Change. We love it. We hate it. It is good. It is bad. It is easy. It is difficult. It makes us vulnerable. It gives us confidence. It shakes our very foundation. It grows our sense of security. It stretches us. It causes us to withdraw. It is frightening. It is refreshing.Change is challenging. Change brings a creative flow of feelings and experiences that give life more quality. Change brings new perspectives. Change teaches us. Change….Change is an inevitable part of life.–Ann Kiemel Anderson

Recently I have found myself thinking about moving and change. Just two years ago we left behind our beloved home and incredible neighbors (who were like family to us), and the home where we started raising our 3 kids. We left behind so many memories. But we were also excited about our new “fixer-upper” home and the possibilities and dreams of having more space to reach out to more people. (Above photo: Coughlin clan right after moving into our new home)

A reader wrote to me yesterday asking me if, while moving, you should keep hospitality in mind?

My answer is a definite “yes!” Without a doubt! The house we moved to doesn’t have an over-abundance of space, but it works for us! We wanted a larger yard, pool and an area to entertain outdoors. Are we limited in the wintertime? A hearty “yes!” Do we take advantage of our garage during that time? Another “amen!”
(Ping-pong in our garage with some girlfriends!)

Does it matter that the bedrooms are on the smaller side? No, as I don’t want my kids hanging out in their bedrooms much anyway!

But what if you don’t have a choice and live in a tiny home or apartment? Do we feel like we could entertain in any home? Pretty much! Hospitality can happen anywhere, as it’s not about the space or the surroundings that make or break a pleasurable time together. I know this, because we entertained for years in our 1500 sq. foot home, and in our home before that of 900 sq. feet!

It’s about being with people you enjoy, those you are built up and encouraged by.

A home where, when the family walks away, they’ve grown a little more, from being with friends who care. A tight-knit family home where love, wisdom, and a lot of humor flows! (Playing Pictionary with adults & kids in our current home!)

It’s about taking our minds off of circumstances and ourselves and moving through the changes of life.
Change is scary but it can be a radical break from the rut of normal living. It can grow us in positive ways.

So wherever you choose to live, keep hospitality in mind, and don’t hesitate to utilize what you have, as much as you can!

(In my early twenties I discovered Ann K. Anderson (very top quote) and read all of her books. I’ve always resonated with her style and love for people. Bottom photo: Coughlin kids 2 yrs. ago with our beloved HAGGIS MCSTITCH)

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