Primrose Love: Enjoy the Beauty!

Have you seen the beautiful primroses that are out on the west coast right now?

I love this time of year, when we can liven up our homes with a hint of spring.

Really inexpensively, too, we can share the love throughout our home or with others.

My fruit bowl was looking really boring, so I moved the fruit to another basket and inserted the pink flowers instead.

Front porch area.

Living room red.

I know that primroses have a short bloom life but while they last, I’m going to enjoy them.

This time of year, I’ll take what I can get.

Have you purchased any early spring flowers yet?

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  1. Okay…I’m jealous. As I read your blog I looked out on the brilliant whiteness. 10 inches today! Yikes! Now I am blessed to have a bouquet of tulips to feed my soul….but outside….not a chance for 2 months. I’ll be flirting with spring here in April….making up a porch pot. In the meantime…I’ll just have to be satisfied with my vase of tulips.

    BTW…keep those primrose watered….inside and out….and you will have a fairly long bloom time…you should get a couple of months….I always do. The key is to not let them dry out. I hope you plant them in your garden after they’re finished in the pots. I always do and I’m blessed with a growing primrose garden. And…when we got a recent thaw….I actually saw some lovely buds. Joy!

    I forgot to say where I am….Buffalo area….a wee bit north!

  2. They all look so pretty. As soon as I got rid of my Christmas tree in early January I was already on the hunt for these flowers, because I knew I would put some on a window sill to remind me that Spring was near.

  3. Oh what a cute cat! Can I please have him?? :))
    I always have azaleas in my balcony in winter, they like cool weather, don’t require much sun and they bloom nicely.
    Thank you Sandy, for yet another nice post :)

  4. ohhh… you mean you’re actually supposed to take them out of their containers?? Mine road around in my car for four days and finally graduated to sitting on the top of our cooler in the garage… if I get them in a pot before they kick it I’m definitely going to do the moss thing:)!!hehe

  5. I haven’t bought any spring flowers yet, but now you have me itching to do so (C:

  6. I have not bought any flowers this spring yet, my spring is full of moving boxes as we get ready to move to our own home that is perfect for hospitality. I am praying for the perfect dining room table!

  7. Oh, how funny, Sandy. I think you and I are a lot alike. :) I bought a whole bunch of primroses recently because I enjoy them so much in the Spring. They just brighten up the landscape. And I just posted about African Violets for the same reason. I just simply can’t resist these hardy bloomers.

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  9. Is life in blog land funny or what???? My wife and I were at a large super store on Saturday, and I told her I need some COLOR I am tired of winter. So off I go the Garden Center and there I find our favorite flowers, Pansy’s! Since we were having our son and his wife’s going away open house on Sunday I gathered up 4 mini flats of them. I took them home and put them in planters in the front of our house and on the front porch. They just make me smile!!! As guests arrived all afternoon for the open house / good bye party, they all commented on the nice shot of color as they drove up to the house and then on the front porch as well!!!! Then this morning, the dreaded morning after a party, we woke up to snow covering the Pansy’s, oh well Pansy’s love the cold, so they will do fine…. and how was everyone else’s week end??
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  10. Lovely! I haven’t purchased anything, but my tulips, daffodils and hyacinth are peeking out of the ground, and this brings me joy. Joy and anticipation.

  11. Such pretty photos! Spring is sounding good, especially as I am gazing out my window at light snow dancing about in the wind this morning…brrr! Primroses are so sweet and I will be picking up some soon. Their bright little blooms will be just the thing to cheer up my kitchen right now.
    Thanks Sandy!

  12. When primroses appear I get so excited about the coming of spring. They are beautiful and the color just can’t be matched! Happy Monday to you!

  13. They are some of my favorite flowers. So beautiful!

  14. No flowers yet but we’ve started planting in the garden. The front of our new home is screaming for a makeover and I can’t wait to do it. The hard part is choosing what to put where.

  15. The first photo made me smile. I associate Primroses with my childhood growing up in the Willamette Valley. I don’t see them as much here in CA. Cyclamen are abundant tho.


  16. Beautiful! I was eyeing some the other day. I am ready to add a bit of spring and color to our home too.

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