I just love how my friend Stephanie did her daughter’s 3-year old party! 
1. She held it in her own home
2. She invited 3 year old friends and their siblings
3. She kept it simple, frugal and fun
Three-year old girl-parties are a blast.  You’re no longer dealing with babies – you’re now entertaining little girls!
Each girl who was invited was given a handmade tutu (you can make for $2) when they arrived. The ballerina was waiting downstairs behind the curtain on the “make-believe stage” while the kids came down the stairs.  When the music started, the ballerina came out from behind the curtain.  The little girls were so excited!
The most exciting part was when the girls were given lessons, and then they got to perform in front of their parents and siblings, on the stage!

The stage
Steph turned her basement into a recital hall!  She hung heavy duty wire across the back of the play room.  Then she took some old curtain panels that she was not using and strung them through. It was perfect. You could also easily use sheets to make it really frugal, and just get some shower curtain rings and clip them on to the sheet. She created her own stage!

The food
Steph made a huge tortellini pasta salad and lemonade for all the adults, and heart-shaped peanut butter and jam for the kids,  Goldfish and juice boxes.
The dessert
For dessert each child got a cupcake with their own candle (this is a great idea) because you know how the kids all want to help blow out the candles, but you don’t necessarily want them to steal the moment from the birthday girl or  spit all over the cake?  
Stick a candle in each cupcake and they all get to blow one out!
The best part of the party, besides being able to celebrate with friends and family, is that Andie now has her own stage down in the play room where she spends hours putting on “performances” with her friends.  Yes, even at age 3.

I’d love to hear about your most frugal children’s party?  

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