What do 12 ladies from the ages of 10 to 75 have in common? We’re all neighbors!

Last week I held a luncheon at my house with my neighbor Mary, and we called it a “Salad Social.” We kept it simple and decided to ask each lady to bring a salad; we provided a nice table setting, water to drink and dessert.

You see our main goal was to get neighbor ladies together so we could meet one another.

My daughter and I walked up and down our street and hand-delivered each invitation by meeting face-to-face with each neighbor. I believe this had something to do with the turnout. Folks just do not seem to RSVP anymore, and I did not want my party to be a flop, so I tried to think of everything I could to make it a success.

(above photo: Mary and me)

A success it was! Twelve ladies came, we ate around the table, and then mingled in the patio area while my daughter, Abby, played her violin.

We each shared where we were born and how many years we each lived in our homes, plus a little about our families and the history of our homes.

From living 2 years to 29 years in the neighborhood, we all had one thing in common: we were women with a story to share about our lives. And interesting it was, as we dove in and cultivated neighborly friendships. (photo below: Robin 2 yrs – Ellie 29 yrs!)

Abby got to stay home from school that day, as it was a true lesson of hospitality for her. She helped me get the house ready and set the tables. She sat with us and made conversation with each lady. It reminded me of something my Mom would have had me do at 10 year of age.

She was a gift to these ladies and each lady was a gift to her.

Is neighborly hospitality a lost art?

I’m out to change the world if this is true!

Ladies, help me bring it back!!