I was out blowing the backyard patio again … right before the guests arrived for this party. And I was wearing a dress. You think I would have learned my lesson? Last year I was a guest on Nesting Place blog, and shared this story …

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I really don’t think of myself as the creative type when it comes to taking something that went wrong and turning it into something beautiful. You know, the way that The Nester would beautify something. So when I got into a battle with my backyard blower – it just made me think of The Nester all the way.

Here’s my story
Last week I was ready to go out with my husband to a casual party, and I was dressed in one of my favorite sundresses. In Sandy-style I thought I could get a “last minute” job done quickly before we left. Just one more thing to check off my “to-do” list, right?

As I was blowing the back patio, my wonderful polka-dot sun dress got sucked up into the blower.

My daughter, Abby, and her friend were in the pool and watched it happen. I turned the blower off and we all just stared in disbelief at what had just happened.

No, not my favorite dress!

As I was getting ready to toss the dress, I noticed that the material was the color of my daughter’s bedroom. So in Nester-style, my mind started twirling …

What could I do with this material?
Now I know that pink is rarely talked about in The Nester’s home, having 3 boys. And now that my daughter is almost 13, this last fall we changed her room colors from pink to green, blues and browns. We took down her pink bulletin board, which has been sitting behind her door for about 9 months now. My daughter was finished with pink. No more pink!

I cut the usable fabric from the dress and stapled it over the pink board.

I covered up the big PINK dot with a blue sticker.

Added her favorite picture of her Daddy back to the board. And hung it in her room.

Even Hobbes liked the new look.

And I surprised Abby when she got home from school. A new board, a new look, and now when I walk into her room, I get to see my favorite sun dress.

It all worked for me!

First of all, have you ever had a battle with a yard tool?

And secondly, are you creative with taking your boo-boos and Nesterizing them?

The Nester and I would love to hear your creative stories!