I really should invite that family over.
I ought to be friendlier to my neighbors.
I must do something for that family in need.
I need to open up my home, but I don’t feel like it.
I wish I were more compassionate.

Why do so many of us speak about grace and compassion, but we have a hard time living it? Myself included, I find I use the above terms of obligation, duty and demand quite regularly. As I fall into using this language, I feel guilty and I lose my joy!

I was challenged this morning as I was writing this post. Because when I think about the language that I sometimes use (out of obligation or guilt), I think about the huge responsibility that God has given to me:

What am I teaching my children? The law (I feel forced to) or love (I want to)?

I want hospitality to be gracious – a way of life.

I want hospitality to be heartfelt.

I want to have JOY when I do something for someone.

I want to use the language of grace.

I want to teach my children well.

I’m changing my words to, I’d like to, I hope to, I desire to, I want to.

It’s clear that when I do this, I’m resisting the bondage of “duty.”

Think about your speech – is it of law or love?

(Photos of weekend garden goods: Fresh potatoes, and still ever-bearing strawberries! Tomatoes served as appetizers that tasted like candy! Served with salt, white pepper and balsamic glaze drizzled on top! Also, we did not write down the “type” of berries that we planted – a lesson learned to write everything down because so many people have asked what they are. We know they are ever-bearing and they have given us berries from June until now!)