Life is a Cup …

Life is a cup to be filled, not drained. (anonymous)

There’s something about a tea party that brings out the best in people – attitudes and behaviors. We give a little more. We think a little more. We reflect and share softly with other, drawing each other close.

Tea parties are intimate, nurturing and safe.

There is a quietness and gentleness to the flowing conversation.

New friendships are made and old friendships are renewed.

A celebration over tea is also a reflective and purposeful celebration.

My daughter Abby and I were invited to two tea parties this year. 

In a quiet and meaningful celebration we helped my Aunt Barb observe her 75th birthday.
With classical music playing, beautiful pictures of her youth framed on the wall, and gorgeous white tables with the sunrays shining into the transformed dining room, family members each shared and reflected special memories of her life. 
Two very classy ladies served us and we shared some laughter and tears (Teresa and Ashley!)
Aunt Barb has been a violinist for over 50 years, and still plays in her church orchestra. So Miss Abby was asked to play for her Great Auntie on this special day.
The next “tea” had a different spirit about it. 
We were invited to the Sisters Tea House in Fenton, MO where my Aunt Ellen hosted a very special time for her daughter, daughter in-laws, granddaughters, and Abby and me.
Children love to play dress-up, and they love to have tea! So the little girls brought their American Girl dolls, we each wore a hat, there was lively conversation, and then the girls put on a fashion show for us. 
It was an intimate time, but also a time full of energy, as the little girls relished in their special “tea time,” and fun with “Granny.”

One thing I noticed at each party was that even though the food was delicious, it wasn’t about the tea or the food. It was about the uniqueness and gift of us all being together. We were filling one another’s cups with love.

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  1. Oh I love that “filling one another’s cups with love” Amen to that. What a wonderful post. Blessings…

  2. Thank you for sharing a great post about “life is a cup”! Your pictures are beautiful and the thought sent with them — perfect for this event. Thank you for sharing what the essence of gracious hospitality is all about.

    How special to have you participate in the Gracious Hospital-i-Tea meme.


  3. May I join? Your tea party is very special. [email protected] MakeMinePink.blogspot

  4. I love that about tea parties, too – the gift of just being together is what I remember far longer than any of the tea or tiny cookies. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  5. Oh Sandy, there’s nothing I adore more than a splendid tea party. As a matter of fact, I’m attending one at a friend’s house on Monday. The last one was held at my house…we do one every few months. Absolutely everyone should!

    My sister and I have a “girlfriend weekend” every year (she lives up in Michigan) and it ALWAYS includes tea at a lovely British tea shoppe.

    Whether formal or informal, nothing is quite so relaxing and pampering and just plain FUN as getting together with friends for tea!

    Great post!

  6. This looks like so much fun! I lvoe the dressing up part – what little girl wouldn’t love that?

    No box yet…snail mail, so slow! lol

  7. Beautiful! I must say, I’m not a frilly girl, but I have been to some tea parties of my girlfriends who are and the warmth surrounding these events, especially because our Lord is there, just makes me feel so at home! Your pictures bring me back!

  8. A tea party sounds like so much fun, what a great way to bond! The little girls look so cute. I’m glad you enjoyed making the Easter nests. Have a great weekend! =)

  9. looks like a lot of fun.
    love the american dolls and dress up. great tea party.

  10. How fun, Sandy! Those pics are precious…and I love the thought, filling one another’s cup with love. That’s great!

    Southern Hospitality

  11. I would host one but people would think that was strange because I am a man.

    Sometimes the best sound is the sound of silence. I need to make more time to do little things like relax and reflect. Thanks for the reminders.


  12. That’s one fancy-schmantzy tea party! The #1 Ladies Detective Agency novels say great things about tea, how it relaxes and helps one to think. But I don’t remember seeing a tea party like this in the stories!

  13. So fun! I love the hats!!

  14. What great fun. I always wanted to go to a formal tea party. Kids look great all dressed up.

  15. Oooh, I want to host a tea party now!!
    What lovely memories… and pictures!
    I was invited to a tea party birthday party for a friend years ago and we were all to bring our own special tea cup and saucer to use but to also share about its history during the party. It was so elegant and personable.
    Thanks for sharing Sandy… you inspire us all!

  16. Oh Sandy. The pictures are beautiful. I would like to go there.The Sisters Tea House looks like the best place to go. Your Aunt obviously understands the importance of family and female relationships. What a treasure she must be.

    I do tea parties with my youngest daughter, she’s 11. So much fun.

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