An essential piece to our kitchen remodel has been this:  frugality.
My Dad (custom home builder) is teaching my husband as we work through this project.  We have a budget and frugality is our goal. It’s going to take us more time, because we’re limited to when we can work on the project (nights and weekends).
My Dad explains everything in detail and he sees every little detail.  It’s a gift!
It cracks me up when I’m in our “garage kitchen” and I see my Dad using the saw in one corner, and our temporary kitchen in the other (top photo).
And tools laying here and there.
Perfection does not exist in our home, as I’m just trying to keep some kind of order!
We really appreciate how my Dad has used his gift of “teaching” to help us out. I always want to encourage others to use their gifts in any way they can.  Look for a need and step up to the plate and offer your services!  
What gifts do you have that might come in handy to others?

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