Perfect Way to End Summer: 24 Hour Retreat!

Part of experiencing life and creating memories for our family comes from sharing special times with friends.
It just happened the week before school started for our kids, that we were able to make some NEW memories.  Ones we are still talking about.
4 hours of boating and jumping and swimming.
Moms catching up.
Enjoying the water.
Guys relaxing.
Then back to a cabin where “dinner was served.” (Can you believe, I didn’t have to make a thing? Thank you Kimberly and Margo!) Adults outside, kids inside.
Cool hangout for the kids.
A pre-made, yummy breakfast casserole. 
Easy, no work, sits overnight. Just bake and serve in the morning.
A few rounds of fun for the moms (Speed Scrabble) and a few rounds of fun for all the kids.
A 24 hour retreat that we all benefited from – that could only happen with good friends.
In past years we’ve tried to do something fun with our kids right before school started. We’ve gone to the coast, gone camping, and last year we went on this hike.
What special memories do you create before the school routine begins?
(Sorry, I thought for sure I had already put the breakfast casserole on my blog, but couldn’t find the link. I will eventually share it. Thanks for your patience.)

13 comments on “Perfect Way to End Summer: 24 Hour Retreat!”

  1. Ahhhhh now that's what summer is all about. Too bad it's ending. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  2. We go to my sister's beach house every year before School. She has a beautiful home on the ocean, and we enjoy down time while the kids enjoy the surf, the sand, and the sun. It's fun to watch the cousins play together!

  3. Looks like a fabulous time. Makes me long to just get away.

  4. Great photos, Sandy… you guys have way too much fun :)

    I noticed part of your getaway involved playing Speed Scrabble. I am quite addicted to the game, and would like to invite you to try out the (very new) Speed Scrabble Online, if you're interested.

    Good practice for the next retreat :)

  5. I love fancy table settings in an outdoor setting!
    We traditionally have a one last beach day. We splurge on fish and chips on the harbor. We stay until the sun is setting. At the end of the day we roll down our windows and wave a big goodbye to the beach and thank God for the wonderful beach memories…until next year :)

  6. Looks like a fun getaway-even when they're quick they are so wonderful!

    Last year to start off the school year we simply had a few special nights out with the kids-nothing too fancy. This year we're homeschooling so it's a bit different, and I'm super glad they'll still be home with me!

  7. That looks like SO much fun! I wanna go!!!

  8. Looks like a perfect getaway! Beautiful table setting and breakfast looked delicious.

  9. Time spent on the water is always the most relaxing…what a wonderful time you all had.

  10. It looks like a fabulous time.

    What a great idea! Honestly, we usually spend the last week at home relaxing and getting back into a routine.

    I dread the kids going back to school. I much prefer having them home.

  11. Love it when you can make memories like that! The casserole looks yummy.

  12. What fun! Love that outdoor table. I'll be watching for the recipe :0)

  13. Lovely pictures. Have a blessed Sunday. I always love reading your posts but lurk more than comment! I'm trying to comment on everyone's blog I visit, even just to say hello :-)

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