Love the Home You Have Living Room Challenge + Giveaway

Today I’m reviewing and giving away 3 copies of Love the Home You Have books, by Melissa Michaels, plus sharing my living room challenge.

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room
Friends, I can’t be more thrilled than to share with you a new, fabulous book that I just finished, Love the Home you Have, by my dear friend, Melissa Michaels from The Inspired Room. I was invited to complete a simple Love Your Home Challenge inspired by her new book, so read on. Oh, and I’m giving away 3 copies!

Melissa has been my blogging friend (and real life friend), and a kindred spirit for many, many years, and I can’t say enough about her brand new first book! We’ve traveled together, shared life (many emails, phone calls, supporting each other), and guess what? I have actually hosted Melissa and her husband, Jerry, in my home for dinner (gulp)! That was sort of scary, but I couldn’t have been more honored to have them as our guests.

Love the Home you Have brings encouragement, inspiration, ideas, and quite honestly, excitement about the homes that we live in. Yes, I was excited while reading the book, because as I applied it to my life, it really got my juices flowing, reminding me of my own personal style, why to invest in what I’ve been given, how to use my home for good, and how to make it a sanctuary for my family.

Watch the trailer.

In fact, here’s a short trailer for you to view, so you can see for yourself how fabulous this book is. View ==> HERE.

Melissa also ends the book with a 31-day challenge, which I took on DAY 25: Living Room Wish List.

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

When you consider that our homes are where our lives, dreams, and relationship are shaped, I truly took Melissa’s words to heart and thought about what room in my house is bugging me the most. I decided on the living room, because it’s the room that gets the most cluttered. I’ve tried to work in one of the bedrooms upstairs, but it’s too dark and confined, and I love sitting with lots of windows, and room to spread out. Thus, ugh, our living room, in a sense, has become my office.

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

Day 25: Living Room

So, taking on the challenge, in this chapter, Melissa reminds us that you only need a few basic things to create a comfortable room. We’ve had the furniture in our living room for quite a few years, and I knew I couldn’t afford to replace or add anything big. Once you know that, you move on to the small things.

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

The first thing I did was clean up my magazines, pulled out some springy pillows (I like to rotate pillows for each season), and added a couple new layers, such as a new runner and I changed out the pillows.

Love the Home You Have Living Room Challenge

I added a new candle (you can read more about this DIY succulent plant, here.)

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

Moved my work space to a side table in the same room (to keep the light that I love).

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

Cleaned the windows, wiped down the baseboards, vacuumed and dusted.

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

Grabbed an heirloom piece of art and brought it out to the living room. (How did I forget about this lovely painting from our uncle in Ireland? The colors match perfectly in my new space!)

That’s pretty much it, friends.

My new space is much fresher, prettier, perfect for the spring season ahead.

Plus, it’s company-ready! Which means, even though I tend to work in our living room, it only takes a few minutes to tidy up if company is coming over.

Or, not.

It’s okay to have your living room “lived in” when people come to visit too.

I realized long ago that people are not coming to see my home, but to visit our family.

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

Create a haven.

So let’s get to the heart of the book. Melissa says you can love the home you live in, no matter what. With flaws, everyday messes, hand-me-downs, mix and matched furniture. I especially loved the Creating a Haven chapter.

It’s easy to be discontent with our homes, or certain rooms that drive us crazy, but this is where I have to train my thoughts and remind myself that my home is perfect for our family, it meets our needs, it inspires us to do great things in life, and it helps us grow as people. It’s easy to hunker down in our homes and never open the doors to others. Why have a beautiful home when no one can share it with you? Or, why worry if you don’t have a beautiful home (but the people inside are beautiful).

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

It’s all about your perspective on life, what really matters to you (let the image go!), and the final outcome.

Do great things.

I love the word images throughout Melissa’s book. This one is my favorite. I really believe the best outcome of our lives is to not live for ourselves. I’ll let you digest that.

Love your Home Challenge - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

My husband and I open our home to many dinner parties, and other hospitality events, because great things happen during these moments. Moments that are here today, and gone tomorrow, but forever etched in our minds and hearts, because it’s around our table that life really happens.

It is our goal to fuel up, in a sense, being inspired by good friends who are also motivated to make a difference in this world, and then go back out and do great things.

Love the Home You Have

We invite others in for refreshment, rejuvenation, and to gain courage and inspiration, and then we do something with what we’ve been given.

Our homes are a sanctuary and I love how Melissa constantly reminds us of this.

Now it’s time for YOU to win a copy of Melissa’s book!

3 book giveaway!

Comment: What is it about your home that stops you from loving it, or opening the door to others?

Giveaway ends Monday, April 6, 2015.

You can also buy a copy of Melissa’s right now – HERE.

Love Your Home Challenge Tour - from the new book Love the Home You Have by Melissa of The Inspired Room

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151 comments on “Love the Home You Have Living Room Challenge + Giveaway”

  1. This book sounds fantastic. I think that I am AFRAID of letting go of the past and showing who I am in my own home.

  2. I feel like my home doesn’t completely reflect me. It doesn’t show off my whimsical side and I feel it looks stuffy

  3. It’s the clutter that stops me. Generally we have parties at least once a month yet during our renovation I have had to forego them due to increased clutter. I am having a simple birthday party this weekend. At least the chairs will be cleaned off. Thanks for the giveaway. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  4. I love my house. I need to know how to make it a real home. I am decorating challenged and need help !

  5. I love what you did to freshen it up – the aqua color is very springy and just a bit of it here and there is so nice. The things that need fixing or replacing around here bug me the most. The number one spot is the kitchen. I would love to paint over the wallpaper or spiff up the cabinets or get new laminate…we spend so much time in the kitchen! I need to get a plan together and start tackling it!

  6. I love the simple changes you made to refresh your space! Thank you for offering this book-I’d love to read it.

    My biggest decorating issue is indecisiveness….

  7. I think what stops me is that I feel stuck and overwhelmed by what needs to be done. and then i am indecisive. Thank for the opportunity to win the book!

  8. The only thing that keeps me from opening my home is… it.

  9. Feeling like it’s not “done”!

  10. For me, the clutter is overwhelming, and I have difficulty making decorating decisions, so that gets put on the back burner. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

  11. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of Love the Home you Have. Springtime would be a perfect time to have some help from this book. What stops me at this time is a large fireplace in a smaller living room with regular coloured bricks which need to be painted white. Also, I think I have too many family photos on too many surfaces. Jackie.

  12. My biggest challenge is space. We have under 1,000 sq. ft. home with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath – a good size kitchen but no dining and closets are small but we are thankful for this home that we can call our own. We love the big yard and in the Spring/Summer/Fall we spend a lot of time outdoors. We do have a large deck that is perfect for entertaining. I have to stay organized. (which is a good thing). I would like to brighten up the livingroom. It is a dark gold color with a lot of browns, golds and green. I think some new wall color, curtains and pillows would help lighten the room and make it seem more open. I would love to read this book! I love the high ceilings in your living room – so open and light! Thank you for challenging us to open up our homes to our family and others.

  13. I have been remodeling and sprucing up my home for several years and feel now that it reflects who I have become. Now I need to invite people over and entertain.

  14. Living in the woods and not having a paved driveway, our floors get dirty quickly. Our “office” is the room that needs the work.

  15. Such great ideas! This book sounds like something I need to read for sure! Might have to share with s few friends too!

  16. My home doesn’t feel like me. I’m not sure why. It isn’t as warm and homey as I want. This book sounds like it could help.

  17. i do love my home, but I get frustrated with the everyday clutter & mess…time for some cleaning, purging & organizing!

  18. My home needs a little spring cleaning … then it will be ready for company again.


  19. I am so excited about this book! I went ahead & ordered it this morning ~ so if I win a copy, I’ll share it with a friend!
    We are in the process of thinking of moving – after living in the same home for 20 yrs! I think this book is going to be a great read for me to remind me if it doesn’t work out for us to relocate, I can love the home I am in and embrace even the things about it that make me struggle to love it!
    We have a couple rooms that are “pile it” rooms, so those are the reasons I hold back from having people over or opening my home more to guests.

  20. I love my home and I love entertaining. I think my main problem is using the space that I have properly. Sometimes I don’t think things flow like they should. And I tend to get stuck in a rut.
    The book sounds divine.

  21. We moved in about two years ago, but still don’t have half of the house decorated. So, it’s just that a house not a HOME yet. That’s what stops me from opening doors to family and friends.

  22. This book sounds great!!! My biggest challenge right now is 2 fold we recently moved and so there’s still lots to get done, just trying to find the time to & having enough money to buy curtains, rugs ect. And we have a ugly 70”s kitchen that we were hoping to renovate before we moved in LOL ran out of money from all those unexpected expenses of moving.
    Yet I know in this country we are often blessed and have SO much more than most people in this world when it comes to homes and decorating. I try to keep this in perspective and often remind myself and kids when complaining about “wants” there are people who don’t even have towels or blankets. Love the idea of using what you have or spending only a little money to make your home more of a sanctuary. Then opening it to others love and joy shared is multiplied!!!

  23. My house doesn’t reflect me at all…it’s my husband all the way. Love the idea of the book!

  24. My unfinished front living room, due to lack of funds

  25. We have a smaller home and therefore can not accommodate all of our family members. There is also very little storage space and therefore “stuff” is located in places that it really should not be.

  26. The fact that I moved reluctantly and don’t know anyone in my new neighborhood is causing me to not unpack boxes or put things up on the walls. And this is almost 3 years after I moved!

  27. The only thing stopping currently is that my husband has been away for business for almost a month and I need help with SPRING CLEANING GALORE!

  28. I think clutter is my biggest challenge to make my house feel like a home! I am constantly de-cluttering, but it still feels cluttered!

  29. I do love my home. It does seem though that there is always something waiting in the wings to be done (e.g. paint sewing room, complete the upholstery on that chair). When I get bugged by an incomplete project or a room screaming for paint I visit the areas of my home that answer that need in my soul to recognize the things we have accomplished and rejoice in them.

  30. Always love your sharing with us, Sandy.
    One of the things that holds me back from having people in or loving my home is clutter. It isn’t terrible, but my space is small and if I am busy or don’t feel well things tend to get a bit messy. This spring will be a good time to get rid of extra unused things to make more space.

    I loved what you did in your living room. I may just make new covers for my pillows (if I got new ones I would have to store the old ones…takes too much room) and put a few different things out and about to freshen that room. You are full of inspiration (and great photos).

  31. I love each individual room in our house but sometimes dislike that they are not open to each other. I also wish we had more seating.

  32. …its smallness. we have down sized. when i do entertain i just do smaller groups.

  33. I love my house, but change excites me. I am always bringing in new things and sometimes they clash…gives me a cluttered feeling.

  34. It’s messy and I feel insecure with how it looks.

  35. That book sounds awesome…..I just love books like that!!!

  36. I love your big living room windows! My dark living room is what keeps me from inviting friends over in the evenings.

  37. I actually love my home for the most part..the style and decor.
    But, I need more space and we need to update our 50’s bungalow ranch.
    The plan is to start the remodel this year if all goes well.

  38. Great post…I would say my living area as well….it has been driving me crazy and I’ve been tossing around ideas for changing it up and how to do it with what I have in the house maybe purchasing a few accent things. I easily get stuck in a rut of “I need to spend my money on other things”and neglect doing anything different with my house.

  39. I always feel my home is never perfectly clean for unexpected company. I try all the time, but you know when that door bell rings, there is always a room (or 2) that isn’t quite clean enough; i.e. the downstairs bath that should be the guest bath, but is used more than any other room in the house. I try to straighten up in a.m., but throughout the day, it gets used.

  40. I like my house to be perfectly clean before people come over. It’s exhausting because we have four boys so it’s rarely perfect. I wish I could get past that and just relax. I have found that getting rid of clutter has helped a lot. It doesn’t take nearly as long to clean!

  41. What a great post and giveaway. Melissa’s book sounds wonderful. I really don’t mind people coming into my home, in fact, I love entertaining. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have problem areas. I would love to have a better outdoor space. Our deck just needs a makeover. The other area is our office/workout room. It is in sight of the living room, so it is kind of unavoidable. It is the catch all room! Help!

  42. I just discovered your blog and it is exactly what I need right now! I’m a new young mother, married to a student, so I sometimes let our small space and small budget scare me out of hosting. But I need to get past that and focus on people and positives. Thanks for your great blog!

  43. I love my new house, but it’s not “done.” There are always more projects waiting to be tackled, and my inclination is to wait to open my home until it’s completed.

  44. I think the thing that stops me is that no matter how often I clean the house, it always gets messy quickly from our 4 kids. Ive definitely gotten better at just not caring that the house is not “perfect”, but I do realize that i need to put a little more love and care into the house in general.

  45. I worry that my house is too eclectic and random. I’m afraid it looks like I don’t know what I’m doing.

  46. Between a really old dog and two little kids it’s really hard to stay on top of all the dirt and messes they drag in.

  47. I just redid my home after 20 years. There are still some small details I haven’t done, but I want to wait until everything is done before I invite friends over. But I know I will never “be done”.

  48. Our apartment is a good size, however it is very old therefore it is lacking in storage space and closets. It tends to get very cluttered which makes it difficult to want to have people over even though I love to entertain.

  49. What stops me from loving the home I am in, is that we are a family of 6 in a 3 bedroom apartment so it gets so disorganized and cluttered. Thank you for these resources, I would love to win the book! Have a blessed day!

  50. What stops me from loving the home I am in is that we are still renting. I look forward to the next couple of years when we can finally buy a house and set/paint/arrange everything the way I want it. We currently have only 5 things hung on our walls since it feels like a waste to decorate the way we REALLY want it.

  51. I rent a condo and it’s very outdated. It’s just me that lives there so it’s always neat and tidy, but I’m always wishing I could do this and that. I’m thankful for having a nice place and try to make it as welcome as I can with limited funds. It doesn’t stop me from using my gift of hospitality though! : )

  52. I love how positive this is! I don’t know how to make my home reflect the love I have for my family and friends. It just comes across as a mish-mash of stuff.

  53. My home is ready for company. And – I have a couple of projects I am looking forward to doing. Redoing a china bookcase and hanging some curtains.

  54. Love the room transformation! It is always amazing that with such a few changes and some good old fashioned elbow grease what we can do! For us the challenge is to actually get people to drive out to our home, we live 17 miles from the city, in a really pretty small town. Once people get there they are always amazed at the peace and tranquility that we have. But that does not stop us we continue to open our house to big events and small intimate dinner parties. It is so true that it is not the event, but the memories made at the event that stay with us for a lifetime. I always remember a saying that my now 92 year old Aunt used. “If you are coming to see me come anytime, if you are coming to see my house make an appointment….. Always love your blog Sandy….. Blessings to you and yours….. Curtis & Sherrie.

  55. I live in a rented duplex, so the house just doesn’t feel like my own. I’m afraid to put too much work into it, because I know it isn’t my forever home and that I won’t be staying their long.

  56. I just left a comment but after reading some of the comments, I am compelled to say something about them. My wife and I raised our sons in a 1104 square foot home, and we always entertained in it, we hosted all holiday gatherings, and yes it was tight, and yes we moved furniture out of the living room and set up a large table to accommodate everyone, but we did it. We also lived in a lot of rentals before we were able to buy our first house….. and we decorated everyone one of those rentals…… because while you are waiting for that perfect house, with the perfect color scheme, in that perfect neighborhood……guess what??? You are missing opportunities of making memories, cherished memories, that will last a life time. Our boys still talk about how we were able to have so many people in our small house, and they laugh at the funny things that happened , and the people we entertained…..but they HAVE those memories because we took the effort to do it. And now we have a much bigger home, God is good, and we still entertain. We have had intimate dinner parties for 4 , wedding showers four our daughter in laws, each with 50 people at them, a 60th wedding anniversary/ open house that brought over 70. You just need to take the leap of faith, and buy Sandy’s book Reluctant Entertainer, and do it. Because this is not a dress rehearsal people, we only get to do this once, make memories, enjoy friendships, love each other…… Blessings to one and all Curtis & Sherrie.

  57. Not really sure about what keeps me from opening my home….
    Maybe my insecurity as a hostess… Idk…. I know I struggle with wanting things to be perfect.

  58. For me my home is too small for all the items we have, we do not have enough storage. The clutter is overwhelming so I hate my house right now. I’d love the book to help me in the direction of getting my home into order so I can love it.

  59. Clutter and unfinished projects are overwhelming me in my home. So, it’s difficult to find contentment. I would love to win this book and be encouraged! Thanks for the give away!

  60. Thank you, friend. Your home looks lovely and your words are so touching, thank you!!

  61. I love my home…:)

  62. A recent move to a smaller home has made decorating and storage difficult. It would be great to obtain some insight on making simple changes to make the house feel more like a home.

  63. I struggle with not having it clean enough! With 7 of us living & homeschooling here, it can get messy! I am trying to get better at inviting others over, but it can be hard!

  64. I tend to feel that my home is not quite up to par. I get a little intimidated when I have new visitors…people who haven’t been here before. No matter how much I clean, refresh and decorate, I always see the flaws that are left. If there is one thing in the room that I didn’t do, that’s all I see….like a big wart on the end of my nose. I obsess over perfection when someone is coming over. Then I worry that it’s not good enough.

  65. Feeling like it’s not “done”. Never put together.

  66. My Clutter! However, that’s not my home’s fault – my disorganization is all mine.

  67. I’ve always loved to have people over, but since our children have left home there never seem to be opportunities. Bible Study is now at church as are ladies’ meetings. We’ve moved twice in nine years and don’t know many people. But, I just talked to a friend yesterday and now you’re inspiring me to invite them here for dinner instead of meeting somewhere.
    Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  68. We’ve been in transition for 5 years since my husband and I married. 3 states, 10 “homes” and (almost) 3 babies! Our third is due in June! I’ve always struggled in loving my home when we’ve been in small spaces with awkward seating and since we we’ve always been renting it never felt like fully me. We JUST had an offer accepted on a home after a year of terrible house hunting and 5 offers turned down. I can’t wait to love on our first little home. It’s small but perfect because it’s ours!!

  69. In security, fear, money are the 3 big things that keep me from entertaining. My home is wonderful for entertaining in terms of layout and size but I HATE the décor. Money and fear, probably more fear than money, keep me from decorating. Note that I didn’t say redecorate because I don’t feel it’s ever been truly decorated.

  70. Cleanliness… not a virtue I’m exhibiting on a daily basis. Wish I was more motivated to keep it clean at all times.

  71. Whew…always wonder if food, my social skills, the space will be good enough…when really none of that is as important as warmth and kindness for whoever happens to be coming. Would love to read this book!

  72. It’s clutter. I have been hard at work to simplify and get rid of the clutter. Underneath is a beautiful house. :)

  73. A good scrubbing. My kitchen floor is so dirty! I can’t figure out how to get the yuck off of these white tiles. Lol

  74. Everything just seems so drab and dirty but that may be the weather and all the yuck from snow tracked in.

  75. For me it’s the clutter. I’m painfully sentimental and memories flood through objects. I know I can take pictures but it’s not the same. I love it when a friend offers to help me purge. It’s so freeing. But I can’t do it on my own. So, I have piles and clutter. That keeps me from loving my home.

  76. For me it’s clutter. I have so little time to clean and it just seems to pile up when you’re not looking. Then it feels so overwhelming to figure out where to start cleaning it up.

  77. I don’t have an open floor plan, so feel like my smaller rooms are not accommodating for having friends over. I also have carpet that has seen better days and replacing right now is difficult! Hope to win the book….it’s gotten so many rave reviews!

  78. Our living area has an awkward layout that I don’t know how to design and decorate according to my family’s needs and taste and I find this hinders me from committing to say a gallery wall or painting an accent wall. I’d love to win a copy of this book! It’s great that there is a brave author with the message of being content with what we already have is okay versus consumerism.

  79. I’ve been looking forward to this book — I definitely need it! I would say that my biggest challenge with my home is striking the balance between what is comfortable for us to live in, and what looks a little too comfortable to visitors! I get used to having things around that we are using, but suddenly I realize it looks like a junk shop!

  80. I think people won’t be comfortable as our house is set up for a family of two.

  81. I think my home is too bland and when I try to spruce it up and buy new things to brighten it up they are often too small, not the right color, too shiny, etc. I just need to decorate with what I love and not care if each room doesn’t look like a room from a showcase home.

  82. Don’t laugh. It’s true. Dog hair. Somedays it seems the nemesis of my existence. It’s everywhere. I go on a mad vacuuming frenzy before people come over. That and I have a hard time letting go of doing everything myself. Whatever is so wrong with just ordering out and bringing it back home, opening a bottle of wine, and enjoying friendship?!

  83. Need to paint my out of date red kitchen!

  84. I have a small home and am not the best housekeeper, so it is often cluttered, dusty, etc. This often causes me to hesitate to invite others over–although I’m getting better. Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. A little over a year ago I bought a really nice rug to cover up the worn carpet high traffic area . I should have washed it first because it ended up bleading onto the carpet and made matters much worse. The carpet was in bad need of a cleaning, but who wants to clean something that is ruined. So finally I said enough is enough because I am embaressed to have people over. I knew I had a big project ahead though, painting walls and new trim around windows and also new bedroom & bath doors and new carpet. Doesn”t one thing add to a million more? Oh lets not forget scraping the popcorn off and repainting all the main living area, oh and new light fixtures. We are awaiting the carpet and meanwhile have to do the ceilings in two bedrooms and paint them. So in about 4 weeks MAYBE I will be ready to invite friends over! I really want to read this book it sounds like just what I need! I have alot of updates to do, but they will have to wait until this project gets paid off.

  86. I am overwhelmed with things that need to be replaced, and no funds to tackle any of it. It’s hard to keep things tidy and clean. Your home looks so clean and inviting and Melissa’s does too! You both are an inspiration. Thank you for this opportunity!

  87. I really love my home, and need to free up some time to finish some of the little projects I’ve started to love it even more!

  88. We bought a home a couple years ago that was a bit of a fixer-upper, and in desperate need of updating! We’ve been tackling the big projects, but nearly every surface is worn out to the point of looking dirty. We still open our home, but I’m always a little anxious when we do.

  89. I always feel like I need more but when I go to buy something I can’t decide what I want to get because I need it to be perfect. I’m always stuck in a rut with no forward progress…this is the life of an indecisive person ;)

  90. We have people over frequently, but I’m always feeling the need to clean up before they arrive.

  91. my perfectionism

  92. Cat hair on the chair that I have to work hard at cleaning up before anyone comes. :-(

  93. I feel like its not 100% complete, so I don’t want anyone over until its completely done. I just need to get over it!

  94. I have to say, my outdated kitchen bugs me the most. The countertops are old, stained laminate in two different shades of beige. The cabinets are old and falling apart, and the drawers don’t open smoothly. This is they one room in my house that I wish I could hide from guests. Hopefully Sunday soon we can update out and not only fix the problem but change the layout, as well.

  95. We have 1860 square feet and 7 people living in the space with too much stuff. It’s always cluttered!

  96. I love my house, but we have very limited space and our bedroom is in the loft, which doesn’t make for a very homey room. It functions as a bedroom/playroom and also is a dumping place for storage. I wish I could figure out how to make it feel more like a bedroom!

  97. I am struggling with clutter since my stem cell transplant last August. So much paperwork due to bills, and then not feeling well enough to pick up, clean up. But I’m starting to feel better so I have been trying to de-clutter parts of the house.

  98. Your words brightened my day and gave me such wonderful new perspective. Sometimes I get bogged down with the builder grade finishes our home came with that I would love to change. White carpet, tile and bright brass fixtures get in the way of me loving this house I call home.
    The book sounds wonderfully inspiring,
    Heather W.

  99. Can’t wait to read this book! These are things I am trying to be better at and show more of my personality -after end of long marriage…

  100. I seem to lack confidence in my decorating ability. I worry that instead of looking artistic and eclectic, our home looks haphazard and like I don’t have a clue. We have a happy home with two dogs and 4 1/2 year old bouncing boy. I’d like to get to a point where I can stop fussing over the imperfections and start to love the life we have created and our beautiful home.

  101. My problem is that I do not have a creative bone in my body. I love the primitive country style of decorating but I have to study many magazines, decorating books and photos on the internet so I can recreate the look. I need all the help I can get:)

  102. Indecision and fear of failure are my biggest barriers when “decorating” my home! I’d love my home to feel warm and welcoming without being fussy or overdone, and also reflect our family’s personalities. This book looks like exactly what I need to push me in the right direction!

  103. I want to read this book! I love interior design but finishing my own home is so hard for me for some reason. Determined to get things settled before baby #3 arrives this summer. A cluttered dirty house is what keeps my door closed to others, I have high expectations but still.

  104. my home is old and outdated

  105. I’d like to blame cash flow on my problem home, but it’s really all about my poor purchase of furniture that is too large and too dark. I don’t hate my home, but I’d sure like to go from liking my space to loving my space. That may just be an attitude-change, but with a wedding and a HS graduation coming up soon, I’d better figure it out quickly! Maybe her book can help me?!?!?

  106. This book looks fabulous I loved the idea of a makeover with things you already have. I feel limited to open my home to others because I’ve just never seen it done by my mom so it feels out of my comfort zone.

  107. Hi Sandy! It’s amazing what few littles things you did that made such a remarkably refreshing change in your space! It seems so airy and inviting. Your dining room table is absolutely dressed beautifully!
    I am terrified of having anyone other than a few select family members into my home. It is very “undone”. We have lived here for 20 years and still have rooms that have never seen a new coat of paint. Our furnishings are very plain, don’t match and are showing their age. When we first moved in, I was only 37 years old and became quite ill shortly after. I was too sick to do much of anything for the next 10 years. About 3 years ago, my husband lost his job and to this day remains unemployed. So, between my inexperience at decorating and lack of money, we have remained in this static state. I am not proud of anything in my home and I certainly don’t want anyone to see it.

  108. Life happened. 17 days after my dad’s untimely and unexpected death, my mom required emergency surgery. 18 months, 3 surgeries, and 2 rehab stays later, she is finally back in her own home after having been with me. With her 2 dogs. And the 3 rooms of my house she took over with her stuff and records to run the family business. I put my life on complete hold and now I need to turn back to my husband and children and make them my priority again. I think this book would help jump start me back to getting my house in order and start having our house full of guests again, both our friends and our children’s friends.

  109. I’d love to win a copy of this book and love my home more. I think for me it’s what I focus on. I have to make a concerted effort not to focus on what’s wrong with the house and remember that people aren’t looking for that when they come over. Every time we finish a house project it seems something new bubbles to the top that is driving me crazy and if we could just fix that…. I’m trying to step back and enjoy what we have accomplished…..

  110. i live in a small basement apartment and don’t think I have the space to have people over

  111. My house was built in the very early 80’s and has never been updated (can’t afford to) and it is full of miss-matched, hand-me-down furniture, but it is clean so I welcome people into my home anyway. If someone is going to base an opinion about me on my home, that’s their problem not mine.
    BTW, if that is a picture of your living room CLUTTERED!!! I should be so lucky!

  112. I think we get too used to our homes… the times I’ve had someone in and they say something like “this room is so cozy”, I see it through different eyes. Double score: blessing of sharing with friends and more love for what I have!

  113. It is definitely because I do not have confidence in decorating. Also because I am frugal and would rather by chocolate than a pretty plant. It’s a problem.

  114. It is the clutter and dust from being so disorganized and such a procrastinator. I love that you cleaned your windows and baseboards in your space. I feel so much better after a room is cleaned and for you to state that simple act of cleaning as a step in your room challenge is such an inspiration for me to get it done.

  115. I would love to win this book. We bought a house 6 months ago and we are redoing it but since my husband has a busy schedule on his work we are taking a bit more time than we expected and some days it just makes me so frustrated. I’m trying to make nice touches here and there to make our house at least livable .

  116. Part of my problem is I feel like I have champagne taste with a beer budget. I have so many amazing ideas on how I would love to update my living room, kitchen & dining area…but I don’t have the funds to do them! I do little things to make it my own, but wish I had a little extra HELP. I would love a copy of this book!

  117. My home is cluttered , so I just entertain in my barn! I would love to read this book!!

  118. The clutter and the size. I feel I can only have people over when its nice out so we can spend most of the time outside and not in my tiny 5lb home with 10lbs of stuff in it. I also feel that my house doesn’t feel like its a good reflection of me. It needs some love desperately.

  119. lack of space to put things away where they belong.

  120. For me it’s not having the budget or time and creativity to fix up our old house. I love our old home but feel like it needs more help than I can give it. We also have twin toddler tornadoes! So imagine toys and such strewn about!

  121. I have a really nice large farm style home. I’m just not sure how to decorate using things I’ve had and love with newer things.

  122. Light. Natural light. We are a family of six living in a one story, 1100 square foot home with almost no natural light. A tiny kitchen window. A window in the master. A window in each of the two bedrooms. A sliding glass door. Did I mention I can literally stand in the middle of my kitchen and wash dishes, put them away, open and close the fridge and the oven without taking a step?

    Truth. ☺️

  123. that we really don’t have artwork or much or anything on our walls. I have a few half done projects or frames without pictures or a actual pieces purchased but can get over the hurdle of actually decorating. Hoping to do better, be better about it!

  124. My messes!

  125. I think my home has to be perfect in order to invite others over. I have so much trouble just being myself and allowing my home to reflect that. Why do I want others to see designer perfect,… that’s not who I am.

  126. I wish I had a bigger kitchen. I love to cook and bake. More space or a more organized space would be great.

  127. The book sounds very energizing which is just what I need right now! We rent so I feel like our apartment doesn’t showcase who we are.

  128. The decoration of my apartment completely reflects me, but I’m not happy in the location where I live. I follow Melissa’s blog and love her decorating ideas so would really enjoy her book.

  129. Hi; I’m new to your blog and I love what I’ve read. We downsized into a much smaller house (less than 1/2 of our old one) and I’m struggling with furniture that is too large in scale. One by one I’m replacing pieces, so I’m grateful for that. Also a little too much clutter; I seem to like several different styles. But what I do love is seeing a space that can actually breathe. Thanks for the contest. Blessings, Melody

  130. Dust bunnies….my biggest fear; dust bunnies, overtaking all my decorating efforts and taking the main stage.

  131. What keeps me from loving my home? Indecisiveness! There are so many ideas I have and not enough space, time or money. I can’t pick just one so I dabble in many, leaving me feeling like I’m never done or satisfied. I do entertain occasionally but not as much as I would like. Clutter is also a problem so it takes me a while to find a spot to hide everything, and then even longer to find it again! A disorganized husband doesn’t help either!

  132. I would love to update this beautiful home, but feel I need some direction as to what to do, what would work best.

  133. Waiting until my home is “done” to my liking has held me back from inviting others into my space. I am working on this though.

  134. I am not really sure where to start and am feeling very crunched for time in this season.

  135. what keeps me from opening my doors is quite simply…me. The thought of me hostessing anything terrifes the living daylights out of me! Must be braver!

  136. My biggest challenge in my home is clutter. How do you organize clutter? I love people.. I love my family and having everyone over for a big chicken dinner is what I love…but all the clutter hanging around is cramping my style.

  137. My rooms seem to be so small and filled with clutter. I would love to have a home that i could open up to everyone!

  138. My front door opens directly into my living room. I find it hard to design a good flow into the rest of the house. Plus clutter is a “yeast” in the house. I would love to have a house that is welcoming to all. I think Michelle gives me courage to get it fone. Thank you.

  139. My kitchen is the gathering place where entertaining and cooking takes place. However the cabinets desperately need painting or demolishing so that makes me feel uncomfortable about inviting people over.

  140. I love the simple changes you made to refresh your space! Thank you for offering this book-I’d love to read it. love quotes

  141. Like others have said…it’s the clutter that keeps my door closed and curtains drawn. I love my home and would love to share it with others and welcome them inside–this book sounds wonderful!

  142. I am too tired most days to keep my home clean, I have trouble letting go of the stuff that accumulates.

  143. It is the discipline of a welcoming heart….. taking time to make my home ready to welcome others. If I would discipline myself to work at it everyday it might be easier…. but I just can’t seem to make it happen. Everyday life clutter keeps my door closed.

    Your refreshed living room looks great.


  144. My home is the home my husband grew up in. I ‘d like to redo it all and start fresh. But he likes it the way it’s always been. Oh well, anyway your book looks like just what I need! Thanks!

  145. LOVE my home…just cleaned yesterday and kept thinking how lucky I am. What would I change…less clutter, and I need to spruce up the guest room. But that does not keep me from entertaining…LOVE to have people for dinner, brunch, the weekend. Very sad that most people do not invite you to their home anymore. We have decided to not let that bother us, and KEEP on inviting people all the time, for everything ! Would love to get some good ideas from the book !

  146. I do not feel like my home is clean enough or decorated well enough. This is what holds me back. But I know this is silly because it’s not something I judge in others. This book sounds like it’s full of great inspiration to bloom where you are planted!

  147. Clutter is what keeps me from opening my home. My Mom passed away and I inherited a lot of her furniture. Most of it is too big for our small rooms, so it doesn’t feel like there is any breathing space. Then there are the knick-knacks. I am thinking of taking pictures and trying to get rid of some of her stuff. Ugh, makes my stomach hurt to even think about parting w/ her stuff. I know that is crazy, I know it is ~ but it’s hard…

  148. Clutter, overwhelming clutter.

  149. Every room in our house needs work. We just don’t have the money to do much and I’m not sure where to even start.

  150. this is nice idea, i always like this decor

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