Mary, Mary: How does your Garden Grow?

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

I love this time of year! If I can’t find the vegetables I’m looking for in our garden, I head up to the Farmer’s Market or trade with a friend.

Here’s what’s happening in our garden this week.

And I’d love to hear what’s happening in yours?

We planted butter crunch lettuce in our Herb Trough.

Beautiful tomatoes just now coming on – strong! Getting excited to roast and freeze!

Purple basil in the Herb Trough.

Green beans.

Yummy zucchini and squash.

Even on a city lot we’ve taken advantage of the beds in our backyard, converting them to garden beds.

It sure makes cooking easy in the summertime. And affordable, too. My husband went shopping with me this past weekend and he couldn’t believe the price of produce. More incentive to garden!

So, if you garden, how does your garden grow?

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  2. I really adore your tomatoes. They are really perfect and reddish. It really looks likes that they are so yummy to eat fresh from the garden. I also love your zucchinis and the purple herb. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing a wonderful and enjoyable post.

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  4. The tomatoes are fantastic! They look really healthy! So as the green beans! Hmmm. Tomatoes plus the lettuce is one quick fresh and crunchy SALAD! LOL. I bet that is going to be really healthy!

  5. Your garden looks great! All of your veggies are really doing well than my veggies. My squash plant keeps on blooming flowers but doesn’t have produce with all the flowers it blooms. I don’t know what the problem with it is. I just harvested some tomatoes, potatoes, green beans and cabbage. They are all taste good.

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  7. In our vegetable garden we grow: peas, turnips, beans, zucchini, lettuce, eggplant, spring onions, chives, parsley, basil, peppers (bell, chili, banana, Anaheim), cabbage, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, watermelon, and tomatoes: Sweet 100 cherry, Roma, Early Girl, and 2 types of beefsteak varieties one of which is called “Mortgage Lifter.” Right now we have more tomatoes we can consume between the 2 of us so on Saturday I made a huge pot of home made spaghetti sauce using garden tomatoes, peppers, and basil. Also made a cheese eggplant bake (which used some more of the tomatoes) on Sunday. It is AMAZING how much money we save on produce in the summer because we have little to no need to purchase it due to having the garden.

  8. Love your garden pics! I just took pictures and have been all season, to blog about this week! ;o)

  9. This year my garden is growing chaotically and however it wants. The deer have been enjoying it as well. I’m not sure I’ll see red tomatoes and may be scouring recipes for “green tomato” usage!

    I just posted on it, but it’s not popping up on your commentluv thing…it’s kinda weird how it randomly chooses when to work and when not to, unless I need to do something on my end…anyone know?

  10. Good for you, girlfriend! You should be proud of all your wonderful produce! All I have right now is basil and rosemary. Can you believe it? Pitiful.

    Tomatoes didn’t do well around here this year–not sure why. But it looks like you’re going to have a bumper crop!

  11. I SO wish that I had 1) a place to garden and 2) a green thumb. ; )

  12. I have a few container gardens. I planted my herbs in those, not only do they supply me with yummy (and affordable) fresh herbs their greenery are a nice addition to the flowers as well. I do get to take advantage of my lovely co-workers who bring me their “overflow” from their gardens. Yeah!

  13. My herbs are in daily use – I love trotting out to my front yard and snipping a little of this and that to toss into whatever we’re having for dinner. Last night it was quinoa with chives and parsley.

    On a non-edible note, I have hosta bulbs that I planted back in April (and long since gave them up as duds) who have decided to grace us with their presence! Wasn’t that nice of them?

  14. We have had a great time with our first garden. Most of our plants are done producing. We are having a great tomatoe crop with only 5 plants, a few strawberries each week yet, my second crop of carrots is ready and so sweet and I just replanted lettuce and some bush beans. It has been so nice to just go out to the back yard and get fresh produce that tastes so good. We are also on a city lot and did the square foot garden approach. It works great!


    P.S. I was telling the hubby about your herb garden so that may be something we do next.

  15. We have a wonderful garden. Love seeing other peoples entries and what they are doing.
    Love you sweet friend.

  16. Our sungold cherry tomatos are coming on! They are my FAVES! And the apples are almost ready (along with the pears and grapes). The zuchini is producing a lot right now (as Zuchini always does!-LOL), and the beans and corn as well.

    The blackberries are PRIME right now!

    Got a huge bag from one of my farmer friends of sweet corn. We’ll have that tonight.

    I love this time of year, I go outside just to eat . LOL

  17. My garden is slowly petering out :) But like an earlier commenter said, the southern heat HAS been brutal this year. Combine that with a novice gardener’s idea of how many plants you can fit into one area…. :) But we did get a lot more than we were expecting, as well as some lessons learned. Can’t wait till next spring to try again!

    OH–a tip that worked wonders. Cover your garden in pine needles before you plant. Make small openings in the pine needles to put your plants in, and you have aMAZing natural weed control! Will have to test the soil next year to see if it’s too acidic, but it worked great this year!

  18. Love the lettuce! BUT I REALLY LOVE LOVE your blog…it is so pretty and full of information and colorful!!!

    Just lovely–

    sandy toe

  19. I just posted about our basil! We just planted lettuce – hopefully it will come up. Our tomatoes aren’t doing very well this year.

  20. Your garden looks great for so late in the season, and how wonderful it is that you can already plant lettuces! I have very little left in my garden as the southern heat has been brutal on it. We did plant a few late tomatoes and did a bit better with keeping them watered, and all the herbs are in pots on the porch for easy maintenance. Your herb trough is wonderful! The way you utilize your space is such an inspiration!

  21. Yes we have a garden. It is primarily peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. There are a few squash plants and a bean tee pee. It is covered with beans. My husband has ten green fingers and ten green toes. His method of relaxing is gardening. I cook the produce or prepare it for giving away :)
    Your herb trough looks like a great idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. We have too much shade for a garden – but the small farm down the street has a produce stand, thank goodness!!

  23. I have no garden…Sveta is at her dacha this weekend and I hope she’ll come back to me tomorrow laden with gifts! :) Do you have a salsa recipe?!

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