New Counters & Harvested Tomatoes!

I’m so happy. Friday my countertops arrived. We’ve worked with the greatest people during this kitchen remodel, and we feel very blessed.
We’ve had a few glitches along the way, but that’s okay. As my Dad told us, he’s never seen a kitchen remodel without a few things gone wrong!
Yesterday was so beautiful, and I harvested more of our tomatoes. There’s still quite a few more beauties on a the vines, just waiting to be picked.
We’re happy with our Corian (Staron) counters, and the color that we chose really enriches the kitchen.
And a long center island, (and I’m telling you, it’s long!) designed by my Dad.
The house was so quiet yesterday, everyone away playing soccer, so it was just me, the animals, classical music, and my new kitchen – working away on organizing. My pantry is next, and my double oven installed tomorrow. Yes, I get an oven back tomorrow! Everyone asks me what will be the first thing I will bake? Possibly a cake or cobbler?
As I reflect back to the last 4 months, as our family ate dinners together sitting in the living room, it doesn’t really matter what surrounded us, or the mess we were in. What matters is that we mark these days as a gift from our Gracious God: that we have everything we need and we have each other. 
Back to tomatoes, if you have a garden, what’s left to harvest?
(Potatoes and sweet potatoes, quite a few tomatoes and butternut squash are left in ours!)
Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is my 3-year Anniversary winner! I couldn’t be happier to send her my care package full of hostess gifts, to one great lady!  Congrats, Rhoda! And thank you to all who entered and your very thoughtful comments and ideas that you shared!

18 comments on “New Counters & Harvested Tomatoes!”

  1. The countertops look great and so do the tomatoes. With spring coming your tomato pictures spoke to me. I can’t wait to start planting and harvesting again.

  2. Oh that looks wonderful Sandy and I cannot imagine what beautiful dishes you will be able to put together with a fully functional kitchen. Your counters look pretty.

  3. Gorgeous counters! The kitchen looks amazing already-can't wait to see when it's done:) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I love it sandy! The island is perfect for your balcony girls!!

  5. Love it! Finally someone with cherry cabinets. It seems the big trend these day is to have white or black kitchen cabinets. I just love having cherry cabinets and I am glad someone else does too!

  6. EXCITING! It's looking good! :D

  7. Oh my goodness it looks so beautiful!!! I am in love with your kitchen. Those countertops are stunning.

  8. It's looking so pretty! And the tomatoes do too-our garden is all done-we had way to much cold, freezing weather last week-I'll miss those yummy fresh tomatoes!

  9. Wow! That kitchen is only a pale reflection of its former self. So spacious and bright!

  10. Sandy, your kitchen is really taking shape. I like the paint color and the countertops. You are going to love it!

  11. Love your cabinets and countertop! That island is amazing. It looks like our cabinets are stained similarly and I also have charcoal countertops (mine are Zodiac though). Who knew? So excited for you that you're getting your kitchen back!

  12. Love, love, love those counters and cabinets and that great big island and the pendant lights and all the recessed lighting and and….
    Looks like it's getting closer to some cooking in there! Enjoy your blessings…

  13. Sandy, what a beautiful island and couter. How wonderful it must feel. I can remember when I went through my kitchen remodel 2 years ago. Your remodel brought back alot of the memories. Enjoy it!

  14. OOOOOH Sandy! So, so pretty! I am just giddy with excitement for you (and for me too! my island countertop comes on WEDNESDAY!!!!!) Hooray for almost done kitchens. :)

  15. Question? What kind of cooktop did you put on that island? Is it vented? That is my next dilemma for my kitchen design. And what kind of double oven? I can decide on a range or that wonderful idea of a double oven.
    Thanks for any help. IT's looking good!

  16. Love the island!!

  17. beautiful, Sandy!!!!!


  18. Looking AMAZING my friend! Love the curved ends of the center island. Enjoy that oven tomorrow!!

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