NO-Cost or LOW-Cost Father’s Day Ideas!

*I’m adding this post, for women who want to be encouraged in blessing your man!

What do men want on Father’s Day?

Not a big deal.

Men want to keep things simple.  Maybe a mellow gathering or BBQ.  But nothing elaborate.

Maybe to just relax or go to church.

Or go fishing.

Or take the family on a hike.

Most men don’t want a lot of fuss.

Like my man, maybe they want to ponder and give thanks for God and nature.  Or maybe they’re happy with just a hug!

Since we’re pinching our pennies in our home, and my Mother’s Day request was for our family to get some outside chores done, I thought of some fantastic ideas for mothers to help our kids give to their dads.

They can be either NO-COST or LOW-COST gifts!  

1. Have each one of your kids tell their father what they admire about him. You can do this around the dinner table.  Using words is very meaningful.

2. Have your kids take their “words” and put them into an art project. Generate using their own writing or on the computer, buy a frame from the Dollar Store, or look around your house and find an unused frame lying around.

3. Give the gift of TIME. Ask how he would like to spend the day, and then ENJOY!

These ideas also teach our children that celebrations do not have to be about money!

What words did the Coughlin kids come up with, about their dad?

He’s Courageous

He’s Bold

He’s Wise

As each kid shared with me in detail, I just knew this gift would make their dad feel honored and respected!  Without a doubt!!

Our sons are gone to Mexico this week, building houses, so they’ll have to decide how to honor their Dad when they return.

My husband and I both agree that we’ve been blessed by very generous fathers.

Both of our fathers lost siblings, some earlier in life than they should have.  And as I was visiting with my dad this very week, and talking about his brother and sister who are gone, I saw the longing in his eyes as he remembered back, and missed them.

(Paul’s father on the left, my father on the right)

You’re raised with these wonderful siblings, and then they’re gone – just like that – taken out of this world.


I would feel a horrible loss without my sisters.

(Dad with me, the youngest, and my sisters)

Back to Father’s Day.  One of the greatest things that my husband has done in raising our children has been to encourage our kids to love and respect each other. To build their relationships now. Because one day when we are gone, that is all they will have. Each other!

So make this day simple. Take the opportunity to tell your children’s father that you love him, and express what a good father he is to your children.

And encourage your kids to do the same!

Have you thought about inexpensive ways your children can bless their dad this weekend?

18 comments on “NO-Cost or LOW-Cost Father’s Day Ideas!”

  1. very sweet post. Love the family pictures. You're truly blessed.

  2. Your post was so touching. I think the most important thing anyone can do for their father or teach their children to do for their dad, is to spend time with them and tell them what they mean to them. I lost my dad to colon cancer 5 years ago and would LOVE the opportunity to tell him that I love him. I will never regret the time that I took off work, the hours I spent talking to, and the fact that got to tell my dad that I loved him before he died. I would not trade those special times for all the money or things in the world. Time and letting them know that you care are the BEST gifts that you will ever give.

  3. Hi Susan~ This was a great post with some special ideas. As always, I'm blessed every time I read your posts. Wish I could keep current on all of them!

    Blessings to you this weekend…Jennifer

  4. That is so true!

    I remembered a frozen ham hock hiding in the back of the freezer. We will have the pleasure of making him his favorite Bean/Ham Soup.

    My mom always made my dad meatloaf on Father' Day. – Simple meals but they know they say "we love you tons" +lots and lots of hugs!

  5. This was so sweet! I could immediately pick you out of that last photo! :)

  6. It will be quiet here for Father's Day, we had to celebrate last weekend, and had a wonderful weekend very simply. My husband is not only a wonderful husband, but a wonderful father too. I will have to think of something special for him since the kids will be away. Have a wonderful weekend. Jackie

  7. You have some great ideas.

  8. we're just gonna let him relax and cook some steaks on the grill and his favorite dessert…strawberry shortcake! We also made him a movie basket with a couple of action movies and some of his favorite treats. I hope he will be blessed. Thanks for the ideas :0)

  9. Soooo, this is the third time I've tried to post a comment. They're going to keep getting shorter (C:

    Is the picture of the river and bench taken in Sunriver? It looks like it.

    My girls are getting my hubby a booster juice card (his fave place). We have a soccer tournament this weekend and we don't know what time our game is on sunday, so I'm not sure what we're doing.

  10. These are great ideas! We were planning on making a little something that express how much we love dad-with words and simple homemade touches. Nothing fancy-we'll probably have a relaxing day together and the new hammock!

  11. Princess has a great photo of her kissing her Dad on the cheek. We bought an inexpensive frame for it and she will give it to her Dad on Sunday. I just know he'll love it. He can put it on his desk at work and his co-workers will comment on it for days. Fun!

  12. I have a wee tear in my eye. What a beautiful post about Dad's and Father's day. I'm a Dad and agree with all you have here. We don't ask for much, mostly nothing at all! I'm happiest when my family is doing well cause i love them so…
    God bless and thank you.

  13. A beautiful post. My children would talk about their father's sense of humor and how he would move the world for them.


  14. We are taking Scott to the local drive inn with a picnic….something we will all enjoy and very laid back….

  15. THese are great!! Tell your hubby Happy Father's Day!

    We've done a "Top 10 List" before for my hubby. Sorta like tha David Letterman thing. He loved it!

    Both of our boys are getting home from camp, so it will be church and family time! I can't wait!


  16. I'm making paella Saturday night for him. We brought several pounds of shrimp from the coast and so I feel like I'm keeping things low-cost by using our $3.99 a pound shrimp stash. Also looking forward to church together on Sunday. The girls made homemade cards for him too.

  17. Great ideas and a very meaningful post.

  18. I love my husband and think he his the best Daddy in the world to our children. He sets aside his own desires to be with his family. Not to many men to that and I admire him so much for it. Our kids adore him and love him so much. I told him he needs to write a book so he has actually started putting thoughts down on paper.
    As always my friend, I love your posts!

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