My Dad’s the BEST Teacher!

An essential piece to our kitchen remodel has been this:  frugality.
My Dad (custom home builder) is teaching my husband as we work through this project.  We have a budget and frugality is our goal. It’s going to take us more time, because we’re limited to when we can work on the project (nights and weekends).
My Dad explains everything in detail and he sees every little detail.  It’s a gift!
It cracks me up when I’m in our “garage kitchen” and I see my Dad using the saw in one corner, and our temporary kitchen in the other (top photo).
And tools laying here and there.
Perfection does not exist in our home, as I’m just trying to keep some kind of order!
We really appreciate how my Dad has used his gift of “teaching” to help us out. I always want to encourage others to use their gifts in any way they can.  Look for a need and step up to the plate and offer your services!  
What gifts do you have that might come in handy to others?

(Giving and sharing your talents is a beautiful way of sharing life. Head on over to Melissa’s, at The Inspired Room today, as she celebrates 2 years with her readers!)

14 comments on “My Dad’s the BEST Teacher!”

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  3. Your dad is the best!…why is there a tomato in that picture, to get precise measurement?! haha…
    Lovely & peaceful weekend dear!

  4. You ARE blessed. First of all with a wonderful father and then to have a wonderful husband also.
    Of course, when women have had the treasure of a wonderful father, they look for the same attributes in a husband to be.
    Two great gifts…be grateful. Many women are not even half that lucky.!

  5. OOOPS… That should have read…

    "Gifts such as these are truly treasured as I am NOW literally surrounded by the giving of my friends everyday."

    Maybe I need another cup of coffee?! :-)

  6. What a great gift from your dad!

    I remember fondly when we moved into our current house and a group of friends came over to help paint and rip up carpets. We had 2 days to do the entire house.

    Weeks later a friend returned and helped wallpaper my kitchen. (Okay, she basically did it and I assisted because I had no idea what I was doing.)

    Gifts such as these are truly treasured as I am not literally surrounded by the giving of my friends everyday.

    Thanks for a fresh reminder of how I can and should be extending the same thing to others!

    Hoping you're enjoying your time in Chicago!!

  7. What a blessing. My husband is quite gifted in building and remodeling. I am blessed to have such a handy husband for sure.

    I don't know what gift I have to offer though. I keep trying to think of what I'm good at, but I just don't know.

  8. Hey Sandy! When you get a chance, go back and take a peek at my new #1. ;)
    [email protected]~Mella

  9. What a gift your dad is! I'm reminded of something one of my favorite author's said once: "everyone's a ten at something." We all have gifts to offer others, the best thing we can ever do is find our passion (the thing God has gifted us in) and excel in it-through that others will be blessed!

    As for me, it's teaching and hospitality-and it's fun to see how those go hand in hand so often.

  10. How fabulous that your dad can help with this project and that you are all willing to learn from him! :0)

  11. How lucky are you? What a great Dad!! My Step-dad did the same for us when we bought our first home he could not wait to help us.

  12. I wish I could borrow your dad!! I am working up to remodel the kitchen and could use someone to help me explain how it is done.

    Your dad is the best!!!!!


    P.S. You can come to my garage and set up your kitchen… it is clean and pretty. And I would get to spend time for you.

  13. My dad has lots of gifts, but handyness (is that a word?) around the house is not one of them. My hubby really isn't either.

    I don't have a crafty bone in my body. That goes for painting, sewing, scrapbooking, etc. But, I LOVE to cook and entertain.

  14. I feel the same way about my Dad! He also is a builder and he helped us finish our basement, along with many other projects!!!

    My gift would have to be sewing! I've been able to help out friends, especially with curtains and throw pillows, etc.

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