Organize your Garden with Moderne Steel Hose Holders

Today really felt like Autumn to where I live. Because tonight the cool brisk breeze came through the open windows of our home, cooling off the house after a really hot heat wave. We’re still jumping in our pool to cool off because of the heat wave here in Oregon. We may just have an Indian Summer ahead.

I’ve recently worked with Avant Garden Store and their website for gardening products.

They, in turn, sent me 2 Moderne Steel Hose Holder and Lid Sets, one for the backyard and one for the front.

You know, we’ve always coiled our hoses up to the house on a hanger, which is fine, but this was a classy change for us! They also are made rust-resitant, so as the rain begins in Oregon next month, we won’t have to worry about the containers rusting.

What we love about these stylish holders is that when you’re ready to tidy up, the hose (it holds up to a 150 foot garden hose) coils around a center post guide, which makes for quick and efficient organization. Then you place the lid on top. :)

There are other ideas you can use the steel holder for, if you want to remove the center guide for storage or other household items:

-Fire Woods
-Magazine Holder
-Pool Towels

So what we found to be an unattractive part of the home, where our hoses “lived,” could be changed to something more sleek and elegant looking.

We were sold!

After 21 years of marriage, our garden hose in the front of the house, and one in the back, were finally clean, neat, tidy, and hidden, thanks to Avant Garden’s very cool products.

How do you store your hose, or do you struggle with the un-tidy look?

Avant Garden sent me the product to review today; however they did not pay me to write this post. As always, all opinions are my own! :)

3 comments on “Organize your Garden with Moderne Steel Hose Holders”

  1. These are great additions to a home or garden, especially those making some small home renovations. Thanks for posting them. However, I am wondering as to where I can get steel supplies in perth that are as good as those photos.

  2. Love that hose holder! Mine are just coiled somewhat neatly next to the faucet, I haven’t had much luck with the hangers. I would love to have a classier option, but (while beautiful) they are spendy.

  3. I love this hose holder! I have a great hose reel on wheels that I purchased from Frontgate years ago. It is so durable and it’s so well made it should last a lifetime. They don’t sell the one that I have anymore, and I have been looking for a second hose reel/holder. This hose holder is much more attractive than the one I have, so I may purchase one to put in the front yard and move my hose reel into the backyard! Thanks for sharing, Sandy! :-)

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