I have the dishes, the napkins, the crystal, the love of cooking and baking … but how do you do it (entertain) with little ones?

I recently received this letter from a reader with her 4th baby on the way. I love it when I see the hearts of young mommies who want to share their gift of hospitality. That is the first place where hospitality starts, with a desire for wanting to give to others and use your gifts.

I will be sharing an upcoming 3-part series on how I incorporated “entertaining” into my early years of motherhood (with 3 munchkins underfoot).

But let’s start here.

I’ve reached back into my memory bank to when my 3 children were little, and when we entertained a lot! How did I do it?

Going even further back, to my own childhood, I remember how my Mom never used having 3 little girls as a reason not to entertain. She did it, so what did I learn from her?

Of course we are living in a much faster-paced generation, but often what we learned from our mothers can be passed down to us.

I’d love to hear from readers regarding exactly what is holding you up, as a young mother, when it comes to entertaining?

Is it that you are unorganized, or you find entertaining too expensive? Or are your kids very active and it just doesn’t seem appealing at all? Do you lack space, or maybe you feel like you are a terrible cook? Maybe it’s just too overwhelming in this season of your life (very understandable) and you don’t know what to do with the kids, so that you can carry on an adult conversation with your guests!

With munchkins underfoot, is it planning and preparation that is hindering you? What to do with the kids during the meal? Or how to keep the peace and continue the hospitality after the meal?

Keep in mind, I am not talking in-depth, fancy-schmancy dinner parties. Just simple dinners where you invite another couple or two over – along with their kids!

Fire away with your questions, ladies! Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty regarding this entertaining with munchkins around!

(If you have some wisdom to share as a seasoned “hostess” and mother, maybe going back to the days when you did entertain in your home with little kids – feel free to comment on what your secrets were. It will all be incorporated into this 3-part series. Photos: Our friend Andie (almost two), in the kitchen – and soon to be a big sister to twin siblings!)

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