Oreo Truffles, T-Shirts and FAME!

1 life trufflesFor a very last minute get-together, my friend Fiona saved the day when she offered to make Oreo Truffles for my daughter and me.

Yes, that would really help me out! I told her. Yummy, everyone loves Oreo Truffles! And Fiona’s turned out so beautiful!

The girls borrowed my friend Jeannie’s craft room, because it’s nice and big and the girls could spread out while they made their own t-shirts. And we just had a day of girl fun!

1 life girls

Of course they first got a lesson on the 100+ countries that Jeannie has traveled to (cool paint on the walls). I love her craft room!

1 life jeannie

Then the girls got creative.

1 life

Taking Hanes small men’s t-shirts, they cut slits on the sides and in half, and then tied the two strings together in a knot.


They created their own movie sayings, right on the shirts, and then they headed to the theatre to see the movie Fame.


We said good bye to Jeannie and were off and running. I’m thankful for friends who are generous in opening their homes. Even to a house full of fun girls!

When’s the last time you had a lot of laughter, noise, and excitement in your house? Or even let someone “borrow” your house for a party?

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9 comments on “Oreo Truffles, T-Shirts and FAME!”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out to Gloss! Love these truffles…YUM!!!

  2. Hi Sandy, this will sound silly, but how do I update my RSS feed? I don’t think I ever went there. I just have you in my bookmarks and check every day. Your site always comes up? Do I really need RSS? :)

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Love your site! What an awesome concept. My husband and I were formerly reluctant entertainers, but very slowly, we’ve come to embrace it. We especially love it around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m sure there is much I could learn from visiting here…I’ll be back! Enjoyed these photos…looks like a great time. = )

    P.S. LOVE the oreo truffles!!! = ) Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  4. I love your 7th commandment…no apologizing. I try to follow similar hostess commandments. But my husband and I have an 11th commandment…Be a “there you are person” instead of a “here I am person.”

    Many blessings!

  5. I love your new site. We recently had a lot of laughter, noise, and fun in our home. I wrote about it on my blog, when you get a chance stop by and see what craziness we were up to.

  6. So glad you took the time to talk to us over on mygloss.com, we are big time fans of Reluctant Entertainer! Love the truffles too!

  7. Looks fun and yummy…Oreo truffles!!

    Our house will be very full in a week an a half as Kat has her birthday party!

    We have opened our home a few times for our youth group small groups to meet and also for a bridal shower…so fun!!

  8. This is a great and easy recipe and can’t wait to try it. Happy to say our house was filled with laughter and lots of noise just this weekend as I “lent” our backyard out for a fun little get together!
    Fiona and Jeannie are fabulous friends, what a blessing.

  9. I had NO idea you moved! I was just thinking how I hadn’t heard anything from you in a while, and then I only happened to see your face on Kimba’s list of followers. It didn’t come up in my feed or anything. So glad I found you at your new home!

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