Mother’s Day Easy Cinnamon Bites!

I remember the distinctive smell of goodness on Sunday mornings when I was growing up.

My mom would take cinnamon and sugar, biscuits and butter combined, baking and serving them hot with gooey maple drizzle on top.  Many times just for our family of 5.  And often when we had overnight guests.

You might recall my Balcony Girls post, where I served this delicious childhood treat with my girls.

And now my daughter has learned to make this breakfast dessert for our family, just like my mom taught my sisters and me to make.

Easy Cinnamon Bites
3 packages of refrigerated biscuits
Cinnamon and sugar, mixed together
¼ cup butter
Maple drizzle (1 cup powdered sugar, 2 T milk, maple extract)

Melt butter in 9×13 pan

Opening biscuits, use scissors to cut into 3 pieces
Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar

Bake at 450 for 10-12 minutes

Drizzle powdered sugar mixture over top while warm

Devour and enjoy!

Why not buy these ingredients for your kids to make for you on Mother’s Day?

It will be a treat that your family won’t forget!

22 comments on “Mother’s Day Easy Cinnamon Bites!”

  1. Absolutely loved these this morning for Mother’s Day! So good and easy!

  2. All I have to say is nom, nom, nom.

  3. Ooo, those look wonderful! I think we will have them this Sunday. Thanks,


  4. “devour” is an understatement regarding what i would do to these. inhale might be more appropriate, or perhaps there’re just no words to describe it. i love ’em. :)

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  6. These pictures are so yummy!


  7. Now THERE’S a good idea for Mother’s Day. Yum! Hoping I get something this delicious on Sunday morning.

  8. For those of us that are amazingly cookingly challenged…how much maple extract?? And how much sugar and cinnamon do you use? lol…yes, I’m guessing you are one of those cooks that do a pinch of this and that :-) while I need exact numbers! Thanks, I so want to make this and take it to work this weekend for all my coworker moms/nurses that have to work on Mother’s Day.

  9. Im always on the lookout for easy treats to share with my Brunch Mamas, and this one looks like one I can really use over and over! Thanks for sharing!

  10. That looks good. You always have the best recipes!


  11. They look really great and so easy. I may have to wing them for my own mother’s day brunch.


  12. oooh these sound yummy! I make a bubble pizza that is does a similar thing with the biscuits (cutting them in 4ths and putting them in a pan, then topping with ground beef mixed with pizza sauce and sprinkled with mozzerella cheese.

  13. I can’t wait to show my 6yr old how to make these. She loves to bake, and how easy. Thanks for the recipe.

  14. Great recipe!!
    I gained 5lbs looking at the yummy photos, and 5 lbs more reading the recipe. Mmmm Good!

  15. What a great idea! I have the inlaws coming in on Sunday morning and this would be perfect before church. Thanks!

  16. funny, when I first saw the pic, for a split second, I actually smelled the sweet goodness…..oh, yum.


  17. Ooooh, this looks and sounds very similar to monkey bread. But with this recipe, the bread is more spread out which insures that each piece gets smothered in ooey-gooey goodness!

  18. We make this and love it…great recipe…Madison and miller actually did it together during Christmas.

  19. Those look delighful!!! Yummy!
    sandy toe

  20. They look wonderful! Biscuits are on sale this week, I think I need to pick some up!!

  21. Yum~thanks for the recipe!

  22. These sound divine but I am ignorant as to what refrigerator biscuits are. I am in Australia and have never heard of them. Should they be available in my local shop?



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