I’ve been limited to time and space, in using all the veggies from our garden this year.
I’m still roasting my tomatoes and freezing, and I actually came up with a new idea for using our plentiful crop of tomatoes, but I just can’t let anything go to waste!
So last month I started doing this: Instead of letting any of these beauties go to waste, I decided to put them out on my front porch, fill the basket daily, put a bucket of plastic sacks out too – and tell my friends and neighbors to help themselves!
It’s what my Grandma used to do on her farm, except on a much smaller scale.

I guess you’d say it’s my own little Grower’s Market, right outside my front door!
Do you buy summer produce from a Grower’s Market or the grocery store? Do you grow them yourselves, or do your friends share them with you?

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