New Summer Goal

Almost daily I feel divided or distracted.

I’ve often told friends that there are seasons in life where some things are more important than others. There is a time and a place, or even a season, for hosting families for dinner. Because entertaining is such a passion of mine, I will continue to practice hospitality this summer, but I plan to simplify it as much as I can. We love Al Fresco dining, and with simple settings, flowers from the garden and a citronella candle in the middle of the table, it really takes no extra thought. Because I believe in delegating part of the meal, I will only have to think about preparing a couple of dishes.

I’ve been guilty at times, being the “party-girl” that I am, of not taking the time to sit and relax with my family more. To swim with them in the evening, or even to sit by the pool and play the “Rate My Dive” game with them.

To spend more time in the garden and try some new canning recipes. To actually stop and visit with a neighbor on the way to the mailbox. And most importantly, to sit and unwind with my husband in the cool of the evening.

After a hectic week Paul took the boys out camping for the night and fly-fishing over the weekend. Abby and I hung out and swam, played around in the pool (every game she could think of), we watched Little Women together and were silly and laughed a lot.

It reminded me of how silly I would get, at this age growing up, with my childhood friend, Lisa.

My new summer goal is to relax more. To turn off the computer at night and let my work go until morning, to try to be as disciplined as I can in the morning and during the day to get done what needs to be done, to include my kids more in chores and duties around the house, and to just enjoy life more.

We will entertain as a family, this summer, but I decided that we’re going the “easy route.”

I’m ready to let concerns go and to invite peace in.

I’m wondering if this post resonates with any of my friends?

Quick Note: Be watching for a post this summer on, “Outdoor Movie Nights!”

(Above photos: Our bed of lettuce is ready to be thinned and transplanted into other parts of the garden. And baby leeks in the greenhouse that have yet to be divided. And Abigail and me being silly, in a photoshoot from Daddy with her first strawberry pie (post to come). )

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  1. You really resonated with me. That is why we have decided to make this big move. We want time for the family, to enjoy each other and our pasttimes. NY hasn’t allowed that for us.

    Love your pictures. Your daughter looks so much like you. Y’all are so photogenic.

    Cheers! LA

  2. My favorite type of entertaining involves a potluck so no one person is doing all the work. Simple, simple, simple yet fun, fun, fun. We never plan what we will each bring, it would just take all the fun out of it. Funny thing is it just seems to always work out.
    Have a blessed and simple day!


  3. Ahhh, I feel more relaxed just looking at your beautiful lettuce. It looks so yummy. It’s been so hot here that we are staying inside for the most part, but I’d love to have a nice outdoor entertaining area. Your pool sounds perfect & what a cute pic of you & Abby.

    Enjoy your simpler summer!


  4. PS — congrats on the http address!!! WoooHooo–job well done.

  5. Your post TOTALLY resonates with me!!! I’m all about simplifying our lives but still entertaining!

    I think I shared this before, but our neighbor does an outdoor family movie night a couple times each year that is a great, GREAT hit and total success with the kids and adults! We all enjoy great food, the adults enjoy homemade cheeses and wines, and the kids (okay, me too) enjoy s’mores over the fire pit. Fun, fun, fun! I can’t wait to hear all about your ideas!

  6. I think we forget that, barring some kind of surprise health issue or family crisis, busy is a CHOICE for most of us. Our culture
    (incl the church) seems to have this attitude that the more activities we’re involved in, the more “successful” we are. But, in fact, when we don’t leave time to pray and reflect and rest, true success doesn’t happen. Luv the fun photo of you and Miz Abby!

  7. Life can get so busy. Relaxing and taking it easy sounds wonderful. We have such a busy schedule that anytime we can take a night off is so worth it. Enjoy.

  8. Your lettuce is beautiful. I miss our fresh lettuce during the summer months. By now, all of ours has gone to seed. I carefully collected lots of seed for next winter’s crop. We should be in high lettuce again in another six months!

    As to relaxing and letting peace in, I’m actually going to be posting about that soon. It was really causing some problems in my life.

  9. Oh absolutely, I can relate this this post. Have you wondered why I have yet to e-mail, even though I said I would quite a few days ago? I feel so guilty about that, and I think about it each night as I sit down at the computer. And by the time I am finished posting and/or working on a writing project, it’s almost midnight. My goal, by the end of this week, is to sit down and write you a long-winded note. I miss our little chats ;-)


    PS – Your pictures are just gorgeous!

  10. You ask if this resonates and I respond, “Loud and clear”.

    It seems we are thinking very similar thoughts these days about schedules, time, and what’s truly important!!

    You know what they say, “Great minds think alike.” :-)

    Part of what I scheduled into my days was time to read. I’m in the middle of the book and thoroughly enjoying it! I have a novel coming of my thoughts regarding the whole concept as well as the Focus interview but want to finish the book first.

  11. Hi Sandy! Yes, I am simplifying for the summer months too! Here in Phoenix, the stove and oven are rarely used in this heat. Lots of salads and grilling.
    I have loved every recipe you have ever posted Sandy! Keep em coming! I get so weary of the same ole same ole! Thanks!

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