Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series. (Scroll down to the bottom for the previous posts to this series) :)

Summer time is the easiest time to entertain. If you’ve been following along my last 15 days of Summer Entertaining, I’ve been sharing easy ways to think outside of the box and make entertaining easier.

One thing we all get caught up in is image:
How will our party look?
What will our guests think of us?
Will they like our family?
Will my family behave so our guests want to come back?
Will the food turn out okay?

I hit the whole “perfectionism” aspect of entertaining with conviction in my book, THE RE. If you want to study it further, pick up a copy or you can order it here. I also wrote about it on Day 2 of this series.

3 Lies of Perfectionism

1. I’m not good enough.

Quit thinking so much about yourself and start thinking about what you can glean from your guests. What characteristics about them, that you really enjoy, can you pick up and implement in your own life? Hospitality is about them, not you.

2. People won’t like my food or cooking.

What a robber of a good time! If your friends are really friends, they will come to your house regardless of the shape it’s in, and have a good time. If they are constantly critiquing your cooking and your family setting, then they really are not your friends.

3. People may not like my family or me.

Even if that proves true, you still opened your home and gave the gift of hospitality. Sometimes people come back, sometimes they reciprocate and invite you to their home, and sometimes they do neither. It a risk to open up your home and your lives to others. The end result is not always perfect, but the fact that you made the effort is what counts.

Again, hospitality is about making others feel warm and welcome.

When we start believing the lie that things have to be perfect, we will completely miss out on some beautiful hospitable moments.

And if you have a family, think about some of the most fantastic gifts of life that you are robbing your children of when you let perfectionism sneak in and stop you from the love and authenticity that genuine hospitality brings.

Believing the lie of perfectionism creates a bad cycle and is one big lie.

Have you allowed perfectionism to rob you of possible summer entertaining opportunities?

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

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