Last week the Balcony Girls got to name a new baby lamb!

My friend Barb, who owns a sheep farm, has 18 new baby lambs. She sent pictures of a baby girl lamb that their family is choosing to raise, and she agreed to let the Balcony Girls name her!

We talked about being a follower and a leader today, as we sat on the back patio in our home and slurped down Dairy Queen Blizzards. As I explained to the girls about sheep and the job of the shepherd, we then applied it to relationships.

Sheep don’t like to be alone. They prefer to be in a “crowd.” Most sheep will blindly follow the leader up and down a path. If they don’t listen to the shepherd, they can be led astray and not know what to do. I asked each girl if they thought they were a leader or a follower?

A leader is someone who shows initiative, instead of waiting to be asked to do it by someone else. If we are asked to do something, we become a follower, because we are following another’s instructions.

Regarding friendships, I asked the girls if they had a friend in their life whose lead they felt they had to follow, lest she get angry? Do you ever feel used by this friend, or that she was controlling or manipulative? I stated: This is not a friendship!

Discussing further what a true friendship is, I asked the girls to think about their current friends, and to see if they believe they are a “balcony person” in their lives. Do you:

Build others up
Admit it if you’re wrong
Share your feelings with others
Tell the truth willingly
Admit you’re not always the smartest
Share your weaknesses
Freely say no or disagree politely
Make time for others

I ended with telling the girls, on our last Balcony Girl’s day for the school year, to choose their friends wisely. To not allow for manipulation or meanness or for any friend to bully them. To stand up for themselves.

Whether as a leader or a follower, it’s so important to be honest with your friends, and the next time you don’t like something that is said or done – to speak up! Friends are REAL with each other. They help each other to learn and grow.

Isn’t Mini May adorable? The girls are excited to be able to watch their new lamb grow. Next year when we reunite as a group, we’ll start our first lesson off with a new picture of Mini May!

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