Make your Home Inviting: Bring in a New Color!

I was looking around my living room the other day, realizing that it was drab and lacked pizzazz. I really like to move things around and freshen up the room, but this time I decided to bring in a brand new color – a teal blue.

But let me start with the obstacle that many women get hung up on: They don’t invite others into their homes because they just don’t like them Yes, it’s true, and it’s very sad!

Think about these simple ideas and see if you gain a new perspective. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a pep talk and adjust our attitudes a bit.

How to freshen up the room
1. Start in one corner and clean out/straighten up the area (stack the books, toss the magazines), moving through the entire room.
2. Wipe down or dust the furniture.
3. Vacuum the entire room, moving the furniture if you need to.
4. Wipe down the window seals.
5. Take everything off of the furniture and start over. Try to thin out your decorations or rearrange.
6. Add a new color to liven it up!
7. Remember our guests are not coming to see our homes. They are coming to see us!

I went to Pier 1 and bought one candle, 2 pillows on sale, and added a few new colored decorating balls to my current new yard sale dish.

I put two pillows away.

And added 2 new.

I replaced the green candle here.

With the blue candle here.

To my new $4 yard sale bowl, I added a mixture of decorating balls.

I followed the steps above to freshen up the room, added a new color, and was surprised at how it felt like a brand new room. In fact today, when I friend came over, she commented on the “new” look.

It doesn’t take much to re-do a room. Paint and new furniture can completely transform a room, yes! But you have to have time and money – and in today’s economy, most of us are working harder for what we have. We have less time and less money.

I really like to keep things simple. I want to encourage others to make their houses homey and welcoming, so that when you have guests over you feel good about it.

Perfect? No way. But inviting? Yes!

Have you thought about adding a new color to a room in your home that feels drab?

Would you be willing to share what obstacle stops you from inviting others in?

(I’m happy to announce the 2 winners of my new book, The Reluctant Entertainer. Lisa James (no blog) and Kim, from Vintage Poppies. Congratulations Ladies!)

18 comments on “Make your Home Inviting: Bring in a New Color!”

  1. Very inviting indeed! Blue is really beautiful, especially a combination of different shades. It is amazing how new, simple and little things change the mood and ambiance of a room. Great post!

  2. Hello! I am a new reader, and I have to say I still get hung up on that ‘perfection’ thing! I have a big dog, yellow lab, and no matter how hard I try, there is dog hair everywhere. He is not supposed to get on the furniture, but he does! And now I havea new puppy and am in the throes of housebreaking him! Just seems like my house isn’t clean enough for company :-(
    Sad thing is, I wrote about this topic a couple of months ago on my blog and it is still plaguing me! I am definitely going to follow you to see what else I can learn from you!


  3. It is unbelievable how a couple of small, colorful things can change a room, wow. I especially like the pillows comparison. The room looks SO good now (not that it did not look good before, it is just more lively now). Oh, and the blue/brown color combination rocks! The colors just fit together extremely well.

  4. Great post Sandy. I can tend to get stuck in a color rut and actually was thinking a few weeks ago of trying to find a new color to throw into the mix. I haven’t done it yet, but I’ve thought about it!

    Really, the obstacle right now that keeps me from having people over is time. We are so busy with soccer games, soccer practice, that in an average week, there’s maybe one day that works to have people over, and even then, it doesn’t work.

  5. Honestly right now the biggest obstacle for inviting others over is time-we’ve been stretched thin lately and find ourselves feeling like we’re treading water. I know I’m looking forward to fall and a change in our schedule so that we can be intentional about having folks over.

    I love your new look-that color is one of my favorites, it always seems to make me happy!

  6. I love the addition of the teal. Looks great. I have been looking for some inexpensive pillows too but haven’t found any yet. Yesterday, I hosted a jewelry show at my house. I spent two days getting the house ready. I removed all of the clutter and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. I bought some inexpensive candles, redecorated/rearranged the mantel and the shelves surrounding my fireplace and it made all the difference. I have also added a new color to my living room, a nice bright green. The obstacle I face when inviting people over is all of the clutter. I have a hard time keeping things clean and clutter free.

  7. Love the change, but of course ANY blue in a room makes me happy.

  8. I love the blue you have added. I bet it looks great! I tend to want things to be perfect before inviting people over. But I am getting better at not worrying about it. You would be proud of me, Sandy.
    We invited some people over recently on the fly and had a wonderful time. I think they felt very comfortable because things weren’t so perfect. :)
    BTW, I love, love, love the new web design. So cool!
    Love ya!

  9. Such great ideas Sandy….as always. Our home is very monochromatic (which I find soothing) but I’ve been looking for ways to add a little punch of color to it.

    Also…congrats on the book! Just ordered one!

    Last, I just did a blog post on your AMAZING idea for school binders (to keep momentos) and linked it to your blog! Just so ya know!

    Have a beautiful day friend.


  10. It looks wonderful!

  11. just cleaning up the clutter from our mantel felt good last week!! I love how clean and simple it is now.. and then bought a red planter for a plant my mother-in-law gave me! so nice to add a punch of color like that..

  12. Teal just happens to be my favorite color! Hmmmmm…… Wondering if I can incorperate that color in my living room!!! It looks great!

  13. I love the blue! And it’s true – just a few changes like that makes it feel like a whole new room. I’m so excited about the book – thank you so much!

  14. Oh, I truly agree…it’s amazing what just cleaning and fluffing a room will do for it…of course, almost every time I deep clean, I change something up, so it’s refreshing. Any time I go to someone’s house and am inspired by it (after having worked on the envy part of it…..sigh) I come home and when I clean, it feels good, comfortable, and homey again……with just a few tweaks. I LOVE your teal that you’ve added….so SMaRT!!

  15. This is so true. Pillows and nik~naks can make such a big change… particularly going through the seasons. Love this! Have a great weekend!

  16. love the added colors and textures! adds tons of interest, and I agree, very inviting!

    hugs Kim @
    party inspiration

  17. I’m always amazed at how a couple of small changes in my family room can really pep the place up!

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