Part of planning a party is the food, of course. And so my daughter and I came up with a simple menu of “eats,” that would be fun, yet inexpensive.

Mini burger bar
Our mini burger bar consisted of burgers, buns, crunchy fresh iceberg lettuce and ketchup! I think I made up 60 mini patties, and for the buns I bought dinner rolls and sliced out the middle! (Thank you, Hoppi, for “bun” idea.)

How simple is that?! We cut up a large watermelon and served chips.

Beverage of choice
Our beverage of choice was this: Water! When my daughter asked for soda I asked her, do you want soda or party favors for your guests? I made her weigh out what was more important to her, since we were trying to keep costs down. She decided on water.

Individual cakes
Funfetti mini-fluted cakes were made for each girl the night before. We had 3 flavors of frosting and we gathered up the miscellaneous bottles of sprinkles (from past holidays) in our kitchen. The girls got to frost and decorate their own cakes!

Filling up the plates
The 17 girls went thru the line rather quickly, filling up their plates. They ate out on blankets in the backyard.

Hugs and friendships is what it’s all about with these girls. My daughter has some great friends who mean a lot to her!

The movie
How many kids get to lie outside on blankets, watching movies and hanging out with friends? The girls plopped their blankets and pillows on the grass, and using extension cords, we rolled out the TV and DVD player and watched Hairspray. They had new silky pillowcases to lie on, and the weather was crisp and cool. Enchanting evening indeed.

A grateful daughter
Yes, at the end of the evening I had a grateful daughter. I could tell by the glow on her face!

Who says home parties can’t be exciting and fun? The smiles and laughter that I witnessed last weekend showed me that these girls had a blast at our simple, inexpensive outdoor movie night party.

What are some simple, creative parties that you have had in your home?

(If any of my “local” friends want to ever borrow my mini-fluted cake pans, or my GIANT cupcake pan – just let me know!)

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