On Holiday!

Hey Friends — I’m over in Ireland, Wales and London. I’ll be back soon with some exciting insights into European hospitality!

(photo above taken on Grafton Street, downtown Dublin)

14 comments on “On Holiday!”

  1. What fun. I can’t wait to read your posts about European hospitality. Have fun.

    Thanks for the prayers, I’m doing much better now.

  2. I hope you have a fabulous time. One of these decades I will make it over there!

  3. Very exciting. How wonderful for you. The picture is beautiful! Great colours!

    I visited London and Belgium on my own – but that was in 1985. Haven’t been overseas since.


  4. Hi, Sandy…how exciting to be in Europe. I have been a couple of times & can’t wait to go back one day. That pic of you is SO cute! Enjoy your holiday & thanks for posting to me from London!

    Southern Hospitality

  5. Hi! I came over here from the blog, “Just being me” since I was hello to a few new people this evening. But when I got to your bio, I became so excited to read that you and your husband are the co-authors of that book! I have seen in it the catalog and almost checked it out at my church library last week!!
    Any way, how fun that you are able to visit London, Ireland and Wales! I would love to do that some day! (I have distant Irish and English roots on both sides).
    I’m a home school mom and a wanna-be writer and live in Oregon, also.
    When you have time, please stop by and say hello…

  6. The weather looks absolutely fantastic! Is it as nice as it looks in this pic?

    I had the impression it always rained in London. :-)

    Eager to see more pic’s and hear the stories!!

    Cotinue having a wonderful time!!

  7. What a great shot! Hope you’re having tons of fun!

  8. Have fun! You look beautiful, BTW.

  9. Top of the mornin’ to ya, Sandy.

    Enjoy your trip…hope you plan a stop at Harrod’s while you’re in London.

  10. Anxious to hear about your trip. Especially about people who love God over there.
    Great picture, girl!


  11. Waaay cool!
    Sooo excited to hear all about your trip Sandy!
    Love the pic!

  12. Oh, you blessed woman! Can’t wait to hear the hospitality insights from Europe!

  13. Hope you are having a GREAT time!! If you happen to pass a lady with three very blond children, one who likes to walk with a book in his face, one singing as she prances, and one being pushed in a stroller, that’s probably my sister-in-law Anne and her three children, Liam, Eabha, and Eoghan. They all live in Dublin :-)

  14. Woo hoo! Nuthin’ like a little European research trip in the spring! Luv your shades! :oD

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