Kraft Foods is More than Mac & Cheese!

So many have asked me to share about my Chicago experience at Kraft Foods. I can say that Kraft really did it right!
Along with these fabulous women – Kim, Dawn, Janice, Rachel, Elizabeth, Silvia and Liz – we were invited to come and tour the Kraft Foods facility. I’d say that my time was incredibly exciting, but also very enlightening.
What I learned during this Kraft Kitchens Blogging Event was that Kraft Foods does more than provide food nation-wide. Kraft Foods cares about the families.
They care so much that they set up this first-time event, inviting 8 mom-bloggers to tour their facility. They wanted to ask us what we want in food items.  What we need for our kids.  What would make cooking easier for us. What would help promote “family” and “meal time.”  They cared about our pocketbooks and they listened when we talked healthy living. But what I really loved was how they treated us, as if we were their family.
The goal of the Kraft Foods team was to get behind my eyes – as a busy mom of 3 teens – and to brainstorm.  To find ways that Kraft could make my life easier as a mom.
Of course we had a bit of fun in the kitchen. (Silvia from Mama Latina Tips, and Dawn from Because I Said So)
And fun with great friends. (Rachel from A Southern Fairytale and Janice from 5 Minutes for Mom)

Whipping up some tasty foods, we all got in on the cooking. (Liz from This Full House and Elizabeth from Busy Mom, and Kim from Mommy Knows)
And sit for a delicious meal, that we all cooked! (click on the picture below – look at my plate of food! I had to try it all!)
Then we got to sample products.
And do more tasting.
Shop the store.
And end on a positive note: A roundtable discussion where I felt my opinion was valued as a wife, mother, entertainer, and consumer.
Oh, and did I mention that I was able to meet the CEO of Kraft Foods? Irene Rosenfeld came and toured the kitchen while we were cooking up a storm!
I sure think differently now when I think about Mac and Cheese. I think of the “family” behind the product and that really brings me comfort!

So thank you, Kraft Foods friends and family, you really did it right!
(As I was invited to take part in this event, my travel and accommodations were provided; however, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. Thank you Todd Rosenberg, for sharing your photography with us! And thanks to the team who brought us – Bob, Lisa, Armin, Sarah, Kelley, Andy, Holly, Jen and Sage. And to the Culinary team – John, Marianne, Harry, Tracy, and Jennifer! I loved my dinner-talk with Claire, and of course we can’t leave out Edelman friends – Teresa, Jessica and Danielle and a big hug to Jessi!)

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  1. I love the layout of your blog! Totally creativ

  2. That was so much fun!
    Makes me miss y’all more! <3

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  7. That looks like a really cool trip! like your blog page. I'm new to blogging but I am really enjoying it! :) Have a great day!


  8. Don't you just love it when a company values your opinions, especially as a mother? It makes me respect them that much more!

    Sandy, did Kraft contact you for this event, or is there somewhere I can go to learn more about a future Kraft event? This is right up my alley and would be awesome to be a part of! :) Glad you had a terrific time!

  9. You are the perfect person to be part of the team chosen to view Kraft.

    Your enthusiasm is contagious and I'll be they loved having you there.

    Thanks for sharing the fun!

    deb meyers

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