Le Creuset Serveware {Giveaway}

Le Creuset Tablescape

Spring will be gone before we know it, but that doesn’t stop the warm sunshine, entertaining and get-togethers with friends, brunches, dinner parties, and alfresco dining. This week I set my table with Le Creuset Caribbean Blue dishes for a lovely dinner party. But there’s more … keep reading, because today I’m hosting a Le Creuset Serveware Giveaway that you are not going to want to miss out on!

Planning a party.

Planning a party for me is fun if I’m organized and have a goal. My planning involves deciding who to invite, coming up with a menu, delegating dishes, and thinking ahead to what my table will look like. My organizing involves having my dishes in one area, napkins pressed, and candles, flower vases, and table decor in one place for easy access! I don’t usually spend too much time on the table, even though it’s one of the funner elements of planning a party.

Caribbean blue.

Colors are important, and I recently changed out my almost 20 year white {chipped} dishes for these gorgeous Le Creuset Caribbean Blue sets. I’m very excited to come up with some new creative color combinations for tabletops here on RE with this new blue. Stunning!

Here are some things to think about when planning a dinner party. And, this is where Le Creuset comes in!

Le Creuset Tablescape

What’s your style.

Since our house has a casual northwest feel to it, and is overrun by Haggis/Filly/Hobbes’ activities on a day to day basis, it’s more enjoyable to entertain in a way that makes sense for our daily life. We do not have a formal dining room, so our “great room,” so to speak, is the perfect destination area for entertaining. Le Creuset pieces fit in beautifully with our home’s colors and style!

Set the table.

Will guests gather their plates from a buffet area, or will you be setting the table ahead of time for a more formal ambience? Will you be serving the food family style, or will it be a sit-down dinner where you will serve your guests individually? Do you need a dinner plate and a salad plate? Are you serving soup? How can you dress up the table and make it festive for the season? Do you need water glasses only, or will you be serving wine or other drinks? Paper or cloth napkins?

Using serveware.

Once the menu is set, the next step is to decide how to serve the food at your dinner party! There’s nothing quite like pulling out beautiful serving dishes (just look at these vibrant colors!) to give your food a beautiful presentation. Serveware, such as platters, water pitchers on the side board, pasta bowls, 3-tier stands (I served my Lime Meringue Cups last week on my new yellow 3-tier stand), and casserole dishes – give hospitality such a festive feel.

Le Creuset Giveaway

Planning a party is just my favorite thing to do. Well, that and dishes. And Oregon sunshine.

Dishes and the flowers and extra things are an added touch, and are fun and inviting, but as I always say here on RE, it’s the people who come to our homes that make our lives richer and better. And that is what a successful dinner party is made of.

Now it’s your turn.

Le Creuset Serveware {Giveaway}

Choose your own colors!

One winner wins ALL of the following items ($315 value), and you can mix and match the colors! How awesome is that?

Platter set
Pasta Bowl
Heritage Casserole

**CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Winner has been contacted. Thank you all for entering!

How to win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A winner will be chosen at random on April 24, 2014, and will be emailed with the details. USA residents only. Colors are subject to availability.

This giveaway is sponsored by Le Creuset who also provided me with product. Flowers are from my lovely friends at Penny and LuLu in Medford.

459 comments on “Le Creuset Serveware {Giveaway}”

  1. Ohhh, ANY of those pieces could make entertaining easier! But I think that the platter set would come in the most handy! Thanks for a great give away!

  2. The heritage casserole dish looks wonderful. Any of them would be put to good use at our house!

  3. Those are all gorgeous. What a lovely addition to any home

  4. I love the pasta bowl. It would make entertaining easier for me because I never seem to have a piece large enough for pasta dishes. It cold also double as a salad bowl and would be perfect for vegetables, stews, and other dishes.

  5. The casserole dish would be a wonderful item to have. Well all would be a wonderful item to have.

  6. Their small, medium, and large multibowls would really work out well for me. I do use some oblong Le Creuset bowls as serveware already. They are just too pretty to leave in the cabinets!

  7. Any of the Casserole dishes I love Le Creuset!

  8. These pieces are beautiful and I could sure use them and then pass them down to my daughter. Love reading your blog.

  9. The Heritage casserole piece would make entertaining so much easier. But then, all the pieces would be helpful too. Great giveaway.

  10. I would love a second 7 quart dutch oven…it would make entertaining for large groups much easier.

  11. I love all of these pieces. I had not seen the pasta bowl before and think that would be put to great use.

  12. Great giveaway – I love every piece + every color!

  13. These have a mid century look to them, but with updated beautiful colors. Just beautiful.

  14. I have a couple baking pieces but none of the serving pieces. It’s a high quality product that will be around forever. Gorgeous colors too!

  15. Green platter set would be GORGEOUS!

  16. I like the platter set the best – it’s more versatile.

  17. I love the tiered plates!

  18. The big blue pasta bowl is my favorite! I love big bowls, in part, because I have a BIG family! The blue is lovely!

  19. The 3-tiered serving stand would make serving beautiful and take up less space on my table!

  20. The pasta bowl in that Caribbean blue color would be perfect! We are big pasta eaters at my house and that color reminds me of a beach getaway.

  21. That casserole dish would be really handy, and the bowl too! I love all of it!! The platters would be great for serving grilled food this summer :)

  22. The Caribbean Blue pasta bowl would be wonderful. We seem to be a lot into pasta these days. Great giveaway!

  23. The pitcher would great. Love that you can use it for hot or cold beverages.

  24. The platter set would be amazing to have!

  25. The platters would be used first.

  26. First of all, I had no idea Le Creuset has dinnerware! I adore my huge stock pot and it is that green. I’m not married to keeping everything the same color.

    The pieces in this giveaway are so pretty AND practical. I would use them all.

  27. I love the platters…dish up and keep warm in the oven. Or plate cheese and nibbles for appetizers and chill in fridge. Or…just imagine!

  28. I don’t have any serveware, but the nice big pasta serving bowl would be a great first addition!

  29. The casserole dish would be most helpful when entertaining. I can always use more baking dishes.

  30. Beautiful pieces!! Would love to put these on my table!!

  31. ALL of these pieces would be great for entertaining but I especially like the casserole dish with cover.

  32. I love the red platters!

  33. The pasta bowl would be my favorite and most used item

  34. I have a dish sickness…. love the colors…. that blue pitcher? ~swoon

  35. Definitely the platters!

  36. I love LeCreuset and already own a few pieces – these would be a wonderful addition – thank you!

  37. I would love the pasta bowl!!

  38. The platter set would be perfect!

  39. The platter, absolutely. And I love the Caribbean Blue!

  40. I love them all!

  41. It would be nice to serve pasta in the beautiful LeCreuset bowl.

  42. Love the pasta serving bowl for a large salad or pasta dish!

  43. The platters are great. The colors are fantastic.

  44. Bold and bright color of Le Creuset make great party decors.

  45. Definitely the platter set would be used often.

  46. I would happily use every one of these pieces – Le Creuset’s colors are always gorgeous!

  47. I love the pasta bowl and tray serving set… but they’re all so beautiful!

  48. I would love any of their products! I use a knockoff brand of dutch oven but have the LeCreuset brand on my wish list to replace it. I use the small pot (dutch oven?)for my overnight oatmeal every week and often the big one for soup & a gazillion other meals. Love the changes you’ve made on the blog. Easter Blessings to you and your family!

  49. I love the red!

  50. The platters are great, especially in the summertime. I can lay out fresh broiled asparagus and tomatoes or my green bean salad. Grilled chicken would fit nicely on another. The last one (smaller one of course) would be used for grilled fresh peaches or pineapple covered with a few scoops of frozen yogurt.

  51. The pasta bowl looks awesome!

  52. These are all so beautiful!

  53. I would love to own the Soup Tureen

  54. We frequently have soup but serving it in a traditional tureen doesn’t really keep it very hot. I think Le Creuset’s soup tureen, because it’s stoneware, would help keep the soup hot and eliminate jumping up to reheat soup for “seconds.” That would make my life a lot easier.

  55. Beautiful products!

  56. I love everything they make. I have some orange pieces wedding gifts from 40 years ago. Still love them. Any of these would freshen up the look. especially platters and pitchers.

  57. I can always use more serving platters.

  58. love the platter set..:)

  59. I adore Le Creuset! Beautiful, durable, practical and utterly charming!

  60. Serving dishes like the pasta bowl would greatly help me when it comes to entertaining. =)

  61. What an awesome and colorful prize package! =)

  62. The Heritage Casserole.

  63. Oh, this is so great! I really want to get new dinner plates (someday) This is a great giveaway!

  64. I always find that I’m short on serving platters. These look awesome!

  65. Le Creuset has such beautiful pieces, I love your new blue dishes. Whether I am serving buffet style or sit down-pass it-around at the table, these serving pieces would just be lovely to use for both!

  66. The platters and pasta dish would get a lot of use at my house, as well as the casserole dish. I love that it is covered.

  67. I LOVE the serving platters… but everything is so pretty, it would be easy to have several favorites! :)

  68. Easy – the Medium Serving Platter in cassis!! Beautiful <>

  69. Any of them would be awesome, but the I’ve been looking for a tiered server like the one in you pictures for forever!

  70. It’s all so beautiful! I love the Carribean Blue!

  71. The Plater Set! They are awsome…So pretty

  72. Thank you for the lovely blog posts about hospitality and entertaining.

  73. I love the platters! They would be so fun to serve with. Beautiful colors.

  74. The platters for sure! I do a lot of grilling and having nice platters makes it easy to bring food from the kitchen to the grill and then the grill back to the table.

  75. Oh my goodness, I really need that pasta bowl! I could see myself using the platter set a lot too.

  76. Platters would be great for me, I love the way food looks displayed on them!

  77. I love the cooking, menu planning, etc, but I’m seriously lacking motivation in the ambiance (other than mood music – I love a good play list). These would help!

  78. I love the casserole dish – how beautiful. Although, all the pieces are lovely!

  79. What a wonderful giveaway! Would be wonderful to have these for a nice summer get together :)

  80. They are beautiful, the platter set would help out a great deal. I love it all wonderful colors. Thank you for the giveaway.

  81. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the BLUE!!!!!! LOVE LeCREUSET! Very versatile pieces.

  82. You picked a gorgeous color. I could use more color in my life :)

  83. I love the 3-tier stand for entertaining!

  84. All of them; but I’m really partial to that caserole!

  85. My head says the platter set, but my heart is in love with the casserole!

  86. I love this brand, want ’em all

  87. All the pieces are lovely but I especially like the casserole.

  88. I love ALL these pieces, as I love entertaining and making people feel like they’re honored guests when they’re at my house, even if it’s just for a simple meal. :)

  89. The pasta bowl would be perfect for serving pasta and so many other things!

  90. I love the platter set.

  91. Pasta Bowl or Soup Tureen

  92. I love the platter set! It could not only be used for food, but for displaying and decorating!

  93. The Heritage Pasta Bowl, I’ve always wanted and needed a really large and attractive pasta bowl, we are a large family, I have always had to put pastas in two different servers.

  94. I’m always entertaining! I would go crazy for this set. Those pasta bowls are amazing! Thanks for the chang

  95. I love the three platter set. It would be lovely on the buffet table for Easter.

  96. I would love to add the 3 tiered stand to my collection for entertaining! Love it!

  97. I love those platters! I would keep them out all the time and use them to hold all the garden produce so I can see everything at a glance.

  98. I’m going to be moving into a new apartment in the next month and these would be so great to have!

  99. Especially the platter set!

  100. OH.MY. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I would get the most use out of the Heritage Casserole.

  101. The covered serving dish(yellow) I am a big fan of
    Le Crueuset and would love to win something from
    their collection.

  102. These would be perfect to replace my antique Casserole dish

  103. I’d love the casserole bowl!

  104. I would love any new color/piece of LeCreuset, however, the beautiful pitcher would be lovely to have! I have several old (and very well used) pieces of LC in cobalt blue. Love the new lime green color. Thank you for the chance.

  105. I would love a covered dish to make bread or casseroles in!

  106. I would love the pasta bowl!

  107. The casserole dish. But, I love them all!

  108. Heritage Casserole is what I would Love.

  109. I’d love to have some casserole dishes–especially the covered square casserole (I love the color selection, too! Cassis is so beautiful!)

  110. love the serving family

  111. I’m always dreaming of owning some amazing Le Creuset. Maybe my dream will now come true!

  112. I love them all…I would have to pick the Heritage Casserole I don’t have a covered casserole.

  113. The platter set would be immensely helpful!

  114. Love their stuff!

  115. the big pasta bowl. The only large bowls i have are mixing bowls, not the best to serve out of

  116. I’d love the casserole dish. Its beautiful and would be great for entertaining guests!

  117. I love the platter sets and the cake stand. The great colors would really brighten up any event! Many thanks!

  118. I love platters, but a covered casserole would be handy as well. Thank you for the opportunity!

  119. I would like anything by le crueset, but the casserole dishes are so pretty, and so handy!

  120. all of them! I don’t have many serving dishes, sadly

  121. the three tier stands!

  122. The pasta dish would be epic for summer get-togethers and making a big bowl of garden pasta!

  123. Can never have enough serving platters.

  124. I would love the serving platters!

  125. Love them all but especially the yellow square casserole dishes!

  126. The platter set would make life easier

  127. I love the Caribbean blue color you have. Beautiful!!

  128. It’s all really pretty, but I think the covered casserole would be the most used piece in this household!

  129. We eat a lot of past, so the pasta bowl would be a great addition in our house.

  130. Platters for sure!!

  131. I could use any of it. Never enough serving stuff.

  132. I could really use a pasta bowl.

  133. The Heritage casserole bowl could be used for so many different meals

  134. Platters are alway great for entertaining.

  135. I think the pasta bowl might be in use every day in our home! Thanks for the chance to win.

  136. Can always use pretty bowls and platters to serve.

  137. All of it would b a great addition to my kitchen

  138. I love LeCreuset – I do believe that all of these pieces would make entertaining easier. They are all so versatile

  139. Love the pasta bowl – would love to have one!

  140. The pasta bowl would make my life easier. Love it!

  141. I would love the covered casserole!

  142. I would love the casserole dish. Pretty enough to go from oven to table!

  143. One of those beautiful trays would be so useful!!

  144. Serving platters!

  145. Would love the platter – all the colors are beautiful!!!

  146. I think the platter set would be fabulous! You can always use a good, sturdy platter!

  147. The platter set would get so much great use! I need something like this to entertain.

  148. Oh, how I love that Caribbean blue!! If I got those platters, I would totally plan an entire table setting around it! In fact, I’m thinking I might just use that color as the basis for my sister’s bay shower…. :)

  149. I love the pitcher for some summertime sweet tea!

  150. I think having a pitcher filled with ice water and lemons would be delightful to have on a table or sideboard during a dinner party!

  151. This is an awesome giveaway

  152. Le Creuset has the best pieces for entertaining. Love the covered casserole!

  153. The trays would be great for munchies.

  154. These are wonderful and the pasta bowl would be so helpful to have!

  155. I really like the green and the great variety of pieces!

  156. Fun giveaway!

  157. Any color would be great. Love the blue.

  158. I would love to have the platters to help entertain. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  159. I love the casserole dish! We don’t have one yet, so I make do with a large bowl. This is motivation for me to go out and find a casserole dish though!

  160. The covered dish would be fantastic for keeping things warm while I get food on the table :-D

  161. The pieces that would get used the most and not together would be the serving platters, The pasta bowl, pitcher & the soup toureen. :)

  162. Love the Caribbean Blue! A covered dish would be great to take to my “Girl’s Supper Club”…..we’ve been together for 25+ years!

  163. i looooove making pasta all the time so the pasta dish would be PERFECT! thanks for the chance to win! :)

  164. love this, and would love to win! thanks so much

  165. Oh I would love to win this, the trays would be wonderful

  166. What a generous giveaway!

  167. The blue is lovely! I don’t own any LE CREUSET pieces, but I sure would like to!

  168. This is deliciously awesome! I love the Caribbean Blue, plus the yellow, red, green all complement each other beautifully! (fingers crossed :)

  169. I could really use some nice platters like these. The colors are so vibrant that it would really brighten up the table too.

  170. The casserole and the pitcher! Wonderful giveaway!

  171. I need to add that a blue platter set would come in quite handy!

  172. I would love the casserole dish for entertaining.

  173. I love the platters!

  174. Yellow!

  175. Covered dish and/or pitcher

  176. Beautiful colors – what a hard choice !!!

  177. i love all of the new colors! i would use a casserole the most.

  178. hmmm they all would make it so much easier to entertain but if I have to pick one I would say the covered dish followed by the pitcher!!

  179. I love the carribean blue colour and a pitcher would be great for serving up some good cold green tea and mint or blueberry tea.

  180. Love the new purple color! But there’s so many beautiful colors to chose from!

  181. Would love to restock my kitchen with new entertainment pieces, especially the bake wear!

  182. Deinitly the platter set!

  183. Summer is one its way… Time to entertain! There’s no better way than with le creuset platters! Love the blue & yellow!!

  184. Oooohhhhh I love it all ~ such a great giveaway!!

  185. Casserole dishes always help to make entertaining easier.

  186. Would love the pitcher for keeping water on hand!

  187. I love all the platters….it’s the one thing I’m lacking in my entertaining supplies.

  188. The platter set would be awesome for family dinners, the spread of food would look magnificent.

  189. I would love the pasta platter in Red =)

  190. I absolutely love that pitcher! Perfect for backyard entertaining this summer!

  191. I LOVE that Caribbean blue! These would all look fabulous in my kitchen!

  192. I love the green Le Creuset!

  193. serving platters! i don’t have any :/

  194. I would love to use the “Heritage Casserole” for my entertaining :)

  195. Ooooh… the covered casserole would be PERFECT in my kitchen!

  196. I would use the platters the most, but would use the pitcher also. Love their orange color.

  197. The pasta bowl in green would be perfect for summer entertaining on the patio of our new home in Portland, Oregon. Thanks for the opportunity, Sandy!

  198. The covered casserole would make entertaining better, it would be awesome for great hot dips or casseroles.

  199. The platter and pasta bowl for sure! They are all wonderful.

  200. I love this set! The Caribbean Blue is so beautiful, and takes me away to the beach!

  201. I love the blue color!

  202. The casserole dish is fabulous!

  203. Oh, I love them ALL! :-)

  204. The platters & the heritage casserole. I always have to cover mine with foil when I take them anywhere. That lid is sweeeeet.

  205. The platter set. I have many mismatched platters and a set would look nice on the table.

  206. Love all the colors! Pasta bowl is terrific!

  207. I love the Heritage Casserole. That would definitely make life easier.

  208. The serving platters are gorgeous!!! I would have to start there I think!!

  209. Love all those colors!

  210. Oh, and I love the pasta bowl:)

  211. Am I the only one who doesn’t own any Le Creuset yet? lol Sometimes I think I AM! Even one of these would be an appreciated addition to my kitchen, and a help too!

  212. I love the trays. They’d be beautiful for sliced meats, or cheeses or … pretty much anything that doesn’t need a bowl.

  213. The casserole dish and serving platters are just what I’ve been looking for! AHH

  214. All the pieces are beautiful! I love the pitcher and serving platter in blue.

  215. I could definitely use a large bowl like the pasta bowl. That would make serving a crowd much easier!

  216. Wow, all the colors are amazing!

  217. The platter set because you can warm the platters in the oven. Keeps whatever your serving on them nice and toasty. Love the cherry color too.

  218. Would love the square casserole dish.

  219. The Heritage casserole. I love that you can make and serve right in the same gorgeous dish.

  220. These would be perfect for entertaining!

  221. I love the platters! The hard part would be choosing one of the magnificent colors.

  222. The covered casserole is wonderful and the blue color is beautiful.

  223. I really would like a covered casserole dish! That would make things much easier.

  224. The pasta bowl and the pitcher! The blue or the yellow would be perfect with my dishes.

  225. Wow! What a fun giveaway! I love them all.

    Lynn G.

  226. What fabulous colors!

  227. The platter set would be a big help

  228. I really need a platter set. I end up serving stuff up on plates and then I don’t have enough plates!

  229. Love that Caribbean blue.

  230. The pasta bowl for sure! :)

  231. The Caribbean blue has always been my favorite!

  232. Either the pasta bowl or the platters.

  233. The casserole dish and the pitcher are awesome. Would love to own some Le Creuset, thank you for the chance :)

  234. I will be making my casseroles that I love to make for my family. The easy clean up is amazing. I love the colors also!!

  235. I love the casserole. Yellow is my fave!!

  236. This wonderful assortment would certainly jazz up my entertaining.

  237. I could definitely use the platter set!!

  238. I have never had a pasta bowl, and I would love to win one!

  239. I’m all about the green.

  240. If I win, these will be my first ever Le Creuset!

  241. The beautiful trio of Le Creuset platters would make my entertaining MUCH easier!

  242. I just love the Caribbean Blue color you decided to get. This is a fabulous giveaway Sandy!!

  243. the platter sets! All though, I’m sure none of it would hurt!

  244. The pitcher would be great!

  245. I love them all but the platter set would definately make entertaing much easier. Thanks for the chance.

  246. I was just telling my husband the other night that I LOVE my LC Gratin dish. It is the perfect size for doing large casseroles or roasting a chicken. The best part? It cleans so easily! I think I would get a lot of use out of the platters.

  247. beautiful colors. would love these :)

  248. The pasta bowl for sure! I certainly don’t have anything pretty or big enough to serve pasta nicely.

  249. All would be put to good use! Green or yellow would brighten my kitchen!

  250. I would love the platters; great for all sorts of appetizers for any dinner party!

  251. I don’t have any serving platters, so that would make my cooking a lot nicer! My hubby and I always dish up our meals straight out of the pans!

  252. Wow! And I thought it was by color, but it is all of them. Wonderful! Like your blog, too.

  253. Sandy,
    I could definitely use a new pasta bowl.

  254. Serving platters would be very helpful.

  255. Platters, you can never have too many platters! Although I’ve never had a pasta bowl and would love that addition to my kitchen.

  256. They are all great, but I think that I would get a lot of use from the platters.

  257. I would LOVe any piece of this fabulous cookware! I would not mind any color!

  258. Love all the great colors. And the covered casserole would come in so handy for entertaining large groups.

  259. What is it about great dishes that I love so much? I must have inherited it, my mother had enough stuff for an army! My 50th b-day weekend about 20 of my girlfriends are traveling to my new home in Iowa to celebrate with me, how great to set the table with this?!

  260. I’d love the the casserole. Really…I’d love each of these!

  261. They are all wonderful but I need a new serving bowl. But then again, it is Le Creuset, it would all delight me, which would make me want to use it, which would require having company over! :-)

  262. The pasta bowl!

  263. They all look wonderful but I think the pasta bowl would be very helpful.

  264. Love, love , love!

  265. The pitcher and serving platters would be great!

  266. I love the Heritage Casserole and the pasta bowl.

  267. The platters would be so useful!

  268. Love the platter sets – great for a party

  269. What a wonderful giveaway!

  270. I love Le Cruset, they are such great quality. Your table setting is beautiful.

  271. I’d love to have a three-tiered stand for cookies and desserts.

  272. Definitely the platter set!!

  273. The Heritage Casserole and Pasta Bowl would be awesome for serving at family reunions.

  274. I love all of it, but the platters would definitely be great for a party.

  275. Covered casserole dish – being from WI, we make a LOT of casseroles!

  276. The heritage casserole. I am in love with that. Would be fantastic.

  277. The platter set would help a lot.

  278. Love the large pasta bowl! And the platter set would also be very helpful of course. Thanks for the giveaway!

  279. I just started over from scratch and would love to brighten up my dining area with these pieces.

  280. A casserole dish would be a great thing for entertaining

  281. The serving platter set, for sure! I can’t ever have enough when the holidays roll around!

  282. Large platters would be great for my entertaining.

  283. Love the colors!!

  284. I love the serving platters!

  285. So pretty!

  286. I just cant decide which color I would want. They are all so beautiful. And Le Creuset is such a great product no matter what color it comes in.

  287. My cookware is Le Creuset; knowing their quality, I’m certain the servingware is incredible!

  288. I can’t figure out what color is my favorite. I am not normally a fan of yellow, but those look beautiful. I think the pitcher would be perfect for serving lemonade or iced tea!

  289. I would love to get my hands on the Platter Set…and the Pasta Bowl!! I love Le Creuset and they would definitely get put to good use. :) Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  290. I would really enjoy using the pasta bowl.

  291. the casserole dish

  292. The platter set would be used nightly around our house!

  293. I wish that there were more pieces available in indigo, but I really like Marseilles and Soliel.

  294. I love the platter set, great for apps outside while the kids play on the trampoline.

  295. The casserole dishes would be great!

  296. The pasta bowl…we eat a lot of pasta at our house!

  297. A pitcher! I just broke mine!

  298. Love it! Thank you for the chance!!!

  299. Love that casserole dish! And the blue, oh the blue! I’m pining!

  300. I think the Heritage Casserole, but since I don’t own a piece of LeCreuset I would be tickled with anything, but then I have never won anything in my life either so I might pass out! Thank you for a really nice giveaway!

  301. The pasta bowl for sure!

  302. What a great giveaway. Thanks for a chance to win.

  303. The cool tool, deluxe round trivet, large multi bowl, and pasta/fruit bowl would make things easier for me.

  304. I definitely could use a pitcher!

  305. I’m in love with Caribbean. That’s my go-to color right now. I adore the pitcher :)

  306. The platters would be so versatile …from serving appetizers to desserts!

  307. Since I have limited space, the tiered platter would be so helpful!

  308. Would love the platters

  309. I would like the pitcher. I usually put out my iced tea in the plastic pitcher from the fridge. I think it looks so tacky out at parties. I would also really like the casserole dish as well. I don’t own one and I feel like a casserole is a great meal for parties and is easy to make.

  310. These are gorgeous! Think I’d mix red and blue, maybe a green for Christmas!!

  311. The serving pitcher looks fab! That would really help me!

  312. The serving tray! You can never have enough gorgeous serving trays!

  313. Perfect for my summer parties!

  314. Ooo…I love the blue! And the casserole dish for sure. Your book was a game changer for me. Than you!

  315. The serving platters. Most definitely. I don’t have a really good set of serving platters/bowls. Thanks for the giveaway.

  316. Le Creuset is fabulous. I have a casserole dish given to me 25 years ago for a wedding present. Love it. Would love to have more.

  317. I love the platter!

  318. I would love all of these items. Brings back sweet memories of my grandmother!

  319. Thank you for hosting. These dishes are lovely!

  320. I’m seriously loving that pasta bowl!

  321. Definitely the casserole dishes! Love all the vibrant colors.

  322. The Heritage Casserole would make my entertaining easier.

  323. That would be an awesome win!

  324. The pasta bowl for sure I dont have anything like it…

  325. I have a thing for pitchers and I would love to serve up something special to drink in that beauty!!!

  326. Very pretty serveware.

  327. Oh man, the platter set would make entertaining easier for me. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance.

  328. I love the casserole dish, that would really simplify things for me!

  329. The serving platters would definitely help my entertaining events. I often host small retreats for pastors and leadership teams in our home, so good sizwd serving trays would be extremely helpful to me.

  330. the platter set would be WONDERFUL!

  331. Wow, these are gorgeous!! I would love the Heritage Casserole Dish.

  332. I would love the casseroles and platters in the Caribbean blue and yellow colors! Fresh for springtime.

  333. The Heritage casserole~in yellow.LeCrueset has the
    most beautiful colors that it is hard to choose.
    Thank-You for the chance to win.

  334. These are beautiful! I didn’t know Le Creuset made these pieces, and now I want them!

  335. Oops- I didn’t read all of the the instructions- I’d like Heritage Casserole, in blue. Gorgeous!

  336. The pieces most useful for me would be the heritage covered casserole dish or the serving platters

  337. The Heritage casserole dish!

  338. What a fun set of dishes!

  339. I love Le Creuset, what a great giveaway!

  340. The serving platters would be fabulous to have!

  341. The platter set is something I would really use. These are beautiful.

  342. I always love covered pieces like the Heritage Casserole. It buys you a bit of time, still keeping the food item warm, and it looks beautiful!

  343. The platter set would be perfect for many of the foods I serve!

  344. Definitely the platter!

  345. The serveware is gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win!

  346. I’m coveting the Heritage Casserole! Always wanted one, but have never invested in one. Excellent giveaway! Thanks for the chance :)

  347. Love this but I don’t own any. Hope to win some!

  348. I love Creuset, but don’t own any myself. Love the red, though!

  349. OMG! I’ve been dreaming of owning some Le Creuset pieces! This site looks pretty cool too!

  350. I never seem to have enough large shallow bowls for serving.

  351. I would love the Platter, or the Heritage Casserole

  352. Heritage casserole would be excellent!

  353. The pitcher!

  354. Love the platter set!

  355. The platters!

  356. The platter set! I currently own zero platters.


  357. I love the trays!

  358. I have very few entertaining pieces, and my favorite one was recently broken during a birthday party! I would love some Le Creuset. Their products are beautiful.

  359. I love these colors

  360. The platter set would be great for mini appetizers!

  361. I love the platter set. It would make entertaining much easier.

  362. The pitcher for sure! It’s one of the things I keep saying I need, but never actually find one when I’m out looking.

  363. I could seriously use every piece…but the pasta bowl would def get used first.

  364. Every piece would be useful. The pasta dish would have the most use though but the platters and Heritage Casserole would follow close behind.

  365. The trays would end up being the most versatile piece!

  366. Hi! What a fun give-away. :) I remember this blog when it first started. (I was Classic Mama) I think the pasta bowl would be darling. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  367. The platters would make dinner parties even better. They’d look so nice on my table. Thanks for the chance :)

  368. I’d live to win the red set!

  369. The Heritage Casserole

  370. It’s a toss up between the pasta bowl and the platters. I love the red!

  371. I really like the pitcher but also the platters.

  372. LOVE Le creuset!

  373. Loads of our dishes broke in our recent move and we can’t replace them all. This would be an amazing win!

  374. Serving platters!

  375. I would love that platter set to help serving a little easier!

  376. The heritage casserole dish would make bringing casseroles and baked to the table much more appealing!

  377. Bog bowls and platters! I love serving food “family style”, so the bigger, the better!

  378. I love la Creuset products; they are the best!

  379. The platters will be great for serving!!! Beautiful colors too!

  380. the platters, never seem to have enough!

  381. I would like the platter set for entertaining.

  382. I am hoping to win the Heritage casserole~it would be
    a dream come true.It has been on my wishlist for a very
    long time.
    Thank-You for the chance.

  383. Would love the heritage casserole dish!! Been married 10 years and still don’t have one casserole dish – or one le creuset piece. crazy! This would make a beautiful addition to my kitchen.

  384. Would love to win! Like the Caribbean Blue color.

  385. The platter set would make entertaining easier!

  386. wonderful giveaway thanks for the chance to win

  387. I always admire this cookware at Wms. sonoma but pass it by with a sigh due to its price.

  388. The platters! The tower! The green!

  389. The serving platters would be an awesome way to start a collection.

  390. Love the platters!

  391. I love every single one of Le Creuset pieces. The color palatte is so much fun. It’s like have the the big box of crayons.

  392. I would love their casserole dish. Would make a centerpiece!

  393. I love the rectangular serving platters.

  394. Love LaCrueset! This is a great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  395. The Platter set would be great for me! I love the red color….its very pretty

  396. I’m so torn between all the lovely items. But, the pasta bowl would coordinate beautifully with my new painted kitchen. And I would dual purpose it for HUGE salads when I’m not using it for a pasta bowl! The step-kids always laugh at the size of my salads but they never complain about the leftovers for an easy lunch to go the next day!

  397. All of the pieces are so handsome. I love the color of your dishes. It would go well with my Florida colors.

  398. The pieces are so colorful, I think the serving platters would be great to add to my collection of dishes.

  399. Super cool giveaway…I love the look of LeCreust though don’t own any yet

  400. Love the carribean blue pitcher!

  401. I have the Dutch ovens in this brand and LOVE them! I would love to add some pretty serving pieces to my kitchen! Especially the serving platters!

  402. I would be most excited about the casserole dish! The lid to may casserole dish recently broke and the le creuset is grogous!

  403. I love the serving platters!

  404. I could use those different sized trays so much! You can never have too many of them. :)

  405. I Love! their cookware and serveware! and the colors! oh my…..I really love the trays! So versatile! With my daughter getting married in August, I’ll be doing ALOT of entertaining this summer! : )

  406. Love the platter set!

  407. Love, love, love Le Cruset! The pasta bowl would make life so much easier!

  408. I love all the Le Creuset products, but if I had to choose one, I would pick the platter set. I love to entertain and feel like I never have enough platters.

  409. I love the pasta bowl and it’s versatility would make it a great addition to my kitchen.

  410. The casserole style serving pieces would be terrific when we entertain!

  411. I really like the casserole dish! It looks like it would keep everything nice and warm!

  412. The serving platters would be so beneficial! I’m loving the beautiful bright colors, so cheerful :)

  413. I would say the pasta bowl…versatile, could even use it for serving salad.

  414. I LOVE the mix and match idea-I’d definitely use the platters the most!

  415. The platters would make entertaining so fun!

  416. The platter set would be a huge help!

  417. I love the Caribbean blue!

  418. The platter set would be so much fun!

  419. Love the pasta bowl!

  420. I’m about to move into a co-op where I regularly cook for 15 people at a time. It would be so lovely to serve dinner on something other than the beat up pans they use to cook!!

  421. I am in need of some serving platters in different sizes – these would be perfect!

  422. I love Le Creuset in red! Any and all are my favs!

  423. I love pitchers and have several. What a great one to add to my collection!

  424. What a great giveaway! I currently have a few Le Creuset serving pieces and really enjoy them. I would be thrilled to add to my pieces if I won!

  425. The heritage casserole would be awesome to have to go from oven to table while entertaining.

  426. the 3 piece platter set would make my life alot easier for parties and get togethers

  427. The Platter set would be perfect for entertaining!

  428. Le Creuset -What a Le Vey party idea!

  429. Who wouldn’t want these?!

  430. I really love all of them …..but the sunshine yellow platter set could be awesome for my backyard sumer intertaitment

  431. I didn’t even know they HAD serveware but now I want all of it!!!

  432. I love the platters!

  433. I kinda….no, I definitely, need that!!!

  434. The heritage casserole would be great

  435. I love the platter set for entertaining!

  436. I think the casserole would be very helpful. Thank you!

  437. Do I have to choose? I want all of them! Although that pasta bowl is drop dead gorgeous!

  438. All of the pieces are beautiful, but I think the platter set would make hosting parties easier. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  439. All the pieces are gorgeous, however, the pitcher would be most helpful for me. I’m always struggling with something to put lemonade or tea in that isn’t too messy.

  440. Awesome giveway! One day maybe I’ll actually win one. LOL

  441. I love the French oven!

  442. The 9 qt. French dutch oven would be a blessing to own and not only cook but serve with. Each Friday night we have anywhere from 6 to as many as about 17 people for our Shabbat/Sabbath dinner as well as again for lunch on Saturday. The dinner consists of many courses and also the fact that some of the people are vegetarian and some vegan along with those who will eat anything that we make. That takes up so many pots and pans as well as the soup pots and baking dishes. It would be nice to have something this large and attractive to be able to bring to the table and serve at least one course or part of it from it. Thank you for this opportunity.

  443. Definitely the platter set. In green–it’s calling my name! Thanks for this awesome giveaway :)

  444. The platters would be nice!

  445. I cook food that has everything in one pot to simplify my entertaining. Having big big big serving bowls with understated elegances to serve paella, salads, biryani, etc makes its mark!

  446. Love all the pieces but really been wanting paster platter

  447. I love LeCreuset and that blue color is just delicious! Thanks Sandy!

  448. The platter set!

  449. The platter set would sure make birthday parties and get togethers easier!

  450. Good quality product. My wife would be surprised if I won these.

  451. I love the Caribbean Blue! So gorgeous and would go beautifully with my remodeled kitchen!

  452. My mom and my sister would love these!

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