Made in CA 188

Have I told you how much I love impromptu? Actually, it wasn’t always that way. I used to always need a heads up, or advanced warning if friends were stopping by. But I’ve learned to relax a bit …

My nephew and niece were coming for tacos – Easy.

Our friends stopped by on their way through town – Easy.

Just add more rice and beans to stretch the meal – Easy.

What I loved about this evening in particular was that our friends who were coming through town were friends with my parents, years ago. In fact, they were both in their wedding!

Mom's plate

I took a very special dish, passed down from my Mom, that I had tucked away in the garage, just waiting to use at the perfect meal. Being about 50+ years old, it was still in its original box.

This was the night – as I used it for the condiments for our Mexican meal. I also thought about the friendship my Mom and Vinnie had as young girls.

Mom and Vinnie

After dinner, Vinnie and I were looking at the backside of the dishes and each piece was marked, Made in California, with a number … 183, 188, etc.

Made in CA 183

Vinnie reminisced about how these line of dishes were the rave in California. Everybody had them!

Mom's plate

Not knowing the value, I knew it was worth a lot to me just because it was my Mom’s!

Don’t you just love impromptu, adding rice and beans to stretch a meal, and pulling out a memory piece for good conversation?

Or, can you think of something sentimental that would create good mealtime conversation?

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ADDED: A sweet reply from my friend Vinnie after she read the above post.

Sandy My Sweet Friend: I loved what you wrote about the dishes from Millie on your blog in fact I shed a few tears remembering our climb on the mountian and her wedding. What fun times we had together. I bet somewhere is a list of Millie’s gift registry and who gave that gift to her at her wedding. It would be so interesting to know.

I love sharing that part of my long ago life with you, I know Millie would be happy knowing we are friends, I have so many sweet letters from her also that I have saved.