Paul and I have a yearly tradition in our home where we entertain the same 2 couples. We started this about 7 years ago. These 2 couples have been married a lot longer than Paul or I. They are not what you would call “older” but what we would call “wiser.”

It doesn’t make sense to Paul or me. Us: A young couple in the midst of child rearing and trying to get careers off the ground, but in need of healthy role models. Them: Retired, able to travel the world, able to spend time with older, more mature friends.

But that is what makes entertaining so unique. There is no certain formula regarding who you can share a meal with. We Americans are searching and longing for connections, for deeper friendships.

Friendship is an undervalued relationship in today’s society. We have lots of acquaintances – people we work with or go to church with or socialize with. But how many of them are true friends?

I found it interesting one night when one of the ladies left our house and said: “You know, we rarely get invited over to young couples’ homes anymore.”

That was shocking information to me. Do we not have time anymore?

Older couples are also longing for connection outside of their generation.

Not only have these 2 couples invested their time and energy into sharing meals with us, they have contributed to our children’s musical & sporting events & school activities, given financial support for mission trips, and shared with us loads of blessings from their gardens and orchard, as well as lots of holiday fun.

We come together around the table and share life. Our life is more hurried and theirs is more relaxed. They have lived ¾ of their life. We have lived ½.

Their conversation has nothing to prove. We are still young and trying to impress.

They offer encouragement and advice and we listen!

The 6 of us clicked that night, 7 years ago, around the table. Could we possibly be a gift to them? They most certainly are to us!

Paul’s words have never left my mind when explaining how he enjoys this tradition. He says, “Sandy, it’s refreshing because they have nothing to prove.”

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