My Garage Smells like French Toast!

I told my husband this week that I love my new garage kitchen. I actually have more room cooking than I did in my old kitchen.
It takes the pressure off of things having to be perfect and tidy.  I love the camping feel!
We already had a fridge in the garage, we hooked up the stove, and now the only thing I’m missing is my oven (I’ve already borrowed my neighbors!), as we make our way through this remodel.
Abby and her friends woke up early last week and wanted French Toast!  No problem!
One thing about an imperfect “camping” kitchen is that things that normally aren’t out on the counter – are out on the counter! I wish I could always leave plastic wrap out – it’s so handy!
Our family went through one kitchen remodel in our previous house.  We knew what to expect this time, but I have to say my new garage-organized kitchen has made this experience kinda fun! I guess it’s good that I have a good attitude, because we’re doing a lot of work on our own (nights and weekends) so I’m in it for the long-haul!
Have you survived a remodel? And if you could leave anything out on the counter for simplicity reasons (but you feel like it should be tucked away), what would it be?
The winner to Ness’s joural is … Kathryn from Full Life Simple Heart! 
And remember this recipe?  Pat’s French Toast?  Delicious!

25 comments on “My Garage Smells like French Toast!”

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  2. Aside from the kitchen layout, design and aesthetics are also extremely important when remodeling your kitchen. This is the step where you decide what colors, finishes and textures will be enhancing your kitchen. It is always a good idea to think in the future when selecting unique aesthetics because you don’t want your new design to negatively affect you when its time to sell the house.

  3. Before you know it your garage kitchen will be a wonderful faded memory and you will be rockin so many incredible french toast feasts in your new kitchen! It does sound so fun in the meanwhile, still can't wait to see the reveal!
    hmmm the appliance that would have to be left out is my food processor, it's too heavy to schlep out for as often as i use it each week, that would be wonderful.
    love catching up on your blog Sandy!

  4. Funny you should post this today . . . I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel too and had an impromptu party last night. We worked around the construction mess and I even blogged about it today. So fun! -Annie @

  5. Yummy french toast. I think it sounds kinda fun to have your garage kitchen. Not forever but just for now. haha

    Was it cold because it looks the girls are wearing fleece jammies?

  6. A perfect time of year to cook outside (or in the garage!). Good luck with the remodel.

  7. Yummy… it is lat afternoon and these pictures are making me hungry.

  8. Does not even look like temporary hardship! Well done.

  9. The most remodeling I have done is putting down tile in the kitchen of the house I had with my ex. It had been carpet before. I don't have much counter space in the house I am in right now so I have many things that I would like to keep out but can't. One thing that comes to mind first is my steamer. I think it would get more use. The french toast looks so good.

  10. i've never gone through a remodeling process, but i'm sure the results will be worth it all! and hey–you still have french toast!

  11. What a great attitude, and good job making the best of an imperfect situation! I've never gone through a remodel, but I'm sure it would be frustrating at times!

    And I bet I'd leave our toaster or blender out-we're always pulling them out from the cabinet below-but they just take up too much space!

  12. I'm starting a remodel. I'm in the planning stage now. Do you have a freestanding range or a cooktop? That is my issue now. I hope to double the size of my kitchen and make it an "eat-in" kitchen. I look forward to seeing your completed project.

  13. looks like you're coping very well & the french toast has my mouth watering. it looks so yummy!

    we gutted & redid an abandoned & delapidated vacation house in south carolina 4 yrs. ago. we had no water or bathroom for the 1st 2 weeks & those were the weeks when i was scrubbing the walls we didn't tear down. looking back, i'm amazed that we actually did it & how much fun we had working in 100 degree weather.

    however, we didn't have to go to work or manage a family at the same time, like you do.

    we're all looking forward to seeing your kitchen when it's finished.

    hope you have a great weekend –

  14. Now that's the kind of smell I'd like in a garage instead of cleaning solvent for bike and motorcycle parts :0)
    Keep those positive camping thoughts as your project continues :0)

  15. You make me feel guilty. I wouldn't make french toast in my regular kitchen. LOL!

    Attitude is everything:)

  16. Yup! I too survived a kitchen remodel and that is probably why I don't like to eat out much to this day! LOL.
    I would love to have more counter space to leave my Kitchen Aid Mixer out, my bread maker out, and my Vita Mix Blender out! LOL. But Alas our remodel did not make it bigger, just newer! *sigh*
    Oh well maybe my next house!
    Hugs to you and your "camping" kitchen style!

  17. i just can't wait to see the finished project!! And how fun to enjoy the beauty in your bedlam. :)

  18. I had very small children when we did our kitchen remodel but it was so worth it in the end. If I could leave my Kitchen aide mixer and spray Pam on the counter it would be wonderful. But both of them belong in the cupboard. So each day I will get the Pam out and every so often I'll wrestle the mixer out to make something wonderful.

  19. Mmmmm, French Toast…I was just thinking about making french toast with my leftover banana bread! :) I love the pic of the girls in their long jammies, but it make me have a hot flash, LOL. We don't even think about those things in August here! :)
    Yes, we've survived several re-models, I remember it being handy to have the fridge in the dining room! :)

  20. Everyone looks happy and well fed.:) Can't wait to see your finished project!

  21. We haven't done a huge remodel, but we have personally laid down laminate flooring a couple of times and added crown molding. It was stressful since my husband and I are not naturally carpenter people. One thing I would leave out on my counter is trashbags. I have to reach for them so often. Not very green I know:)

  22. I so WISH I could remodel my kitchen. Yours will be wonderful when complete! But how fun to have such a sweet attitude…it will make this time fun (and memorable) for your kids.

    I'm so glad I won the journal!!!! I've never won a blog give-away!!! What do I need to do? :)

  23. We remodeled our kitchen about a year ago and survived! It is a little tricky though. Our makeshift kitchen was in our dining room and entry hall. Very interesting… the outcome was worth it! Hang in there…

  24. Hmmm…that's not fair! My garage smells like the lawn mower, motor oil, and the garbage can! :)

  25. How fun!

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