For 3 ½ years I’ve opened my home to 6 very special girls.  I call them my Balcony Girls and each time we meet, the girls learn a life lesson.

Tomorrow being Maundy Thursday, I want to share with you a very simple, easy, valuable lesson that you can share with children this Easter week!

I believe it’s the most important lesson that our children will ever learn.

It goes like this.

Your friend, who you’ve known and trusted for years, has betrayed you. You are shocked and cannot believe it has happened. The daggers go deep into your heart and it really hurts. Betrayal separates, divides and causes strife. It’s very painful when a friend betrays you. It hurts even worse when it is someone whom you consider to be a best friend!

Recently my Balcony Girls learned a lesson on Love. It was so appropriate to learn it on Maundy Thursday, as we talked about the feelings of betrayal that Jesus experienced.

A bag of money
I randomly handed each girl an item to hold.  And we started the lesson with a bag of money.

Bag of money
Small donkey
Plastic rooster
Handmade sign (Jesus, King of Nazareth)
Crown of thorns
Large nail
Small rock

These items, with symbolic meaning, each lead up to the next question, and then the next item.

How betrayal feels
We talked about how, when you are sometimes at your weakest (tired, weary, exasperated), it’s easy to pick apart a friendship – to find things irritating to you.

It’s easy to disagree with your friend and argue – and then your emotions get the best of you. You start having bad feelings toward that friend and before long, bitterness and unforgiveness have crept in – and division starts taking place in your friendship!

A friend, who you always stood by–you have now turned on.

Sold for money
This very thing happened to Jesus on Maundy Thursday, when Judas, once a very close friend, let resentment and disagreements settle in his heart. It mounted to hatred toward the person that he once loved, so that he eventually sold his Master for a bag of money.

Betrayal happened in a very startling way.

Easter story comes alive
We moved through the group and discussed the rest of the Easter items in the girls’ hands, and their meanings, and we walked through the Easter Story like we were there.

Having something tangible to hold on to, the girls listened intently while I explained the symbolic meanings and how they related to Easter.

This lesson of love ended with the stone.

And the stone ended with resurrection!

Learn forgiveness
This story of death, forgiveness and new life was perfect for illustrating our friendships with one another. Sometimes we let things get blown out of proportion in friendships, and then we find ourselves in betrayal and disloyalty.

I encouraged the girls to learn to choose the route of forgiveness. To remember the bad feeling of betrayal, but to also know the beautiful impacting lesson of forgiveness.

Creating a lesson that our kids will easily understand and that will bring impact is the outcome I’m looking for!

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