambled eggs, bacon, and old-fashioned cane syrup on top.

  198. My favorite way to eat waffles is with butter, like toast. On just the last quarter I will put some sugar free maple syrup.

  199. I have to have GF waffles and love to have alot of fresh fruit and big time real whipped cream.
    Favorite thing to make are hash browns.
    I sure hope to win,as my waffle maker is so old and ready for the big waffle maker in the sky. :-)

  200. When strawberries are in season, we do strawberries and whipped cream but when they are not we do Peanut Butter and Syrup!

  201. usually syrup & butter. sometimes add pecans

  202. I like my waffles with butter and syrup. Sometimes I like to make. Peanut butter sandwich with them.

  203. i put the new Hersheys spread and ANY FRUITS

  204. I use whatever I have in the fridge! I am creative…

  205. I like regular waffles, but I also make ice cream sandwiches with them:)!

  206. Strawberries and whipped cream…. or sometimes I’ll just chop up whatever fruit is in the house sunday morning and cook it down a bit (without adding anything) and pour that over the waffles.

  207. I like to add chocolate nibs. :)

  208. I like blueberry waffles!!

  209. With butter and dark chocolate chips melted on it

  210. I add PB and fruits and whip cream yummo

  211. I love them with strawberries and whipped cream. My kids like plain with syrup.

  212. ice cream sandwiches with waffles

  213. I put REAL Land O Lakes whipped butter and yummy King syrup on my waffles!! SO YUMMY!!

  214. I love to eat mine with butter, maple syrup and walnuts.

  215. I like to cook frozen fruit with a bit of honey to out on top of my waffles

  216. Love my waffles with peanut butter or my homemade strawberry preserves. Yum!!

  217. Waffles are GREAT with just about anything on them, from fruit to fresh sorbet, to anything your imagination can think of!!! ” YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY TUMMY TUMMY…”

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