My husband left strict orders this last weekend, as he left for Vegas for a soccer tournament with my 17 year old: Get the strawberry plants in the ground!

I realize we don’t all live in the same gardening zones but on the west coast, if you’re interested in a strawberry bed this year, it’s time to plant those strawberry plants – now!

Our bed is looking so winterish and sad.

I took 3 bushels (mixed varieties, sorry we didn’t write down what they are).

Separated into 2 plants each.

Pulled out the big weeds.

Replaced the hole with 2 strawberry plants.

Brilliant idea! (I give my sweet hubby credit for this!)

In a few months we’ll be reaping the benefits, looking like this.

Varieties should be replaced about every 3 years or whenever they seem to slow in vigor.

And we’ve learned if you don’t get the plants early from the store, when you think it’s time to plant, they’ll be gone. (Call your local Grange now to find out when the plants will be stocked!)


Have you thought about replanting new strawberry plants, or are you considering a brand new bed this year?

Here’s an excellent site that will guide you through ALL of your planting questions. I found it to be extremely helpful. And would you please come back and share your pictures with me if you get inspired to plant!?

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