Life gets very busy for our family in the months of May and June. Not only do both our boys have their birthdays one week apart, in a 6-week period we also have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, our anniversary, and Paul’s and my birthdays. WOW! No wonder it feels chaotic, along with the end of the school year, a local soccer tournament (we had 12 games to watch!), and the ending of soccer season for 3 kids.

Makes me exhausted just writing this. But it’s all good. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

A few days ago we celebrated our middle child’s 14th birthday in a low-key manor. It was very last minute and simple. He invited a few close buddies over for dinner and to sleep over. Our daughter and I worked in the kitchen making cupcakes and hamburgers.

Why not have an old-fashioned birthday party? Do we really need to entertain our kids all of the time? Can’t parties be simple and inexpensive – the way my Mother used to throw parties for her girls? Looking back, I only remember having two “big” parties as a child.

I like to think we’re doing okay with our boys. We’re not trying to impress, out-do – we just want to keep it low-key. And they know it’s okay if we don’t celebrate on their “exact birthday!”

So when our son asked for “simple” and “a few friends,” I liked his request!

After all, isn’t that what we are trying to teach our kids – to keep things simple and to pursue relationships?

Happy Birthday, Garrett! Thank you for the reminder to your mother that simplicity is ok! I’d say by the empty wrappers, that your small party was a true success!

Speaking of birthdays, my sister and I took our oldest sister to lunch on Saturday to celebrate her 50th!

Another great memory of sisterhood was made, as we presented to her a hardback book of pictures of her life, put together through, in celebration of her family.

(Want a fun, inexpensive, large group dessert idea? Read about my Ice Cream Trough birthday dessert, here. Last year all 3 of my kids indulged in this dessert at their parties.)

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