Moving the Outdoor Dining Table to a Different Entertaining Space

For the first time since we have lived in our home, my husband and I decided to move our outdoor dining table to a different space for entertaining.

It was so easy and created a new experience for us all.

We moved the table out by the garden.

I added a small side table for water and for overflow of platters.

Snipped a few lilies from the closest flower bed.

Used MyDrap large dinner napkins, folding them in half.

I loved the large, clean, crisp look.

We moved the tiki torches closer to the entertaining space.

The table was set and ready for a great night.

I think we need to be reminded that it’s okay to break the rules with summer entertaining, to realize that we sometimes get in a rut with the standard barbecue served casual buffet-style.

It’s great to move things around, to change things up a bit.

To take our modern, casual, informal lifestyles and add a spin of elegance and creativity.

Have you recently done anything different or creative with your summer entertaining?

Thinking ahead to October, I’m going to be participating in Nester’s 31 Days of Change series coming up! I’m so happy she invited me back, and if you want to join with a topic that inspires you, during the month of October, feel free to jump in with your blog! My topic last year was: 31 Days to Stress-Free Entertaining.

My topic this year will be: 31 Days of Keeping the Family Together.

What inspires a happy family and how we can stay connected during busy times with 3 teenagers and the holidays just around the corner. I hope you’ll join me in October as I post for 31 days straight, but better yet, why don’t you start thinking about your topic? There will be different ways to link up. It’s going to be inspirational, I can feel it already :) Thank you, Nester!

16 comments on “Moving the Outdoor Dining Table to a Different Entertaining Space”

  1. I like the textural component of the chair backs and the tablecloth. Just lovely.

  2. Love the table setting! You’re right. It really is refreshing to move things around, to change things up a bit. Dining outdoors is one of my favorite things to do!

  3. I love it! I really, really like the lights you have strung on your fence…love small lights outside. It’s way too hot here to be outside at any hour but you are truly inspiring. You look adorable in the photo too!

    Have fun! Stop by and check out the giveaway I have going on.


  4. Sandy,
    You do have a lovely blog – your entertaining is alittle overwhelming because you make it all look so easy. However, I love that your heart shows through in each post.

    And I just may have to join you in the October. I blogged 31 days in May and it was a long haul but this may be very fun!!!

  5. We moved patio furniture to the deck…a loveseat and two large chairs…and the dinner table down onto the grass. We love it. It is much less formal and allows for more people for dinner. An old chest of drawers is our buffet for food and a large vintage school chalkboard is the perfect back drop for menus etc. I agree…moving things around adds so much…and its free!

  6. I haven’t necessarily changed up physically, but I have taken on a new attitude mentally to keep down the stress of entertaining and still enjoy having company over. Sometimes I can be too much of a perfectionist and hard-headed when it comes to doing things. It has been a long lesson to learn. =)

  7. Super excited about your series again this year. I really enjoyed each post. And your topic seems just perfect for you! Can’t wait to be inspired!

  8. Funny…we just moved out table last Saturday…=) it does add some fun to outdoor eating.

  9. Looking forward to another 31 Days with you, friend!

    I always love your ideas and inspiration.


  10. I haven’t done any summer entertaining this year so far; too busy and it’s been too stinkin’ hot! But I’m planning a going away party in September for my neice, and I’m really excited about it. I think I will definitely move the table from the patio to the yard just to get a different feel. Unfortunately, my yard isn’t as big or as lovely as yours appears to be, but because of your inspiration, I don’t let that stop me.

  11. I’m a new reader via The Nester’s Blog. I think that your post above is one of the cutest ideas I’ve come across in a long time. I feel very good that I found your blog. Thanks!

  12. GOR.GEOUS. Save me a spot.

  13. Yes! What a difference it makes, doesn’t it?! We moved our deck set down to our brook near the hydrangeas for our summer brunches, and I loved it. Like we lived in a whole different place! Hope your week is going well so far Sandy!

  14. Your table looks beautiful! I am so excited to try out 31 days… Now I just wish it were closer to October!!

  15. Great post girl. This type of entertaining is so inviting and comforting. I am definitely coming to your house one day. I just know it!

  16. I am on the hunt for an outdoor table. But we would use ours more in the Fall and Winter here in Florida. What a nice backdrop for dining. Way better than plaster walls.

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